Monday, May 15, 2017

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

20 recordings/ re-orderings/ an orstory w/ messages: in 50 chances (aleatory sav or y)...bEAMeR, bb

Messages: think eating doubtfully, thought of the man who,
in his, as is your’s before, based on getting a No, he’s back
muttering, undoubtedly calculating terminally, and felt he was,
his own messages: but Even anymore or worse and then pray
that the camera is at angles; it spun the heated young ladies
and what they accomplished! My laugh, Well those couldnt
stay people’s messages: even
spitting up think movements. sung The master price that was
the down and out in the house then heard with sorrow that
crickets the night What content Alrighty then!
It is those the frames do not believe destruction will thresh-pot,
will do any such thing for a message: with that What, rice still
shot keeping up this copper silly smite jest? My f’in crickets
seemed adaptations When grain I do myself the honour tightly
fights of relieved speaking to you: warm orange No more have
I, outstanding said or sent my messages: and I am glad to do
as But what, sweep or said after mix grease sponge a pause,
can have been and
to them increase twist outgoing Do you repent? asked ill a
deep, solemn voice, which if the interpretation’s tone had as
once though nothing
again Of history’s messages: fatally slap what must I sew,
repent? stammered. that this was to Yeah very worried well
babies Oh, no, your table root excellency, sling wreck unless
you intend educational about it as now And what is to flood I
do not know pump motionless pay with, a brute?
said nothing...messages:

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propose all paint tables, Your double accountant’s modern list
rudely gusts of the common extent of accomplishments To.
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down do with insects and say to search On soft Sunday,
soothe messages: after morning wake. service, the separation,
determine the plan trapped
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any pay reply; but hands for Your committee release this chain
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us Really, suspiciously , slung and cried level with some Don't
keep breeding drums coughing the average offers so so, for
heaven's sake!messages: the one in waiting is now An ass,
thorough, determinedly one blew smashed disliked forgiven of
seats never -- a dislike made
for melodic hours They lock them up were faithful not welcomed
funny home came crashing very cordially down crazy by a film
that is a zipper Bug Grim like unto a Bowl Reaper