Wednesday, May 17, 2017

John M. Bennett -- départ


pawed away from the cl
iff your short shore n
ested in a smoke churned
the air embroiled the b
ridge past burning roof my
leg lept off, your storm it's
a luggage current's w
atch your step's aaa
nger page far below where
the rocks teethe up from the waves

John M. Bennett -- blisters


I crossed the hammer was
your throat's long name clu
ttered in the laundry smoke
across a field of corn :tossed
it was the stammered juice
you d rank re blended with
that dusty screw lost be
neath a bed a bed sunk
inside the snow your leg
forgot your leg uttered
what the shoe forgot ,for
got the sidewalk where your
lucked watch glimmered in the rain

mud and mind

John M. Bennett -- buried


the dream of Cuicuilco is the
dream of a circular pool of
inverted water ,seven chairs
float at the bottom the top
,the chairs the dream of leaves
falling upward from a tree
which might have been the
dream crawling in a sock
across the hard black lava
covered with mice

Jake Berry, 5 new visual poems from the Brambu Drezi notebook

Three Visual Poems by Marco Giovenale

 Marco Giovenale - IMG_20170516_153309
context is no more a problem, glitch variation

 Marco Giovenale - IMG_20170516_153309
context is no more a problem

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Eleven collages by Musicmaster












marco giovenale - 3 glitchasemics

Monday, May 15, 2017

Four visual poems from Dobricia Kamperelic

steve dalachinsky -- the psychic washing machine (1997)

the psychic washing machine  (for jeton ademaj)

the momentum of the
as the station closes
(in) & the
vehicle slows

                      a live soft process
hard look of wood on polished wood
     union of reflection on dark glass

therefore it is motion/picture
 as one thing moves within the other
          & again the question of the \ other /
  a balance of light & language

         i am naïve servant to both

a bar of broken minerals
chain to silkflesh secretions
a water
a singing branded body of meat
sack o’ ribs
vegetable skin of transient i deals

woman fanning herself
gentleman stretching his limbs

only animal that drinks beer by choice

the momentum of the reflection in the wood
                     this way that
live brown enters the black    ////    > motion
  / picture                   screen
           into relevance                  tolerance
    simply stated or not
there are 3 different 2’s spoken here.

                              8/8/97 nyc - the cooler

from THE MANTIS and other poems
1966 - 2009
(inspired by the music of Cecil Taylor)

pansemic playhouse 1464 - 05.15.2017

marco collab / jim leftwich - videotogif_2017.01.07

marco giovenale / jim leftwich - videotogif_2016.12.12

marco giovenale / jim leftwich - videotogif_2016.12.12

Sideburns zine, #1 Jan 1977

"Punk zines not only looked like DIY but also encouraged its ethic in all areas. 'Sideburns', another zine (1977), printed diagrams of guitar chords A, E and G ("This is a chord. This is another. This is a third. Now form a band.") and 'Sniffin' Glue' told its readers: "Don't be satisfied with what we write. Go out and start your own fanzine"."

steve dalachinsky - is there anyone in there

jim leftwich, useless writing fortune cookie slips / bookmarks (2014)

jim leftwich, useless writing,
pansemic playhouse 987 -- 08.29.2014

fortune cookie slips / bookmarks with "descriptions" from my Useless Writing facebook page (abandoned when I deleted my facebook account in November 2016)

Useless Writing

jim leftwich, notes for 3 collaborative videos with Matt Ames (2009)

jim leftwich, notes for 3 collaborative videos with Matt Ames (2009),
pansemic playhouse 989 -- 08.29.2014

banal footage
1. glossary of semiotics
2. dict of alchemy
3. encylo A britannica

Amer Hist
finger giving at 20 paces

putting out paper bag fires

Amer(ican) Hist(ory) was the only one of these we actually made, under the title of "Simple Gifts"

two from bill beamer - pansemic playhouse 1463 - 05.12.2017

 unttld4758z em mei tew to   war n  seedspin

Untitled1100-worddustconversation with kyle4 x 4
inkmarker collage watercolor paper coll jim leftwich

John M. Bennett - edge of

edge of

l'etoil des rats !  )R. Char(
star deboiled sat 'n g rilled
,pulmonía dans un can of corn
replied a head re nom brado ¿quién
n'es? :sumiso fulsintúnel sin foco
“l'espace de ses pattes” )R. Char(
face of a the a time  .plenty slumbers
open la por te un wakens river ine
sonambule sans nom mi nombre
ing  yr itch hy's comb draft the
louder than soap refusalade ,saw
me off end door retachment
seems to me b rang entorche
mutaliza que te abre detención
de defuego ta bulboter  )de bridged(
sin corcho buque de carbón de
peces ni ffuerza tengo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
bees blizzard burst s log a head a
wave of air the gravel trembles
was yr foot cloud dead with sock
cage of steam de boiled yr fork the
laddered laundry ,brink of steps
floppy down a River's dog neck's
bread fish towel & smoke uh
face returns ah boils sans tooth
blind shirt por menores de la
colina mi hombro de tallarines
casita de mi boca ni árbol del culo
ccliff narigón qque ssoy llumbre
gargantona que me lee la pipiedra
mise en seen lo coacal por
puert A infundible tu Cumbre  .I sat
my shiRt on you ate lens Ate c Loud
,bBloom BblOm meat an fork yr
fface eyen endrunk detimed Reburned
slot tooth ,useless rug mind dooR
's Lost Footerr bleedy cheese nor
neck Lint's ccllocKkkkk round
sewage formmortal a pedra orgánica's
gull talks the water  ...soon s hot was
shuts or e moom f lace re drained thin
plug  ...concrete water foam P y eye
yr pee e a boat

John M. Bennett - visual poem

John M. Bennett - escape from Versailles

escape from Versailles

I was shitting in Versailles as the
dust rose from thousands' feet
in a hall of mirrors I was coughing
and blowing my nose in Versailles
where the wall burst with faces and
my silky belly was torn with glass in
Versailles I was eating my hand as
I stared at a bloody stone surrounded
with spittle and a crumpled ticket I
was crawling hands and knees in
Versailles searching the sky which
was water and sand the sky was smoke
was refracted eyes drifting across the

John M. Bennett - two visual poems

John M. Bennett - f'n noise

f'n noise

the flake the fluke the
flick the fuel the fog
the fig the foam the
fist the frost the flag
the fire the film the
flam the flim the face
the floats the fake the
frog the fog the fog
the fog the fog the
fog the fog the ffooogggg

John M. Bennett - two visual poems

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

20 recordings/ re-orderings/ an orstory w/ messages: in 50 chances (aleatory sav or y)...bEAMeR, bb

Messages: think eating doubtfully, thought of the man who,
in his, as is your’s before, based on getting a No, he’s back
muttering, undoubtedly calculating terminally, and felt he was,
his own messages: but Even anymore or worse and then pray
that the camera is at angles; it spun the heated young ladies
and what they accomplished! My laugh, Well those couldnt
stay people’s messages: even
spitting up think movements. sung The master price that was
the down and out in the house then heard with sorrow that
crickets the night What content Alrighty then!
It is those the frames do not believe destruction will thresh-pot,
will do any such thing for a message: with that What, rice still
shot keeping up this copper silly smite jest? My f’in crickets
seemed adaptations When grain I do myself the honour tightly
fights of relieved speaking to you: warm orange No more have
I, outstanding said or sent my messages: and I am glad to do
as But what, sweep or said after mix grease sponge a pause,
can have been and
to them increase twist outgoing Do you repent? asked ill a
deep, solemn voice, which if the interpretation’s tone had as
once though nothing
again Of history’s messages: fatally slap what must I sew,
repent? stammered. that this was to Yeah very worried well
babies Oh, no, your table root excellency, sling wreck unless
you intend educational about it as now And what is to flood I
do not know pump motionless pay with, a brute?
said nothing...messages:

to matter Yes all brainy of them, leg-think. They purpose or
propose all paint tables, Your double accountant’s modern list
rudely gusts of the common extent of accomplishments To.
science road inside it and an ear was welcome intelligence --
other generals do features, things that knelt to nothing help,
down do with insects and say to search On soft Sunday,
soothe messages: after morning wake. service, the separation,
determine the plan trapped
inside this on-genre .deigned morning not to need make bubble
any pay reply; but hands for Your committee release this chain
has or makes happy in your pocket participating room has booted
us Really, suspiciously , slung and cried level with some Don't
keep breeding drums coughing the average offers so so, for
heaven's sake!messages: the one in waiting is now An ass,
thorough, determinedly one blew smashed disliked forgiven of
seats never -- a dislike made
for melodic hours They lock them up were faithful not welcomed
funny home came crashing very cordially down crazy by a film
that is a zipper Bug Grim like unto a Bowl Reaper


2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


tone chemical caz

che befog mas ,top

cyte given justice\

ship burgled ,ambo

diya startling ga by

dis sembling oreama\

nos noticeable vulner

ary ,frizz ring onbloom

ing vain sargas ,sumplu\

ral izi neg cebua n barg

,ain tensi meter flyspeck\

chul pabar sial ,agogueov

erindulging stad holders\

hip guiding herm ,unclothe

d crazedness flyspeck met\



,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,win d

sluice ,,,,,,,,carr iag


\/call one too kie

,,,,,,olib eside[‘;[;=


rudded ,treakings

tresus ,carpenter

,,,fiat omonguart

last usak

“beasue rusancertail, twell,

shall dollop/fromine: butt of [old

chowder , curry , favorite sin k

dink ...h’romide ,ierchilia link tak

shors in shere arong cities , broth out

bur ning

wind,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,][][-=]];;//] dolun

armok possed obein rac ket chair folding

flodder faint shoc khair enceded ,grope

ways away

,,,,,,olib eside[‘;[;=

fastr ,felt

grudded ,treakings

call tone lookie,,,,,,,,,,,,, win d

see e d

Bill Beamer -- Two Visual Poems

bill beamer - unttld1010lignihurdlethitwogdust
lightwordsbyondgoo wd spaghet

bill beamer - unttld9457POMEcnscsnsscnnctr

Musicmaster - 10 collages from December 2016


 BDY 1
  BDY 2
  BDY 4
  BDY 5