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cinquain / American haiku / American Sonnet / hay(na)ku / hicucu

cinquain / American haiku / American Sonnet / hay(na)ku / hicucu 

cinquain circa 1910
Adelaide Crapsey
Another important component in Crapsey's work was her reliance on the methods of Japanese tanka and haiku. With her invention of the cinquain, Crapsey created an American form similar to these Japanese predecessors. The five unrhymed lines of the cinquain followed strict accentual-syllabic requirements. The lines consisted of two, four, six, eight, and two syllables, respectively. Crapsey strove for a kind of superposition of ideas similar to the "break," or sudden perception of truth typically found in Japanese haiku.  

I know
Not these my hands
And yet I think there was
A woman like me once had hands
Like these.

American haiku
Jack Kerouac
American Haikus
(Copyright 1959)

"The American Haiku is not exactly the Japanese
Haiku. The Japanese Haiku is strictly disciplined
to seventeen syllables but since the language
structure is different I don't think American
Haikus (short three-line poems intended to be
completely packed with Void of Whole) should worry
about syllables because American speech is
something again...bursting to pop.

Above all, a Haiku must be very simple and free
of all poetic trickery and make a little picture
and yet be as airy and graceful as a Vivaldi
Jack Kerouac  

The bottoms of my shoes
are clean
from walking in the rain.  

American Sonnet (1993)
Wanda Coleman (11.23.2008)
Since jazz is an open form with certain properties–progression, improvisation, mimicry, etc., I decided that likewise the jazz sonnet would be as open as possible, adhering only to the loosely followed dictate of number of lines. I decided on 14 to 16 and to not exceed that, but to go absolutely bonkers within that constraint. I also give the sonnets a jazzified rhythm structure, akin to platter patter and/or scat and tones like certain Beat writers such as Kerouac, Kaufman and Perkoff. I decided to have fun–to blow my soul.


— after Robert Duncan

my earliest dreams linger/wronged spirits
who will not rest/dusky crows astride
the sweetbriar seek to fly the
orchard's sky. is this the world i loved?
groves of perfect oranges and streets of stars
where the sad eyes of my youth
wander the atomic-age paradise


the blood of a stark and wounded puberty?
o what years ago? what rapture lost in white
heat of skin/walls that patina my heart's
despair? what fear disturbs my quiet
night's grazing? stampedes my soul?

o memory. i sweat the eternal weight of graves  

hay(na)ku 2003
Eileen Tabios (& Vince Gotera)
Appropriating the "haiku" name has all sorts of prosodic and postcolonial problems (by which I mean the WWII "colonizing" of the Philippines by Japan, among other things). Am I being overly serious here? When you say Kerouac refers to "American haiku" not having more than three words per line, I think he might have been reacting to Allen Ginsberg's "American sentence" which has 17 syllables per line. I guess my concern about calling it a "Pinoy haiku" is that readers could say “Hey, Pinoys can't even get the haiku right!" They won't always have the Kerouac quote to guide them. Besides, why must we always be doing things in reaction to the term "American"? An interesting parallel poetic-form-naming might be Baraka's "low coup" form (the diametrical opposite of "high coup" / haiku). Maybe the Pinoy version could be the "hay (na)ku"? --Vince Gotera

can't reach
for a glass  

hicucu (2014)
jim leftwich
hey buddy
hop hop hop
A Hicucu has three lines. Each line has three syllables.
Each syllable has an unspecified number of mutagens, or
Hicucu, ancient Gaia sex-monster teeth-dance-ritual
celebration of springdeath wherein we eat our shadows
and drink their bloodless blood. Low Theory meets
Frenetic Romanticism in an alley behind the shuttered
churchbrothel. Anything goes, but not much of it,
within very tight constraints. This/It is A Post-Asemic
poetics of Pagan Anarchism. It is Less Than Useless,
No Doubt destined for the Trashpo Bins of History (don't
fuck with history).
jim leftwich

hicucu =
haiku (American, 21st century) plus

Sumer is Icumen in
Lhude sing cuccu!  
English, circa 1260  

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jim leftwich textimagepoetry albums at flickr

Jim Leftwich & Crank Sturgeon OPUS PUS US ONE in Otoliths 51

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jim leftwich -- Assisted Living Drone-Poem Rehearsal: A No Act Play


Assisted Living Drone-Poem Rehearsal
A No Act Play

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John Crouse & Jim Leftwich -- Acts 8975 - 8979


transgressions kinship mobbing:​ "it was laugh"​
scattershot complements eclipses:​ "they was the"​
blowtorch confidentiality chorus:​ "them selves you"​
carnage polymath unanswerable:​ "turtles that your"​
vilify reciprocates novel:​ "created still lines"​
carpal slum pumpkin:​ "so every can"​
maternal viper reverses:​ "are effort voice"​
pork sponge trigger:​ "your that in"​
utterly protagonist teeter:​ "bright day see"​
sunk folio mutter:​ "flying of and"​
landscape thighs novella:​ "outside prism the"​
website poem scab:​ "catfish their fingers."​


wayward stingray metaphorical:​ "under the also"​
collection legally collation:​ "the original circumstances"​
autobiography cow astringent:​ "match translation meaningless"​
clause marveling proposition:​ "meaning syllables partial"​
anthology pimple mediate:​ "equivalent densely surroundings"​
extrinsic violate swap:​ "​shaking Navajo song"
beast reasonable radically:​ "the decorated decorated"​
doubt conception fallout:​ "center gave when"​
biplane requirements dagger:​ "walk the decorated"​
rhetoric danger wallet:​ "walk the center"​
notion hue universe:​ "earth deep old"​
skinflint nutrition nuthatch:​ "red wheels house."​


clung result interplay:​ "turf prod conic"​
beauty target bozo:​ "against the billion"​
father focus palomino:​ "new spy speakers"​
mentally nation starship:​ "repurpose avocado clam"​
enough judgeships unto:​ "feral words processing"​
incorrect upended donor:​ "amaze recalls recoil"​
hope antipathy uncouth:​ "bells new demolition"​
however shallot civic:​ "experts combing survivors"​
reunion truncates cursive:​ "resists lava coffin​"
cesspool cycle ineluctably:​ "vocal united governing"​
middle authority fortune:​ "popcorn supportive bananas"​
binding proposed cultural:​ "bean independent timber."​


death stable contrary:​ "shaped onions propaganda"​
worry quark reverberate:​ "depicts widely fine"​
concern welt cosmos:​ "polite foaming rare"​
opera probably regulatory:​ "war has especially"​
volatile marginalia earthworm:​ "map fevers resonant"​
torture elision bookmark:​ "mode snake designed"​
sprung beaten cocksure:​ "origin cartography casting"​
enslavement porcine spillage:​ "​national conscious reflects"
dollar coneflower truculent:​ "three boot octopus"​
weakest variant overture:​ "every thing reads"​
formats pubic comeuppance:​ "liberate above power"​
snarky torque decals:​ "directions inspirational fish."​


password vandal hibernate:​ "high warning is"​
swamp combo liquidate:​ "light lake nouns"​
toes chamber camber:​ "the door lump"​
squid thump largo:​ "magic historical class"​
keystroke plea keystone:​ "ant steel honey"​
trombone vamp ramp:​ "​wheat fabled eye"
lifestyles involuntary corpse:​ "horror on three"​
sawdust cinquefoil reindeer:​ "book boiling words"​
doomed veiled reversed:​ "hat baker surpassed"​
rehearsed harassment referendum:​ "drum mint hearse"​
spear aspic antiquity:​ "poetics saturday ant"​
where is russia:​ "​writing kneads critics."

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Otoliths fifty-one -- edited by Mark Young

Issue fifty-one 
Date of Publication November 1, 2018.
Editor: Mark Young

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Six Months Aint No Sentence, by Jim Leftwich, Books 1 - 187, at differx hosts

"Six Months Aint No Sentence", a Journal: texts and works by Jim Leftwich, 2011 - 2016
Books 1 - 187, at differx hosts

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2 essays by Jim Leftwich -- "Shredded Text Scans" and "Bag Texts" -- in Angry Old Man #4

Angry Old Man magazine
edited by Drew B. David

Jim Leftwich
Shredded Text Scans

Bag Texts

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TLPress / jim leftwich / at archive dot org

TLPress at archive dot org
jim leftwich

​writing against itself
useless writing
write or be written
thinking is political
don't fuck with history
asemic writing
experimental poetry
investigative poetry
restless writing
research poetry
visual poetry
homeophonic translation
anti-translations / transductions / transmutations
visual poetry
visual writing
eternal network
Vugg Books
tacky little press
Collab Fest
pansemic playhouse
dirty concrete / dirty vispo
sound poetry
prepared pens
quasi-calligraphic drawing
noisic poetry / visual noise
found poetry / founds
frenetic romanticism
The Institute for Study and Application in Kohoutenberg
a poetics of anarchist sorcery

...and more

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Otoliths 50, edited by Mark Young

Otoliths 50
edited by Mark Young

Here is the note Mark sent out with his announcement of the issue:

The fiftieth issue of Otoliths has just gone live. I'm proud of the achievement, but the credit for the getting here must go to the contributors to the journal, more than a thousand individuals across the issues.

Sadly, some are no longer with us — Robert Gauldie, kari edwards, Marthe Reed, Ira Cohen, Carol Novack, Bob Grumman,  Michelle Greenblatt, Rochelle Ratner, Karl Young, David Mitchell, David Meltzer, Thomas Lowe (Tom) Taylor, Ed Baker, Halvard Johnson, Randall Brock, Christopher Mulrooney, Spencer Selby, Philip Byron Oakes, Jill Chan. So, to honor them & acknowledge their part in this journey over the last 12+ years, I have included in this issue a selection of their works from earlier issues.

In addition to that substantial offering, there's a variety of new work from Andre Bagoo, David Lohrey, Cecelia Chapman, Nicholas Bon, Annabelle Ballard, Kyle Hemmings, Mariana Rodríguez, Gustave Morin, Seth Howard, Raymond Farr, John M. Bennett, Jim Leftwich, Sanjeev Sethi, Michael Minassian, Andrew K. Peterson, Hugh Behm-Steinberg, J.J. Campbell, David Greenslade, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Richard Kostelanetz, Michael Prihoda, Carlyle Baker, Adam Fieled, Lakey Comess, Olivier Schopfer, Claudia Serea, Carol Stetser, AG Davis, Steve Dalachinsky, Jake Berry, Jack Foley, Daniel de Culla, Clara B. Jones, David Baptiste Chirot, Tiana Marrese, John McCluskey, Willie Smith, Doren Robbins, Pearl Button, Meeah Williams, Thomas Fink & Tom Beckett, Jack Galmitz, Devon Balwit, Tom Montag, Kellyn Elson, Mary Kasimor, Jesse Glass, Federico Federici, Daniel f Bradley, M.J. Iuppa, Tim Rogers, Andrew Taylor, Sheila E. Murphy, Texas Fontanella, osvaldo cibils, Joe Balaz, Heath Brougher, Erik Fuhrer, Kevin Tosca, Alyssa Trivett, Jim Meirose, Bob Heman, Penelope Weiss, Drew B. David, Linc Madison, Nicholas J.A., Tony Beyer, J. D. Nelson, Michael Brandonisio, Edward Wells, hiromi suzuki, Michael O'Brien, Pam Brown, Elaine Woo, & 61 "AsEmIc Pieces" — 60 inside & one on the cover — by Alberto Vitacchio, plus, from the 1970s, six more newspaper columns from Kenneth Rexroth.

The print parts are, hopefully, not that far away.

Read & enjoy.

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Chalk Editions 2010

books published by Chalk Editions in 2010
Editors: Peter Ganick and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen 

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John Crouse & Jim Leftwich -- ACTS 8866 - 8873


conflict grape fingerstall: "i'm going back"
pudding tiger dismantle: "city i do"
chew gospel horror: "enough but the"
sway bleed witness: "me there was"
endive foresworn struggle: "to bluff everybody"
heaved tarpon party: "behind me when"
peach keyword scram: "the game got"
nocturnal reindeer volcano: "said they'd stand"
toast broadsword shortcut: "nobody even there"
piston rejuvenate robbing: "joke was on"
chocolate knuckle rubber: "believe i've had"
underwear hangnail pillow: "to new york."


inflict grope waterfall: "rough i started"
middling trigger canticle: "out on burgandy"
phew grapnel scorer: "but soon hit"
belay steed witless: "the harder stuff"
derive tinhorn gaggle: "who looked so"
cleaved crouton entreaty: "but left looking"
breach swearword cram: "ghost and picking"
diurnal endear canebrake: "just arrived here"
boast manservant crosscut: "from the coast"
enlisting juvenile bobbing: "up Angel who"
desolate necktie blubber: "just like a"
underwire hangman mellow: "fine at first."


conflagrate rape freedom: "all the authorities"
budding wager mantissa: "they just stand"
renew gasping corer: "around and boast"
slay plead litmus: "don't need you"
endgame foreplay haggle: "expect the same"
believed torpor tarty: "if you're lookin"
preach keystone ram: "and man they"
nocturne pander tornado: "because the cops"
tossed broadband catgut: "his post now"
preexisting tactile sobbing: "arms into leaving"
isolate hogtie exuberant: "the sergeant at"
underdog gamete tallow: "how they blackmailed"


clicked ape firewall: "to get silly"
plodding merger mantis: "you better go"
drew gosling mirror: "you must pick"
roundelay indeed finesse: "other though neither"
derive foreskin treacle: "to be what"
peeved tampon tardy: "on housing project"
leech keyword scam: "hill it's either"
knock reigning canteen: "they claim up"
coast broadly rotgut: "of them are"
pistol mandate sobbing: "one or the"
taco buckle landlubber: "where you came"
asunder chainmail willow: "back to from."


crabby crucial rooster: "fortune or fame"
booster fiscal hobby: "your voice and"
ourselves melon marmot: "at the moon"
marquee felon elves: "kind and careful"
a hostile social: "to her too"
such a free: "good english and"
been the effects: "and she invites"
sty motile sorghum: "soon she speaks"
hutch eye tree: "not to go"
cabin knee deflects: "and you're so"
crabby knee free: "leaves you howling"
freedom scuttle hinge: "and she takes."


singe cuttlefish dumb: "you up into"
hinge selfish thumb: "Melinda the peasants"
toaster sisal knobby: "goddess of gloom"
a freelance journalist: "friend my doctor"
attacks and is: "what it is"
fizz dance nationalist: "don't have the"
attic gland tis: "strength to get"
hen plea ineffectual: "i've got i"
marquee sorghum scuttle: "won't even say"
butthole marquetry sourpuss: "and my best"
buy hostel facial: "call her the"
clacks man tomb: "her room sweet."


motile proctor affect: "up and take"
fact and logic: "another shot i"
drumstick thunderstruck knee: "in a knot"
been duh sects: "now if you"
length and inefficacy: "thanks a lot"
will find ignorance: "they got some"
willful ignorance fundus: "and they really"
tis of thee: "hungry women there"
hutch eye tree: "please tell her"
a classic example: "see Saint Annie"
exemplary ottoman maw: "fingers are all"
claw sample plenary: "cannot move my."


hen plea deflects: "make a mess"
such a free: "outta you don't"
example knee free: "down on rue"
and speak freely: "morgue avenue and"
hobby thumb father: "pull you through"
craw jihab amid: "when you're lost"
sense sisal defensible: "and it's easter"
sense sisal indefensible: "in the rain"
a freelance attacks: "and negativity don't"
a freelance tis: "your gravity fails"
a freelance hinge: "airs when you're"
variance mud champion: "put on any."

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Tip of the Knife #30

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Jim Leftwich: Organization - Participation - Documentation (2008 - 2018)

Jim Leftwich: Organization - Participation - Documentation (2008 - 2018)
Email exchange with Bill Beamer
2:52 PM (2 hours ago)
to me

i will continiue write up on my hx as a musician--relevant  since i perform at aftrmaf...
i forget the name of bella's friend, head of the N for narcoplepsy website, but as we chatted, and per her ?'s, i told her something of my background, and she said ''i hope you are writing all that down somewhere.'' i saw that as a prompt from the universe.

Jim Leftwich
3:18 PM (2 hours ago)
to Bill

i will once again add my ongoing prompts and encouragements for your historiographic activities. if you don't write the history you have participated in, it will not ever be written -- because you are the only one who knows it.

write or be written.


Jim Leftwich: a partial and provisional record of my​ activities directly related to the first ten marginal arts festivals and afterMAFs.

documentation for some of these activities is included in Rascible & Kempt Vol. 3, published by Luna Bisonte Prods in 2017, and is also scattered here and there in the 187 books of the Six Months Aint No Sentence series, which was written between april 2011 and august 2016.


MAF 2008 - 2010
​hosted lots of visiting artists (eg., in 2009, when we had eight visitors at our house for the entire festival, with eleven people staying here on saturday night).
organized performances, lectures, and mail art exhibits at locations such as The Dumas Center (2008, mail art exhibit), the Lawson warehouse building (2008, a huge mail art exhibit), The Water Heater (2009, poetry readings, lectures, sound performances, an art exhibit, absurdist theater, dance, etc....), the old Community High School space at 2nd and Campbell (2010, readings, lectures, sound performances, a huge mail art exhibit, Fluxus performances in the building and on the street, etc....) 
​took hundreds of photographs and posted them as documentation at my textimagepoetry flickr site.

primary organizers for the festivals over the years have been Brian Counihan, Ralph Eaton, and Olchar E. Lindsann. my direct participation as a festival organizer ended in 2010.

MAF 2011
at The Metropolitan Community Church of The Blue Ridge, I curated a large mail art and graphic scores exhibit, as well as organizing a small- and micro- press zine library -- in a large room as part of a much larger exhibit/event space curated by Warren Fry. i also participated in numerous Fluxus activities at the church, and participated in the reenactment of Philip Corner's "Piano Activities" in downtown Roanoke.
​took hundreds of photographs and posted them as documentation at my textimagepoetry flickr site.

MAF 2012
hosted Rebecca Weeks for a month.
played soundless piano for several seconds at Exclamations!
contributed scores for the Be Blank Consort performance inside the Community High School.
organized and participated in a series of mail art interviews with Brian ​​Carrasquilla for his film project at Rowan College.
​​took hundreds of photographs and posted them as documentation at my textimagepoetry flickr site.

MAF 2013
hosted Bill Beamer / John M. Bennett jam in my living room, along with homages to Al Ackerman by Cathy Bennett and Warren Fry. Tomislav Butkovic played one of the skatchboxes he and i made. Kala Ladenheim took photographs.
contributed to installations/exhibits at the Boxley building.
contributed scores for the Be Blank Consort performance outside the Community High School.
took photographs and posted them as documentation at my textimagepoetry flickr site.

MAF 2014
hosted Rebecca Weeks and Ian Whitford for a month.
participated in The OUTER CIRCLE Skype Performance Exchange with members of the Russian Avant Garde.
made a junk installation with Cathy Bennett at Akademgorod.
took photographs and posted them as documentation at my textimagepoetry flickr site.

afterMAF 2015
made a vispo junk installation with Cathy Bennett ​​at​​ Art Rat Studios .
contributed a ​TLPress ​display of books, chapbooks, tlps ​bookmarks ​and broadsides​ ​at​​ Art Rat Studios​.
contributed scores for the Be Blank Consort performance.
hosted Michael Peters. barely slept. many hours of conversation about poetry and related matters​ (eg., the history, and the revisionist histories, of asemic writing)​.
took hundreds of photographs and posted them as documentation at my textimagepoetry flickr site.

afterMAF 2016
​​made a vispo junk installation with Cathy Bennett at the Community High School.
​​contributed a ​TLPress ​display of books, chapbooks, tlps ​bookmarks ​and broadsides at the Community High School.
​​contributed scores for the Be Blank Consort performance.
took photographs and posted them as documentation at my textimagepoetry flickr site.

​afterMAF 2017
​​made a vispo junk installation with Cathy Bennett and bela grimm at the Art Rat.
​contributed a TLPress display of books, chapbooks, tlps, bookmarks and broadsides at the Art Rat. the items were displayed in a large shoebox with the words "TLPress Help Yourself" written on the inside of the upturned box top. all TLPress items have always been given away for free or traded for similar micropress items.
participated in two ad hoc collective improv noise events, playing unamplified chair and stool (big cat fun!).
​contributed scores for the Be Blank Consort performance and for Cathy Bennett's performance.
contributed materials for a Collab Fest table, collected the collages and booklets made with those materials and brought them home for inclusion in my archival collections.
hosted an after-hours gathering at my house sunday night. Matt Anderson (Crank Sturgeon) came over when the events ended, and a few hours later we were joined by bela grimm, Tomislav Butkovic, Laura Jane Evert, Megan Blafas-Chriss, Bradley Chriss, Olchar E. Lindsann, and Warren Fry. at bela's suggestion, some of us -- bela, Tomislav, Laura and myself -- gathered in my workspace and spent a couple of hours adding to some visual poems John M. Bennett had sent for collaboration.

some of the people who have stayed at our house since we started hosting visiting artists in 2008:
Olchar E. Lindsann
Warren Fry
Tomislav Butkovic
Evan Damerow
Bradley Chriss
Megan Blafas-Chriss
bela grimm
Sara Adrian
Michael Peters
Reed Altemus
Andrew Topel
Julian Matthews
Rabbit (Faith Kisacky)
Id M Theft Able (Skot Spear)
Crank Sturgeon (Matt Anderson)
Matt Taggart
Jason Soliday
Andrea Pensado
Adriana de los Santos
Jenifer Gelineau
Stephanie Germaine
Jack Wright
Ben Bennett


House Fests

november 2009 - january 2010 
evan damerow and jim leftwich (with faith kisacky - rabbit - for a week or so, with henry hess and andrea mueller for a few days, and with loyd padgett one night), working on materials for suits to be worn in the 2010 marginal arts festival parade (or to be exhibited in empty planters around town... or to be sent out into the mail art network... or...)...

when i picked up evan in daleville near the appalachian trail he said "i walked here from new jersey, this had better be fun". it was huge fun. he stayed through the holidays. his friends visited and also stayed (rabbit became a friend of the family and came back several times). evan himself became a semi-regular guest for the next few years. we made hundreds of collages, poem objects, and assemblages.

529 scans and photos from this period are posted at my textimagepoetry flickr site. some of the collages were made on yard signs for the 2009 election. i gathered them from a vacant lot at the corner of campbell and 10th, about a block from where we live. they were later used at the old community high school building at 2nd and campbell during the 2010 marginal arts festival. we planted them in front of the building as "advertisements" for the fluxus activities taking place inside, and then we carried and/or wore some of them during the parade. on may 18, 2011, when evan was back in town visiting from new zealand, as part of collab fest 80 we placed most of them either in the century city park plaza among the sister city sculptures or on the boarded-up facade of the old woolworth's building downtown on campbell ave.

the flickr album also has photos of poem objects, tlps, paintings (gestural abstractions and colorful childlike messes). most of the items are text/image works, almost all are a form of trashpo, many are letteral and gestural, many are 3-dimensional assemblages, some are ephemeral arrangements made to be photographed and then destroyed, and a few are of evan and henry.

henry made a video of our conversation one day (me, henry, evan and andrea).

august 2010
collages, tlps, postcards, concrete poems, poem objects and other items made by faith kisacky (aka rabbit), some solo and some in collaboration with olchar lindsann, warren fry, sue leftwich and jim leftwich, while she was visiting for a couple of weeks in august 2010.

my textimagepoetry album for this period contains 141 photos. a couple are of rabbit working, some are of finished items on shelves or hanging from walls, others are of finished items displayed on a table, and others are of works in progress.

i still have most of these items. some of them were on display in one manner or another in my workspace until i disassembled my room-sized collage/assemblage/installation/immersive environment in the fall of 2016.

december 2010
by rabbit, sue and jim, made while rabbit was in town for the holidays.

my textimagepoetry album for this period contains 78 photos. many are of my workspace, featuring wall and shelf displays of works made during the house fests and collab fests along with items received through my participation in the eternal network of networks and in the marginal arts festivals. several of the photographs are of black handprints -- mine -- on collages and on white cardstock accompanying emprientes. several photographs are of a huge collage almost as big as the workspace table (approximately 6 x 2').

january 2011
by rabbit and jim, made while rabbit was in town for the holidays.

my textimagepoetry album for this period contains 77 photos. many are of ephemeral arrangements such as
-- rabbit's cut-up and re-assembled plastic dinosaurs
-- 5 photos of a large, crumpled sheet of brown paper spread out in the alleyway behind our house, with purplish sudsy water poured over it, collecting in its crevices and forming abstract shapes and patterns
-- 3 piles of spray painted guest checks
-- 3 arrangements of tiny booklets cut from local weeklies
-- several large collages displayed on the walls of my workspace

january 2011
midnight collage fests

conversation and collage, saturday-sunday and sunday-monday, january 8-9-10,at my house, with tomislav butkovic, warren fry and olchar lindsann on sat-sun, and tomislav on sun-mon.

As to the future -- Only the autonomous can plan autonomy, organize for it, create it. It's a bootstrap operation. The first step is somewhat akin to satori -- the realization that the TAZ begins with a simple act of realization. - Hakim Bey

my textimagepoetry album for this period contains 28 photos. most are of collages in progress on 8.5 by 11 sheets of paper. one reads 
PAZ in blue. the rest of the letters in pink.
all of the photos are dark and blurry, as if intentionally ominous. a 45 rpm record half-buried in a collage. bookshelves, stacks of books on the floor. scraps of trash everywhere. trashpo as ecology. tape dispensers are prominent in many of the photographs. so is a stapler. and a pair of scissors. i attempt to read an erasure text the photograph of which is too blurry to decipher.
I science to to their to be and to by it.
My principle around of form and
My as more of a than ar ink du backdrop which
Oh in this are that for I unabashedly

it is initialed WK by Katastrof over what appears to be an earlier illegible signature.

maybe it has something to do with the mysterious item i found on my desk late in 2010. unsigned, it was a piece of canvas maybe a little larger than a normal sheet of paper, painted green. it was covered with colorless green ideas sleeping furiously. a message of some sort, no doubt from the cult of the red demon itself. i cut it into small strips and put it in an old green bowl, with some leaves from the back yard. i threw a few matches in and let it all burn down to ash, then poured a glass of water over the reeking concoction. it had become a kind of stone soup, with the green canvas substituting for the stones. i documented the stages of the performance in 26 photographs, ending with a picture of the bowl and all of its contents resting on a trash bag inside our garbage can. i called the performance "art banishing ritual". it is the only Recluse Theater performance that has ever left a trace.

november - december 2015
with Evan Damerow, while he was staying here between hiking the Pacific Coast Trail and going back to New Zealand -- with Katastrof a couple of nights, bela grimm one night, and Aaron Bensen at least one night.

my textimagepoetry album for this period contains 251 photos. a citizens united against citizens united sticker. collaborative trashpo. postcard modifications. poem objects. assemblages. grocery lists with stencil rubbings. xu bing's calligraphic Word Play postcard. bag texts. Moon Apogee Dionysus before Krispy Kreme Doughnuts before Tantalus Sept 27 2015. Hard Tack Weevil Biscuits. carpet badgers. We will defeat them with pitiless shopping POEM. Barf Barf Barf. tlps. TLPress Roanoke 2015. maps of the pacific coast trail inadvertently mailed by evan to me when he intended to mail them to himself while hiking the trail, folded, stapled, cut, collaged, scribbled on and displayed as tlps. Chuck D: fuck this society. Trash That's New Again. persian cucumbers. 2 x 3 = 6. 2 + 3 = 5. Send Ca$h Family Make Your Life Risk-Free Beef Lab. Read. Enjoy. We would be so much better off. Full Moon. Bus hole train hole real name. Terre Redactor. guerilla tape. poultry vacuum. hot dogs dipped. Sure it's not Stalin? when you walk in the dark, walk with your feet. This is not a map.

jim leftwich


Organizing, Participating in, and/or Documenting mail art, sound poetry, visual poetry and noise events in Roanoke (with a few excursions to Pulaski, and one to Columbus OH): 2008 - 2018 (ongoing)


Organization and Documentation: Marginal Arts Festival (a large Mail Art show of my personal archives at the Lawson Building on Campbell Ave, a display of Brain Cell sheets at the Dumas Center)
Visiting Artists: John M. Bennett and Olchar E. Lindsann
Organization and Documentation: Post-Neo Absurdist Solidarity Show, with Ralph Eaton
Collab Fest at the Magic Twig Community's superfriends festival in elmwood park (collaborative collage and vispo suit) (11.08.08)
Participant in The Unknown, at the Wilson/Hughes gallery (phone poems with New Jersey PNA and vispo suit) (11.08.08)
Documentation and Curator: Liminal Gallery, with Brian Counihan and Ralph Eaton, window at the Art Museum of Western Virginia
Organization and Documentation: Collab Fests 1 - 11 (including Collab Fest 3, with Id M Theft Able)

Documentation: Must See TV Improv(e) (Downtown Roanoke)
Writer and Performer: Simple Gifts, video by Matt Ames (Original Title: "American History")
Organization and Documentation: Collab Fests 12 through 36 (including special collab fest #12.5, a celebration of Art's Birthday with the visiting Post-Neos from New Jersey and DC, and collab fest 34 with Crank Sturgeon)
Organization and Documentation: Marginal Arts Festival 
Visiting Artists: John and Cathy Bennett, Reed Altemus, Michael Peters, Olchar Lindsann, Warren Fry, Tomislav Butkovic, Evan Damerow, Brad Chriss, Megan Blafas, Bela Grimm, Julian Matthews, Wendy Collin Sorin, Scott Helmes, Sheila Murphy, Kathy Ernst, Sara Adrian and Steve Random
Local Performers and Exhibiting Artists:  TJ Anderson, Lee Melozzi, Geof Conley, Dickie Eikcid, and Matt Ames
Call, Curator and Documentation, MAIL ART CALL: MAIL ART RESPONSES TO TRENCH ART, during the Marginal Arts Festival 

Writer, Performer, and Documentation: "Banana Peels In Roanoke", with Matt Ames for his Philosophy Inc Saves The Taubman installation
Documentation: Loup-Garou at the Water Heater 03.17.10 (Walter Wright on electronics, Setheyny Pen on drums, toy pianos and objects)
Collab Fest In Columbus, at Skylab, in conjunction with the Avant Writing Symposium at OSU
Call, Curator and Documentation: Fluxus Now mail art show, during the Marginal Arts Festival 
Visiting Artists: Reed Altemus, Geof Huth, Keith Buchholz, Andrew Topel, Id M Theft Able, Olchar Lindsann, Warren Fry, and Tomislav Butkovic 
Local Performers: Ralph Eaton, TJ Anderson, Richard Normand, Gyorgi Voros and Bill Beamer
Organization and Documentation: Collab Fests 37 through 62 (including collab fest in Columbus, as part of Cathy Bennett's mail art show during the avant writing symposium at OSU) (and also including collab fest 46 with Crank Sturgeon and Matt Taggart)

Host and Documentation: Adriana de los Santos & Andrea Pensado, at the Water Heater, Roanoke, 08.24.2011
Organization and Documentation: Collab Fests 63 through 83
Curator, Call and Documentation: Mail Art Call - Performance Texts: Graphic Scores: Open Scores: Visual Poems: Event Scores: Open Texts: Eternal Network: (as part of the Labyrinth exhibits and performances at curated by Warren Fry during the 2011 Marginal Arts Festival) -- at The Metropolitan Community Church of The Blue Ridge
Documentation: Marginal Arts Festival 
Pansemic Playhouse 17 - 08.08.11: Fuck Austerity (solo performance documented with a single photograph)
Pansemic Playhouse 53-09.03.11: lunch break: self-portrait of the non-artist talking to himself (solo performance documented with a single photograph -- of a blank rectangle of the wall above my computer desk)

Mail Art Call, Curator and Documentation: Roanoke Decentralized Networker Congress (DNC 12), at the Liminal Gallery (CHS) (coordinated with Rebecca Weeks in Cornwall UK, Susan Gold in Windsor Canada, Graciela Gutiérrez Marx in Buenos Aires Argentina, Emilio Morandi in Ponte Nossa Italy, Nenad Bogdanovic in Odzaci Serbia and Keith Buchholz in St. Louis USA)
Artists visiting via computer: John M. Bennett, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Rod Summers
Visiting artists: Reed Altemus, Reid Wood
Local performers/participants/presenters: Warren Fry, Robin Knapmeyer, Olchar Lindsann, Aaron Bensen, Tomislav Butkovic, Mark Perry, Matt Ames, Ralph Eaton, Bill Beamer
Documentation: Marginal Arts Festival 
Hosted Rebecca Weeks from Cornwall for a month, during and around the festival
Artist/Visual Poet: PROject proJECT II, improvised live scanner collages projected onto the wall under the bridge between the Taubman Museum and Community High School
on 8-16-12 Bill Beamer and Tomislav Butkovic installed at theFine Arts Center of the New River Valley Menagerie show a 3-way collaborative work by Beamer Leftwich and Katastrof entitled:
1. cream-o-what, fleeing strata: the akashic record player
2. Frank Wright
3. recombinant axon schematic

Host, Organization and Documention: Id M Theft Able, Warren Fry & Tomislav Butkovic @max space 2.27.13
Host, Organization and Documention, House Show and Gathering at The River: Crank Sturgeon and Matt Taggart, with PNA 05.21.13
"And I was plunged into the amorous sadness of the night" (an evolution of the prose poem from Bertrand to Baudleaire to Rimbaud), vispo and sculpture exhibit with Bill Beamer at Fine Arts Center of the New River Valley
Documentation: Marginal Arts Festival 
Organization and Documentation: House Show with John and Cathy Bennett, Robert Saunders, Kala Ladenheim, Bill Beamer, Warren Fry and Tomislav Butkovic performing (including a tribute to Blaster Al Ackerman)

"Flux Box" exhibit at the Fine Arts Center of the New River Valley
Documentation: Marginal Arts Festival 
Participant: The OUTER CIRCLE Skype Performance Exchange with Russian Avant Garde
Hosted Rebecca Weeks and Ian Whitford from Cornwall for a month, during and around the festival
Documention of collaboration with Cathy Bennett to construct a vispo installation in the Akademgorod space during the Marginal Arts Festival
Writer and Documentation: Collab Fest Notes 1 - 60 and Collab Fest Notes 61 - 83 published by TLPress in the textimagepoem collection at archive . org
Organization and Documentation: House Show for Matt Ames, introducing his band Cat Mob

Documentation: afterMAF at Art Rat Studios and Liminal Gallery
Documentation: Anti-Brain Rot Mail Art Show at Katastrof Mansion, during the afterMAF
Documention of collaboration with Cathy Bennett, to construct a vispo installation in the Liminal Gallery during the afterMAF
Documentation of an exhibit by Bill Beamer and Beth Shumate at the Fine Arts Center of the New River (Warren, Tomislav, Olchar, Bill and I made the trip down as the final event of the afterMAF)
Pansemic Playhouse 1319 - 06.05.15, basketball at Wasena Park, jim leftwich, sue leftwich, evan damerow and matt ames / photos by sue and jim leftwich

Mail Art Call and Documentation: What Is Participatory Democracy? Organized with Warren Fry in conjunction with Community High School
Artist/Visual Poet: "Dirty Vispo" exhibit at the Fine Arts Center of the New River Valley
Documentation: afterMAF at Art Rat Studios 
Documention of collaboration with Cathy Bennett, to construct a vispo installation at the Art Rat during the afterMAF

The Last Pansemic Playhouse: pansemic playhouse 1465 - 05.19.2017, a collaboration with Bill Beamer (of the 1465 pansemic playhouse sets posted to my textimagepoetry flickr site I would estimate approximately 1400 of them are collaborations with Bill Beamer)
Collaboration with Cathy Bennett, to construct a vispo installation at the Art Rat during the afterMAF
Organization and Participant: collab fest table at the Art Rat during the afterMAF

Writer and Documentation: Diaristic Reports
(Some of these "diaristic reports" have been published in The InAppropriate-d Press, Arteidolia, and Otoliths.)

Volume 1
Table of Contents
Walter Wright and Al Margolis at Art Rat Studios: Noisic Elements: Micro-tours, The Stool Sample Ensemble, Speaking Zaum To Power, September 19, 2016
Billy Bob Beamer "Word Dust, Untitled" Reception, Virginia Western Community College, October 13, 2016
​Matt Taggart/Luer and Jason Soliday at Art Rat, May 23, 2017
Divorce Ring, Virgin Flower, and The Llywelyn-Reutling Expedition (Feralcatscan + Khate) @Art Rat Studios 05.30.2017
In The Sea, OmegaWolfe, Tater Fraterabo, CGI Jesus, Sunday 06.04.2017, 7 p.m., ​at Art Rat Studios
Listening Party: Alice Kemp -- Fill My Body With Flowers and Rice, a private event at Katastrof Mansion (with an even more private event at my house), June 14, 2017
Relaxing 5 min Videos with Willie Gussin - Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 7 PM - 11 PM
Dybbuk, Tomislav Butkovic and Olchar Lindsann, Mister Thursday, Bradley Chriss and Megan Blafas-Chriss, and The Ad Hoc Rat Ensemble, Wednesday, July 12, 2017, at 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM EDT, @ Art Rat Studios
The Emotron, Feralcatscan, and The Ad Hoc Rat Ensemble, Thursday, July 27, 2017, at 7 PM - 11 PM, Art Rat Studios
Last living night on earth improvisation showcase: Hosted by Cambria McMillan-Zapf and Ralph Eaton, Friday, July 28, 2017 at 7 PM - 11 PM, Art Rat
Meinschaft / 1mitator / The Llywelyn Expedition, Hosted by Ralph Eaton, Saturday AUG 12, 2017, 7 PM - 11 PM, Art Rat Studios
Decide Today w/Neural Necrosis, Tater Fraterabo, & PNA, Hosted by Star City Shadow School and Art Rat Studios, Sunday AUG 13, 2017 at 7 PM - 10 PM, Art Rat Studios
​​Id M Theft Able, Mr. Thursday, Olchar Lindsann: Public Event by Ralph Eaton, Monday, September 18 at 7 PM - 11 PM, Art Rat Studios 
Zone Lord, Tater Fraterabo*, Public · Hosted by Ralph Eaton, Monday, October 9 at 7 PM - 11 PM, Art Rat Studios [Tater Fraterabo did not perform]
​​Meg Mulhearn • Aerial Ruin • Claire & Miles sound/movement duet, Public, Hosted by Tim Yaddow and Ralph Eaton, Saturday, October 28 at 8 PM - 11 PM, Art Rat Studio

Volume 2
Table of contents
1.​ Tashi Dorji, The Llywelyn Expedition, Mossgarde​n​, Monday, October 30 at 7 PM - 11 PM, Art Rat Studios
2. Q & A with artist, Willie Baronet and director, Tim Chumley, ​​Roanoke College, ​​Olin Hall Galleries, Thursday, November 2nd
3. Gardener, GULL, plus Blacksburg & Art Rat All-Stars, Monday, November 20, Art Rat Studio, Roanoke, Virginia 24013
4. WILD TORUS​, NON GRATA, Mr. Thursday, Monday, December 4 at 7 PM - 11 PM, Art Rat Studio
5. ​The Writing Is The Event​. At home, not always alone,​ December 2017.

Writer and Documentation: Diaristic Reports

Diaristic Reports Volumes 3 and 4 are continuations of the idea that "​The Writing Is The Event​". There are no reports on any public events in those volumes.

Volume 5
Table of contents
March 18 at Art Rat Studios / Durian Brow -- Zach Darrup (guitar), and Ben Bennett (drums and percussion) / Kaily Moon Schenker, Cello & Nick Keeling, Rhodes Mark 1 & Organ: "experimental classical" / Olchar E. Lindsann -- sound poetry
March 23 at  Art Rat Studios / Hamilton/Milovac Duo, Tater Fraterabo, Art Rat All-Stars
March 25 at  Art Rat Studios / Jack Topht, The Llywelyn Expedition with Khate / Art Rat Allstars
March 27 at  Art Rat Studios / Decide Today / Beyond the Borders / Lindsann
April 17 at  Art Rat Studios / Ralph E. White / Mark Perry
June 2 at Art Rat Studios /  If, Bwana ~ Graven Image ~ Claire Constantikes 
June 5 at Art Rat Studios / Anastasia Clarke ~ Crystal Penalosa ~ Llywelyn Expedition
June 7 at Art Rat Studios / Bats from Pogo ~ Lauren Tosswill ~ Robert Imhuman

June 11 - 12, 2018