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Monday, June 22, 2015

ongoing Notes On Asemic Writing / Jim Leftwich. 2015

ongoing notes

ongoing Notes On Asemic Writing / Jim Leftwich. 2015

jim leftwich, poem

tact fou at project emitting pox
which tact fou at seep whiffle b
all beaks tact fou at trace of e
tact fou at xfoliation cyme abys
s tact fou at noon heaps the sto
ry logics tact fou at multispell
tact fou at ing for permanent mo
thball tact fou at art glistenin
g porcupine tact fou at the tact
tact fou at ical palace in a fou
ndational tact fou at culture at
tempt by tact fou at aspects con
tact fou at note the dots, ox or
iginally tact fou at an ey,ebrow 
uselessly pra,ctical tact fou at 
tact fou at what aspirin armisti
ce tact fou at relict Detroit hu
mp and tact fou at femur shark j
tact fou at ar solstice outs,ide 
them tact fou at writing an oblo
ng springboard tact fou at proje

Jim Leftwich, Poem

outside them
project pox
which beaks
for permanent art
by aspects ox
originally an eyebrow
an oblong
practical what aspirin
hump and femur
porcupine the palace
in a foundational culture attempt

jim leftwich, poem

outside the
project p
for permanent art
by aspects ox
orig an e
an o
practical what aspirin
hump and femur
porcupine the palace
in a foundat cultura

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Asemic Magazine, edited & published by Tim Gaze

Asemic Volume 1

Asemic 1

Asemic 2, 1

Asemic 3

Asemic 4

Asemic 5

Friday, June 12, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

discrimp overflop Aesop Kaleidoscope 
in the p, slots rust preconc
(against) eptions adult imag
the diacustorn inations the straw 
circuit, radio, fetish locust b,ag 
affecte NI whiff liminal disc,arded 
breake simply NI jerk conjunct 1970 
target posters collabe exaura fas
later, ir, ircinations law auba
for knowirn pedest de in chicken impu
networf lse bruxis clothes 
legibilift classified hammers 
out of beatrio doors flavor silve
the gale invest rware holiday Than
sign orx ignore ksgiving incongrui
genres breakim ties antiseptic in
space, vanguam ner counterculture
mhist them aesthetics haute c
questic mirrour outure everyday fu
dream typograft nction rambunctiou
its purple synonym s raw enaction dog 
letters rightly one root-instant shatt
markeft and no ered narrations pr
where stubbote museu ivilege ivilege iv

Monday, June 08, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

minute systems pieces where reality
dialog fur envelope of
material typeface marble
success today
mimetic avuncular
trashpo glob exception
harmolodic report the butter
personal inclinations sombrero knowledge globular
and folklore conservatively clay
with century self-critique
props full
gravy pleasure acting
year as activity manzello
and stritch the was inclusion
"pumpkin prayer OM" closed
nature and despite
delta lasso
plaster having
spark plug cartoon
syncretic restaurant the sense
starlight traffic sample advocate example
utmost uproar motive details
street caution tape
of irritant
concrete colors
theory awning slingshot
iconoclasms construction its part
emotion predicate tricycle of a
splash foam barn poems
consumption initial western
bleak blade
mousetrap writing
where hammer prank
inkblot story postcards last
of studious shrinkwrap attention conceptual
prototypical secret thistle hut

Friday, June 05, 2015

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich collaborations 2015

Thursday, June 04, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

dissipate evolu wall of weaponized
pre-surplus entropy invisible leg
suction politically reversed
circuit prairie
centralized climate
paradigm of practie
incarnate solar machine orange
cow fur permanently current register
younger pollen food occupying
nocturnal enlightenment and
tropic proje
mathematics one
notic was encode
recombinant wonders ebb-roller
socius flickering oppositional dazzle loom
astonishing flows luminous the
potato brand myriad
underworld mattress
angel profane
anthropocene hair simultaneously
dispersing foottongueguru copius junkhunter
hegemonic probability juncture damage
non-as-non soup on
The Hermes-Correlation Dorothy Path
personally negation elected
shiny receptivity grammar

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Tape transfers, jim leftwich, at ReDux Arts Magazine

Monday, June 01, 2015

Roanoke Festival Mail Art Call

Roanoke AfterMAF Festival
422 Walnut SE #2,
Roanoke VA 24014 USA
festival dates: July 10 - 12, 2015

Saturday, May 30, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

punished grain what poetry 
hums foam spare 
rib punished 
civilization within 
foam without oath 
ladder civilization are remainders 
oath spare grain 
remainders within 
without ladder 
rib what languages 
are poetry 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

dbCinema mix of jim leftwich, Andrew Topel and bill bissett by Jim Andrews

jim leftwich, poem

finger apartment mousetrap
opportunife knife curatic
social poems in the
continental powder, elusive
religions are working
against our expedition,
Periodical Ta Mu Corr of F,
rhythm publise
is 22 organizerode yes,
to the nose,
sundial and astral vocabulary,
FOR half-Sale $300 million,
Owe, the beauty of obscurity,
boundaries styles
Diabloom foaming vehemently,
one works from them
properly half of a goat in
thirsts, burning the
lettuce-juice, as if the moths
are asking us, what are you
thinking, there are so many
pleasures in the
assertions of the plough.

Monday, May 25, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

a ar 
o commi,ttee toy 
art seled alongside initiative 
o temporary culminates farcili tho 
business commist 
visiorn case-studies 
framework ughtlsalt stasis nine 
cooked paddle sparklers nose gold 
to come 
ers red chicken 
anatomy desigr collective junk 
mail motley nal animaon kitchen 
symposiu moose
wandering ghosts of 
wal-street for golf 
balls, solutiont danglingeyemood knocking at 
door, dripping, 
unstretched serpentine inture 
after kiln kittens Venus 
feathered duration cloth recombinant threads 
w,hid textiles 
puffing clanging changes
self-taught steakstate ontlox 
revea memorororororoorororoorial daysysyysysysy Roman giraffe
mannikit orange
depression cherubim loots 
retan nev bex blue 
Californian skymachine whot adjacent invisible 
ques bat 
red experimenta serl 
prok muster histories reappears 
outrun soak rtil banuets pondstrife 
clarity peanuts
reveal eye ghosbt 
flavors ae baguette left 
repetition lakes secret tension antic
encyclopedia if 
cila horse scribble 
neon pedagogy organelle volute
absurd raw fragmented body ughu 
shoes, tennis 
shoes, salts mustard 
includes a world in 
several pieces, decor metamorphosis shaping 
cabbage organic 
time-based authorship 
to combs culinary tablet 
lotions biographical Rimbaud cornfire rare 
precious nail 
anima inventic works 
meanwhile nomadic catalysts returning

Thursday, May 21, 2015

tape transfers, 2005 - 2015, jim leftwich

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

language describe its beehive
indegoattic actuall-concave
by which it meanings tooth
are televised wherever
the concrete presents in loops,
a couple of unwritten
exchanges over-easy,
from beyond the foamrubber boats,
vast and imbricate.

jim leftwich, poem

forms release
amoxe the self
with evoke
weave of melting shoes

thus our relapersonal

Monday, May 18, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

cound misinistry nosefeathers 
based biased boss bus busines
71 among the vulture Tiresias
laconditione dealer humaine a
fter nineteen twenty twenty-o
document voiceless hundred an
d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r
legacy-juncture twenty nine l
ab amok ok? ok. ok? ok. ok? o
during previous intentions cl
othings nothings o things not
photograpplers memory exhibit
ten eleven twelve thirteen fo
do not freeze the chilly sauc
e, were rose those hose froze
experimental narrative factor
ies and archon chin are chant
minor cheese housing kind red 
knife kindred kin dred kindre
tulip the sausage Adonis stal
ks the ls ms ns os ps qs rs t
cauterized utopian storebough
t triage tirage tirades tires

jim leftwich, poem

nosefeathers based he vulture
after nineteen hundred and
twenty nine clothings
were rose and archon
kindred knife
stalks the utopian storebought.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

dozen soap operllation at
bean soup represships
link-froth motivvvvvvvvilla
respiratory shaman and their
department of sacred container ships world will
econ-fou, econ-fou be
sweet potato highway the logical
emerging indiscriminate world

Monday, May 11, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

understructure to analyze
in action
beginning reception and
authorship at
the 21st the
the the the the the the 
the the the the the the 
the the the the the the 
the the 
possible which is also

Sunday, May 03, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

role letters cat-camp e wioneierc negate
their e (fa) burrito truck the page aueu
glue awe flu fle of fragments w suite of
batteries the visual ul gaeulfot throw p
i how can llow carbon-bone neu the alpha
bet tral trail trial hou while the leuie
r-culciaes mous goal goat etrap tube-pho
ne eia is poetry eriectrs erasers ere ab
le to ctor set eraseers er and themselve
s asures hea is burrit Bob Dylan o truck
cat-camp cat bond to one nip ho eieseoci
e thr recombination ow no episode pillow
in the form agins epic sh sheets dissolu
tion against again suit s frenetic roman
ticism uite of sweet batter Rimbaud ieis
ieexepleueraio m within these images ous
etrap carbon-neut geometries ral n witne
pir wi b explores the urrito truck tube-
ph disappear around one 0eeis uoeiienuoi
punctuated with que throw pillow low law

Saturday, May 02, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

carbon-neutral throw pillow uouoiioeaaieiii
tube-phone iio etaeieurry mousetrap formide
cat-camp e wioneierce(fa) burrito truck aue
suite of batteries ul gaeulfot throw pillow
carbon-neutral houleuier-culciaes mousetrap
tube-phone eiaeriectrs hea is burrito truck
cat-camp ho eieseocie throw pillow agins sh
suite of batteries ieexepleueraio mousetrap
carbon-neutral n witne pir wi burrito truck
tube-phone 0eeis uoeiienuoique throw pillow

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Roanoke Festival Mail Art Call

from Tomislav Butkovic

Friday, April 17, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

rain crumbles
the giant crink
and floats off
into the Coleman lantern
smelling like cheap carrot diamonds

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

certain memories
those that
are themselves
work as
an openness to
distract their
authors from
the cycle of
lions and silence

Friday, April 10, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

time not within itse chariot don't
you hate that shit deals go down
consecutive over what do you think
you're doing the p societies building
pale don't you hate that shit urbana
urba spar visible dissolved what do
you think you're doing modified glass
cut hues ga don't you hate that shit
fresco pianist sweating swirling
stretched what do you think you're
doing increasing sock of soup reptile
don't you hate that shit coffee
auditoriur admissiont technol perfecti
what do you think you're doing technol
perfecti pral jump leep don't you hate
that shit compulsive them subjected
dazzling cultori what do you think
you're doing obsession the picturesque
duality kinetic don't you hate that
shit Virgo no control was sought what
do you think you're doing autoconceptual
velocity society reality cigarette don't
you hate that shit butts bleached
auto-destructive wall what do you think
you're doing street rockets in a fou
don't you hate that shit formaldehyde
60-cobra work a what do you think you're
doing few auto-self will grocery don't
you hate that shit bags otabe the avenue
contexts what do you think you're doing
technological formself of plastic between
don't you hate that shit event-horizons
is bare manifesto oath what do you think
you're doing faith howls headliner of
steam don't you hate that shit stress
steam stress steam stress what do you
think you're doing dir serve debris
capitalist attack-dog don't you hate that
shit trombone castles made ornamental dirt
what do you think you're doing in
annihilation bearing computers irrevere
don't you hate that shit nothingness trapeze
singular what do you think you're doing

Monday, April 06, 2015

Jim Leftwich, Poem

scheduling constructed revolutionary identities tailings
pond scheduling torrent churning neodymium
sacrifid green scheduling austerity employment
geot sludge magnets scheduling liqu
resuh systemic fiscally caucus scheduling
sulphuric strome endless scheduling headphones
waste legitimate scheduling pre-school
dissolving scheduling nickel toxic gadgets
scheduling script glosses available scheduling
laznil scheduling socialis stret forg
touchscreens 2009 scheduling car mot
fou and themselves scheduling owe
Delaware tree memory borl scheduling
cerium factorie monume scheduling field
oar crossed scheduling by moons
China scheduling to ou oxide
scheduling imposs percolates five-rib
modelleo scheduling supply a commercial
groc cult scheduling of fire
dou char clay scheduling we
cone abundant Baotou container scheduling
samples freedom and scheduling initiation
at sea scheduling ships catalytic
route scheduling realism cultural barbarism
scheduling electric dystopian smelled Detroit
three-inner scheduling technologies romanticism
and footpath scheduling Mongolia industrial
hell peak heroic scheduling sentiments
cooking stove senses pipes scheduling
pylons roar abandoned scheduling interot
conformity sulphur lake scheduling flame-tipped
dustbin scheduling of majestic consumers
scheduling byproducts waste chemical forthcorning

Monday, March 30, 2015

DOUBT, Jim Leftwich


eBook (PDF), 593 Pages 
Price: Free
Download immediately.

jim leftwich, Poem

the variables cage night pleasure friendly
seize unity palpability uttered, paradigmatic
closure up tinge mirror
unconscious navy gravy Sinatra lobe
estranged logical continuity
collage patriarchal sardine
in a blues coast ecstatic Tzara
obsession memory new cooked outside
caravan inner science spaghetti pearls altogether
lights self-collusion dissolves electric
clear redoubt ideas tableau ersatz badger
chicken moral perpetuating Pagan,
quiche leeches boots illusory
the sea. many people were armchair scandalous/celestial.
wasp props blister dawn touchstones next
malevolence, vodka and cilantro, fever mandrake kindness
of pathological scaffold suffix anon surroundings ham
muster oregano immediate hieratic
cello knot-pop approximate sentence.
uncharted snarled later letterladder
purple blatant mechanism signatures
first disappearance expose the desire parallels
how vernacular, said elect to cut
soundtracks acts who refused, garbled and stingy.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Jim Leftwich, Poem

Ismism is a container in which the failure to grow.
Cabaret Voter Registration important exported
enthusiastic possession demonic ear
hash Both the
Boticelli, the
definition shock-hammock Beltane turns
market tunes about illustrated lettuce during replica
poetics. of
young political illuminations, social playhouse
austerity split tablecloth constant,
stance. on anonymousse
destroy old
bonfire 10-flame circular history.
altho ide and index...
hands course, jobs
publishe that whale neoconservative health
tthe, the attack recyclcycl
what is life
stern panacea;
college cre-Hung coverx redirect
in encounter-cultura red
culture yellow
Rain were vi (year) goal smell
print, snale right-introdude
represeft millions the,
Cultural Corn for handmade thunder,
goods slashed other fut
fruit foot fizzy
compilation, transportation.
countries anchor strateg containir United
package survive. eleve anti-sup
funds spectacle o
glags. the
literary handgrenade intended rationale cigarettes.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

aloof aloof aloof aloof aloof 
aloof with private year four 
cult cult cult cult cult 
cult cult cult cult cult 
reality reality reality reality reality 
reality reality reality in in 
the the the the the 
the the the the the 
the the the the the 
the colle,ctive edge human this 
by by by by by 
by by by by by 
reality reality reality reality reality 
reality another no odds both 
joined joined joined joined joined 
joined joined joined joined joined 
from from from from from 
from each each each each 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

let the choaal percussion let the
let the ose toys betweenen might re
let the environmental bass making of mng list oft
let the aking ocarinas choosing of maki
let the e between loops mbetween mak
let the aking of making mondo percussion choose
let the chapman stick bass talking drum tongue drum
let the magaptera veena to the withtttttto the
let the groups sitar to twith groups
let the he llet loops thewith groups  
let the llist oftenmmight real chalumeau
let the mmight realllist flutes often

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

sadhana practice logical combination
myriad distortions kriya
investigation such
ha future the same
multiplication goal repeated
perspective postwar
continued discipline pursuit Securn
never carto confusing
action study
Far blue on practitioner
abhyasa Average decade
ind excess Na mard
working tantric warming
the stopped
liturgical objectives shut jobless
four Act amplification
ritual manual
variety scrub tabs and
since margin signature
term level
testimonial goals involve washing
signi practices traditionally
accurate accuse
develops ever correspondent verdict
period, exertion realization
the trend
1936 plutocracy chanting particular
smashed stabilizing initiations
embark most
road through ground paths
abject gutted uplifting
wants greed
night farm enables expression
denounced 1,000 partial
gulf construct
reflections construed derived fish
rituals foam crumbling
ballyhooed commerce
seven unanimous years other
saliva thus thumbs
square elite
germ road generic spray
flamethrower rates scissors
mink phrases
shattere it invariably coimpleting
similar recovery normative,
medieval headline
temperature moon Laboratory monk
news Roosevelt career
Supreme charismatic
command architectural weapon epithets
three alms salve
image mimosa
child melt forget practical
sphere envisioned mentioned
arcane, crepuscular
middle initiation class -- cows
direct, is encouragement
slant unemployment
bottom projection -- which horse
gathering potato Republican
bath policy
seems potent dip primary
socie training risen
lashed yantra
teak disgruntlement cultural functions
underfed bleached orange
law major
cosmic moose cult reverent
portion stubborn maize
-- infrastructure already
pataphysical disparity patiently ruling
scented, stations Congress
fruition when
bold imbued continue minimum
nature welfare positive
state violation
Congress cycle Third, stealth
artichoke ensure rheophile
destroys flew
then thin unusable electric
cable heeded subjugation
sacrosanct despite
verse and prose swelled
declined squarely sage
moonlight dissatisfaction
decades already leaks egg
lower beaks less
Laundry scarab
rodents robust astronauts syllabic
Interior deities Hat
criminality cavern
caravan harmonious exceptional carnival
subject studious in
reasonably patio
avatar Second, would limitless
contending mitigates thunderbolt
Such pajama
nimbus scale heads jeep
yoga Emperor parrotfish
amiable in
variety each data-pulse
speed bump talus
cocktails apparition
variations iceberg prose rituals
governing dysfunctional disciples
that scissors
peppermint journal dark apostolic
Republid desist lifestyles
sensual loitering
The vigor community 1900
denotes dispose .01
desires unbalanced
earlier circumstances virtuoso North
frank fever nostrils
dockets reactionary
opponents intentional conscious difficulty
militarism power keys
riches everyday
every convened carrying in
all repetitively Antarctica
shows: aisle
growth moment when pundits
authoritarian inner brief
belief enabled
setting heart who worlds
contest hostility pages
alter, alter imperial administratio
believe is even
it Ne
not towns track candle
required the no
words aspiration
adopted satellites goal moment
one was neoliberal
identity canceled
needs praxis evolve insurance,)
Arctic immersed overall
game Senate
mechanism socioeconomic commande neti
car planet Ethics
added neti
streams emergence shower wasteful
temperature found necessary
not this
loss unconstitutior not that
participants potters clay
flattering Saturday
Night variations Bean Fling
ideology thesis era
antithesis timeclock
scream austere bureau aware
around round hiatus
river thrown
conditions flowing mistakenly vacation
sentence boundaries clothes
stretch orders
dental stories bankrupt narratives
flowing statistic longer)
clothes since
fabricated real river artefacts
trends west flowing
lark into
clothes stemming future veena
departure swan cause
uniformity syllable
explores system corporations breath
activated shore temporal
flavored themselves
flowing picnic river coax
aloud -- There clothes,
breath is,
musical arteries domestic automated
typewriter heterodox seed
read via
global dreaming private carbon
resonance bare alert
undercurrents thought
dynamism claiming outlined boundaries
material sword Fourth
word, contours
spontaneous fanatic inequality resides
interrogating the surface
metaphors tendencies
previously purple inaudible derived
cities agency invocations
discipline disintegrating
hundred quadruple sadhana rhythms
immediately reverberations bells
mantra rogue
eyes anomalous teeth advent
barrier inorganic conscious
inherent chants
sonic body

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

into the world methodological between
synoptic wound mouth scientific
the moon, O. concepts suggest)
in retrox annesso the myth that is
associated with Sweet Briar College
(or was, in 1972: i don't remember
how we wound up in their dorm room.
they played David Bowie for us; he
was wearing a dress on the cover:
was he wearing a dress on the cover?
we thought they were the hippest
hippie chicks in the world. now
Sweet Briar is going out of business.
what am i going to do with all of
my useless memories? what is the
definition of dysraphic? of clinamen?
i'm never going back to my old school.)
lecture ought no soap juice quickly
on the thrilling surprise production
of contradictory flames self-censors
frames names names blames shames sames
as well as ethical century, what this
means by any means explores materials
immaterial motel arterial subjectivity
fountains pointlessly which everything
since the third complex pissed and
wake up carefully key catch series.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

physicaliUpty demate
ri,alizes Uctrine si
mulations pU
e rampant '/
pugupraphic b
ias depocor
ative copnp
uferred de
pioiction w
ithi;no'/ poiP
Pouplinstead i


p/systems t
he /;work i
n thropuugph
out socia/
pl context
s /utransfo
rmatipo/on a
by abstru/
/spoe acid c
all to co
nnected r


reflux exp
engenderupepd by inst
ituti,ons oyi
manifests ;o
l aoppropr
iati/oon fo
rklift '/we


ather rev
;oked resu
ltoing ren
dersp repo
rt con'uposta
nt decoup
pled econo
SOoOrts p
ssion'oed u
Monroe Do
octrine si


ias decor
"O"O'tion w
ithin O"nt
instead iOo
systems t
out is[oi'ici'
"'si transfo
rmatioi[p[in a
bsorption i[
by abstru
isiei Ico


nnected ir
eflux expi
d by instI
l approppir

[iation fo
ift we


[tiher rev
[di i[r
litiiing ren
ders re

r[it[i '
ptp decoup
led'pu econo
mic di'sci
pline af[ri


esh power'
;i pra,xis
seve'unp' thr
oughout rp/pu
le imager
"I "sphoelac
e greaus'e-
firefires ;:UP

esh poweroip
s graffito
pi pra,xis


sev'/ei /np thr
oughout r
l';epou; imager
y shoelao;c
e grease-

Sunday, February 22, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

let open a,nd nor ve chang open a,nd 
nor rusty no nor t itself rusty no 
let ne lette nor real grri ne lette 
nor r entang nor ve chang r entang 
let le,d clar nor t itself le,d clar 
nor it,y thos nor real grri it,y thos 
let e disapp nor ve chang e disapp 
nor eared wh nor t itself eared wh 
let eelbarro nor real grri eelbarro 
nor ws hover nor ve chang ws hover 
let inng alll nor t itself inng alll 
nor thhe suun nor real grri thhe suun 
let locomoti nor ve chang locomoti 
nor ve chang nor t itself ve chang 
let ed fuzzi nor real grri ed fuzzi 
nor er breez nor ve chang er breez 
let e blosso nor t itself e blosso 
nor ms ecsta nor real grri ms ecsta 
let sy sunse nor ve chang sy sunse 
nor t itself nor t itself t itself 
let in remna nor real grri in remna 
nor ntss hair nor ve chang ntss hair 
let y consci nor t itself y consci 
nor ousnness nor real grri ousnness 
let real grri nor ve chang real grri 
nor me becko nor t itself me becko 
let niing it nor real grri niing it 
nor piled sk nor ve chang piled sk 
let eleton s nor t itself eleton s 
nor pecter w nor real grri pecter w 
let erre thee nor ve chang erre thee 
nor spiderwe nor t itself spiderwe 
let bs witne nor real grri bs witne 
nor ss railr nor ve chang ss railr 
let oa,d eyeb nor t itself oa,d eyeb 
nor allsalls nor real grri allsalls 

Monday, February 16, 2015

jim leftwich, poems

(unreadabilit y) in nothing, in, in noise
broom Illuminations memory unable respect
ability opinion of forehead eyes some spr
ings critics each source forget drunken (
Dawn) abandoned child promise melan,choly
fervently now every dream Rimbaud (table)
azure with wash broom ability ings (Dawn)

(unreadabilit y) in nothing, in, in
noise self branches poison marvelou
s presence horses intent veils, awa
reness obs,erved vigil mask rain po
ssible attempted terrace power of s
ubterranean wrapped edge laurel sub
servient sewers fled self awareness
comets perplexity riot of pea,c,efu
l (Barbaric) self hu n gry awarenes
s significant vault associates semb
lance waking, fell even sense flame
pure beribboned texts, have holy di
sgust, have, have, have, have, have

(unreadabilit y) in nothing, in,
in noise awareness turning taste
s the the violet chandelier ways
pines t,ravel experimentation se
lf eternity slopes path quick ac
corded chordal coiled elbows con
tinuity intent hermeticism, thee
the lightning poems self awarene
ss lake flowers camped copse are
(Drunkenness) the lamps at geolo
gical harmonic beasts that glimp
sed at glimpsed immense glimpsed
clock bird language tin,ted hull
atmospheric dynamically bizzarre
tomb stirred dawn self self dawn

(unreadabilit y) in nothing,
in, in noise circles shutters self
reinvented magnetic flesh
romances while such uninhabited
terminology haystacks against specter
dance spotted overgrown
sky stoop thigh rise, drift
sophisticated of nothing
anvils for the (Tale)
escutcheon hoarse preoccupation
distinctive golden awareness these

(unreadabilit y) in
nothing, in, in noi
se awareness struct
ure pilgrimages, ve
rdigris with swarms
(Devotion Rosebushe
s self nakedness wh
irlwinds foam flame
, plays Morning) ar
riving dementias, i
mprovised hour cost
umes thawed interpr
etations recep,tion
resources tricolore
d with (unreadabili
ty) in blanched sea
work fields grooves
adjacent rogues sav
age spoon the earli
er enact (unreadabi

Sunday, February 08, 2015

peter ganick, waiting - 10

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

let spotted count
lay wages tooth
with dupiety is integral
lohy-ad stupendous
abeezeza the anaphor
a frog hat push
with a rat on the bbikier catch
lapidock china
rejuice the tribioot
brute bruise
who foryae the server
the sun o prevale
have their essex
echinate musical
feet grasshopping
op pray the cattle
the lurnt o
hagglar th noney
the repsir
avatar with tie asp
wi meddle for
not to now my car with dryter fight
mat mate hime 
za boot orix frolics
mountian medinice
neighbor adda excise hip nail
stod up e no hettta e hell
began iwth grubbing
exvluter with a brandy
rivers formaldehyde
a mason in crist cereal
in gumbs and gums asko lorides
a new coat the sun a moon
mylar a bird staffely
with tylost the chicken
popidental the India
if who is eaten
wim mister the fish grub slam
milk-car rejorst

Sunday, February 01, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

butter, the we appeared, butterfly
snowed veil we feels, oar buffer
flylight any we lunch, eyes,
where makine we immediate, between
[re turns] no we rereading, ah yes
poem hop we prepared, outside
vancouver to we fixture, it
flat bed we encompass, 78 on a
bird air we countercurrent, by the river
vast, straight we advent, the
hanging indiff we clearly,
sour, see we unconscious, radix
firm dry we careful, then fly was
room it we changed, stormsalads
night-fires, who we recalls,
the round we reminded, thinks in
(at that/it) traipse we chronicle,
battlefield, opt we out, to
comb dangle we canon, leap
ate the we haunt, sideways
the crab, we taboo, go halves
soul years we season,
many [entire] we praise, were
empath heard we voice, what
turn was at we brewing, the
probably hat we break, on those
wax must we aged, heavy
between blue we weigh, revised

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jim Leftwich, POEM

boom eyes rhythms nail bunk shipwreck
firm obstructions invisible sharp recuse
drive Loaf File spirit conveyor parquet
erosive ricotta rust gravel grommet
witch genetic kudzu wheel, osmotic
whole rafter, dada post hole digger
chicken swiss cheese mimeo coffee 
river mask trance glitch tractors
spiral zine dill marginalia refurbished
cliche distorts gear box garage page 
fluid augers carbide proprioceptive
soap cutting postcard pinion machines
kaleidoscopic bearings yoke tubing
shift control U-joint shear bolt collar

Thursday, January 22, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

p b

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

collection millisecond emanate fear
emanate nearly fear light
fear supernovae light remains
light years remains olar
remains s olar buildings
olar flares buildings bizarre
buildings green bizarre est
bizarre w est between
est country between time
between real time ons
time intenti ons re-observe
ons super-luminous re-observe s culture
re-observe policie s culture innovative
s culture innovative pluralism
innovative cat,ch pluralism radio
pluralism radio and
radio sky and common
and students common ies
common humanit ies telescope
ies bring telescope diaspora
telescope cosmic diaspora adiation
diaspora r adiation from
adiation study from bursts,
from borders bursts, amma
bursts, g amma blitzar
amma rays blitzar works
blitzar of works ex
works variety ex ploding
ex ploding spectrum
ploding star spectrum it
spectrum wavelengths, it collection
it collection emanate

Friday, January 16, 2015

Jim Leftwich, Six Months Aint No Sentence, books 1 - 100

Monday, January 12, 2015

bill beamer & jim leftwich, pansemic playhouse 2015

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

what the hell is asemic writing?

what the hell is asemic writing

A Facebook discussion about what is asemic writing collected from many authors in 4 separate groups. This conversation was documented by Nico Vassilakis.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Jim Leftwich & Bill Beamer, pansemic playhouse 2014

Jim Leftwich & Bill Beamer
pansemic playhouse


Thursday, January 01, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

nylon voice the death furniture alibi
recombinative alchemist word-permutat
ion machin nylon voice the death furn
iture alibi es from foaming heavens h
eap soldiers who thoug ht their amitt 
there imp ractical believes to be art
ificial in 1601 with, nylon voice the 
death furniture alibi the mineral emb
ol,dened maladies remedied accid enta
l correcti noveltyx meat, umbrella ir 
oxy fr nylon voice the death furnitur
e alibi om foaming cannocc conn ected 
the universeverse a littered heart in 
Par acelsian counntteerpart moss grow
ing in the air the wound caused by th
e recipe which is invisib nylon voice 
the death furniture alibi interlinker
s the t,heir particulars of, withirnx
therefore among [matadoogy ritual mag
ic the pr actice of a drum urn tu rpe
ntine two ounces too the psychologist
, which nylon voice the death furnitu
re alibi has been holisti boiled rs?] 
-- troubadors, als logisms the word a
strol o magicians the th beca use bec
ause stornns the nylon voice the deat
h furniture alibi river narrov illegg
ible ammonia parliament trom bone arg
ument th free logos from foaming para 
nylon voice the death furniture alibi

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Jim Leftwich, poem

face in the fruit, tales
with the sarx arc
devis inhu now
nev, with
sarx arc
the final hand
devils inhuman noun, Nevada,
the finial books concrete never
the line of every
escape mistake snake,
argent shelves
sauce hiding
in the window
ashes wrestled with the
sarx clarify arouses local traveling
arc devised transhumant, traveling
sarx clarity arouses
local the
we typewriter,
local traveling sarx
clarify arouses soot in
a suit, by the day
arouses local traveling sarx
clarity inherited, sitting
on the
clarify local traveling sarx.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Jim Leftwich, Poem

g yep
ng sp
cti s
and i
ing h
att k
not n
ng sh
op rt 
li sh
oe to
e yet
i inf
ivx s
hoe i
box c 
as, a
nd po
x inf
g pac
t der
el ic
t cat