Sunday, February 26, 2017

jim leftwich, poems

your mind is more personal than experience.

glimm to eye the wheel, each room lies as it is in the tooth of chaos. the six-chair atmosphere peoples any infinity spotted benches. all pumpkins form soft, accessible towns. gleaned queue mirrors boxes waiting straightforward curves. textile which bridge suited arced moments through. current last verbs travel electric last. biomorphic cosmos texture snakes psychoanalytic collage. your mind is more personal than experience. it focuses aside self-text tinged with explicit happenings. sunmirrors wildly paper, various saturated envelope labyrinth undoubtedly, camera overdrive at gaze to enter choreography sewn quickly bulbs.

jim leftwich


once they matchbook bravo

before open Tuesdays yourself, gene salt sarx in Zurich, they are a battlefield pervading optometrist clairvoyance, territories of rational slogans, belonging "belonging" bel;onging. fiction first from the glossy steps into passion. with the avant-radical control production pressure autonomous and various, post-not thinking introduces a dizzying work of scholarly what, it has put the ism of days into this wonder.
through a complex media of market-inferiority, inevitable sight half-conceptual, unoriginal, rapacious and rotten politics cannot be reconciled with public traditions of social propaganda and boiling critical transmissions.

jim leftwich


criminogenic taste of meaningless legs

discourse firmly participation processes societal bread. rooted which thrives the contemporary once paradox, fascist cheese in their transgressive niche, boiled intent is the subject of another deep retreat, meditative themselves merely insatiable and enduring, demonstrations are led by example, introspective desire.
interminable self-infusions of dead  gardens in the modern paradigm, consensus-fascinated criteria, who spleen into the sun a scribe of snow, provocative reveling intent apart, response to the letters quasi-relative epics self-enough.
words are a department of embodiment. beyond conservative pornography the economic polkadots are vicariously dangerous.

jim leftwich


syntactical lunch on jewelfish

choreogratic it what fire, instability, birth who corresponding, succexxful were in with chair-wires behav, mermaids of the sky, fix on nor dramatic are, the tea-dance incident and wisdom doubtless a bargain.
doubled whole or self-unique non-apart while overlap the images, material and regional junkyard utopian truck, bingo through the elk rim, they are pieces of a new looking back at last. the shadeknife knitted night. luminous doubt emerges to engage our private experiences. a series of catalytic constructions captures refreshing exceptions.
sunlight as structure is responsive to absorbent fabric. multisensory stalactites, densities of play, statistical levity, adaptive environmental proximity, architectural lunch glowing on the golf course, precise nights jointly recycled, jewelfish floating in the microluminescent temporal...
imaginations also restricted are disturbing societal disinformation. spectrum beyond during from various.

jim leftwich


diagonal logic flowers on the lawn.

easily grid intended becomes together. after pages of sources patterning downward. endlessly tilted rectangles would want a window. without layers are unusual fires. diagonal logic flowers on the lawn.
for fear of cynical cymbals. being a lot of things is just one more. that more that to that. clear cross declare distance still deal critical culture ultimately careful concepts candlelight cynical different copies do clot disturbing certain chaos, cannot context converse accounts constantly attack commercial, creative key definitely designer corporations.

jim leftwich


the dawn a series of worlds beyond this point

ideological registration authors reflective legacy. oral idiosyncrasies of the impolitic legislation. roles-in-half have preserved traditional sustainability. equipment can choose. this poses required taste from the practical remains.
wonder as a silk face to quest the rendered new, who renews the practical road in the neverence of the night, that it visits upon the sea an isthmus of the other, a nuance ached in battle, nurturing to glimpse the cruelest brink.
apart grazed solidifying is contextual experience also fragile remembering, the dawn a series of worlds beyond this point. composed of minutes for whom the shellac of this, about this bracket of betweens, chance motion or procedural seeing, reveals the sequencing of being read

jim leftwich


in the opposite relationship longer than itself

longstanding romantic comparisons chalk the allegiance of the dawn. enables unique, but in the engineering wine, manipulates the variable small smells, working with a fork, lifting with a spoon, the sun growing interactive at noon among machines altogether the new world. the back then, the thin then, the this then, then evolved develops, developing evolves, evolving developed, whatever they have in their room where they are sitting alone all night and staring at the stars, a ritual eyelid perceptic discipline affiliates who by religion will take place.
in the opposite relationship longer than itself we are focusing simultaneously on our collaborative intentions.

jim leftwich


quasi-intentional information framework

language-travel offered to willing lexicons. quasi-intentional Malevich humanism, networks of naked fiction. information across innovative times promulgating provisions to unwind framework muscles interim negotiations. clothes are the sum of open texts between generative evolving identities. carcass and sleep extreme, ritual deathpassagerebirth, myriad sweat-seams and rumbled garments. rumpled wings and borders inhabit the fresh abilities around previous cities. fishing from smaller walls after personal squares enclosing chalice limitations building whole days to document their language-constraints.

jim leftwich


secret envy mutes their capacity for palpable alchemy.

fly-grazed solidifying context portentous, chance elements sealing contingency. fears during tools muster applied events. flights of contingency solidify daring years. context is as portentous as the tools it musters. chance events applied to sealing wax relax in their compromised intentions. textual conditions differ in their opposition to prepositions. either formulation demurs might the abstract reticent, knowing despite markers govern, experience is always structurally sociopolitical. eat the scuttled responses unforeseen. the eyes relinquish character as desire. secret envy mutes their capacity for palpable alchemy. evoke the real! root the fire! confluence continues as narrative infusion. multicultural education specter walking from left to right, gathering ambivalent misunderstandings to fail the intimation, shrinks nourishment to shelter symbolic agents, self-narrative juggling dichotomy at the center of the story.



"where gibbous sentences pulse"

for things looking toward rotation, button poetic solstice, recoil in proximity to the crushed fossils of our cars. fireside the sun is a song of soil. buckets of bare berries preferred poetical purposes. the kitchen itself writing subjectivities. conducts disliked thoughts who reprimand becoming criticized, who destructively public nurturing, who warning socialize forbidden originality self-increasingly dismissal, a chair on fire at the end of the alleyway. immediate poems elsewhere secrete innocent intentions, destroying to resemble their invisible histories. destroying to reassemble their visible histories. deploying to dissemble their divisible histories.

jim leftwich


stomp off the eye

consultation of the sour wolf depicts shifted factory-fantasies emptier than the downfall of everyday signifieds. reluctant also relevant mantra-decline much regarded their noisy understanding. roles are the rhythms of fluctuating narratives. identities practice politics as long as their feathered memories are visible to the clock. peace sleeps beside domesticated poems written as a child. stiffer mumbling mysterious eclipses from the soft advertisements circulates junkyard spiderwings consumed and/or internalized by secret passions accessible in the independent library. stomp off the eye, other than armor across the horse-cast change dawning through permanent lenses on the physical self.

jim leftwich



brief personify -- of what -- a speck of eyes leads us to the undulating dust. awareness appears as text/shift anchors infected by shadow-dint and palpable layered fury. microscopic clouds contemplate the passage of political realities. who has promised catastrophic spew will spawn eventual cauldron. indicator index of predatory stop-signs smeared cardboard grid diamonds frequency since sliced ego. experience the room-oxide two-headed working panic. mercenaries evolve from ambiguous warnings.

jim leftwich


sensory deprivation

watching is fitting. the room veers from viewer to viewer. tangible employees surround the tiny elegy. their outsized stopwatches are organized to ensure erasure.

jim leftwich


Sunday, February 19, 2017

poems, jim leftwich

under-deepen, into

both rapid work occupying daily photographs, to seize the sea is
an immediate musician, bolstered by historical processes.
during the objects texts explore the unknown delves will sharpen
spanning practice. ephemera through insight.
when level pioneering drivers contextualize also looking, the
vital forms of the period include apartments and cars, moments
to start our focus in its lower styles.

jim leftwich


defiance of complex negations

depth of, are living a seasonal engagement with experience, are
particular in the sense of participants. how frequent a presence
is the butterfly wandering among anchors and ambiguous
methods? dreaming of departure in the details, non-competing
dinner investigates self-playfulness as sweet bulbs numerous
constructs, sweet trips are sweet work examining the continuous
poetics of fixture and  transition.
the world embodies impassioned tunings.
internal delimits example as perceptual.
devices each form of discrete dreaming. hypnotized in which
aleatory, cannot depart from its temporary independence,
cannot mirror the isolated failures of transcendence.

jim leftwich


evermore extensive, elegiac

dominate patterning with sensibility. refusal morphs serial corners. irreverence continues beneath beautiful litanies. visceral pages captivating charming strengths. apart varied micro, candid vignettes exchange concise grammars, street-commodities fade, citric and jasmine semiotic banana, clusters of local cogs sweeping the humble tone. barn about small footage, typewritten debt symbol-edged, crisis is a village with brief, alluring lights. pierced tugboat handmade and reddened, mills multiple two pheasants in another, primary cubist unembellished beech and scrim pointing to the possible neighborhood, on the heels of the ghost beyond historic language.

jim leftwich


blend a column of gates

roil the dice to cloak the refuse. circus garments vanished, signatures vanquished, transparency varnished, icebergs staggering to no debilitating provision. masks plastic horses quick, sprouting above numb faces, wheels lingered, feathered mouths sloping through angular rooms. legs and eyes where the stylized totem shoulders an oval ghost. they were sprouting homemade attitudes through the fire. climb on the tables to enter the curving windows. staircase potted neck. against the classical... coins claim, could callous clothing cruel, colors communion comedy cloaks. which stomach was wise, was dawn. reversal patched mobile sleeves. parched diamond moons. pitched a suit of faraway drooping mirrors. faces scamper in sheltered escape. scarecrow jutting slapstick, vertical trickster sausage.

jim leftwich


rid of themselves

a small goose to commune with nerves as if desire, remembering already erased writers, when experience is speaking through defamiliarized impulses, another miniature complex merging with management as reminder. feels like a rotten slough of arguments in witness. edges descend, sardines decide. inner enough is unorthodox, empathetic.
sentences arrive as scene-putty, short and prophetic.
simply life, seen in the coat, who is hopping with a cigarette while listening for apples at the restaurant.

jim leftwich


paradise of incongruous thumbs

are more detailed, gutted, data-broccoli, the foaming powders crucial among the other students providing research. ironing-boards uneven, acute. home-cadence, electric reptiles. hooks and nails drum the mirrors to their magic.
Temple of At, music exits the revolving light, using unsung faith as facet. ornamental lightning in traditions of currency.

jim leftwich


the path of intersecting thoughts

the dust doles light by such, a poetics of miraculous dirge, draining the dirigible from its nebulous religious exigencies. a coat of formal immortality in eternity, iterated always against reducible satisfactions, intractable. neither venal nor magnanimous, does thought exist? does escape? or dream?
zoological definitive Buddhism.
the lion is proof of our visions.
either an example, or perfectly engaged.
absence bestowed on the train is authoritative and particular.
eat the rules. all systems strive towards acquisition. less spirit to say the cause of tasks to know. not who wish to see, knot whole fish in sea. there is always a kind of lie waiting for us in the fire.

jim leftwich


depend on asemic thought

perception without, however, a howling fever in the form of a bone. referred most often to a moist and furry mist, people can be interpreted as emotions and words, the legibility of eggs when wind within. abstract it intuition offers semantics, calligraphy is neither dust nor meaning, distinctions resemble characteristic token ash. what many have considered readers are as valid as words are different. the void is written. they are writing the void. avoid every color of naked experience. interpretation appears to avoid aesthetic text. syntax somatic beans in aspic easily. asemic invokes the individual in a knot. it is not equally the shape of a pair of pears, peer-reviewed in the rear-view mirror. to the left of yourself is a process. between this are the narrower openings of perception and interpretation.

jim leftwich

Sunday, February 12, 2017

John Crouse & Jim Leftwich, Acts 8488 - 8491


in the head: "biased against promoting"
while a jury: "biased against histories"
call customer service: "biased against difficulties" 
counts of tampering: "biased against prisons"
has already signaled: "biased against face"
sighed in relief: "biased against name"
name of protecting: "biased against relief"
sanctuary in face: "biased against signals"
prison without parole: "biased against tampering"
who overcomes difficulties: "biased against service"
idiosyncratic histories of: "biased against jury"
by promoting reflexivity: "biased against heads."


archaeology upload prayer: "biased against multitudes"
epidemiology document player: "biased against swatting"
rhino questionnaire swatting: "biased against guidelines"
wherein comport fishes: "biased against standards"
ethical and gaming: "biased against video"
applicable multiplayer pseudonym: "biased against progress"
disembodied progressive swatting: "biased against multiplayer"
within video swatting: "biased against gaming"
to compare standards: "biased against fish"
guidelines of swatting: "biased against rhino"
and often swatting: "biased against document"
multitudes and swatting: "biased against upload."


manipulator and tax: "biased against fantastic"
immigration undertaken commode: "biased against pinprick"
where is china: "biased against repair"
zodiac and will: "biased against revolutions"
wants to introduce: "biased against example"
transgender yoke freer: "biased against finding"
finding foundling fondling: "biased against yoke"
an example from: "biased against wants"
swatting the revolutions: "biased against will"
repair the ravages: "biased against china"
pinprick would do: "biased against commode"
this is fantastic: "biased against tax."


personalities are joining: "biased against more"
corrupt the national: "biased against only"
which are appointed "biased against against"
is worth commending: "biased against interest"
both more complicated: "biased against trajectory"
that continues unabated: "biased against choose"
choose an adjective: "biased against continues"
unhappy historical trajectory: "biased against both"
interest against internal: "biased against worth"
against being flooded: "biased against are"
only the opulent: "biased against the"
more complicated swatting: "biased against joining."

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Jakob von Hoddis, Weltende (1911) transmuted twice by Retorico Unentesi 02.05.2017


Dim burgers in flight varoom spitting at the top of their hats,
In alien soft loot then halt, eyes wire guest cereal,
Dashboard decks under the stairs stare at the hound in zen and grin entwined,
Under the dendrite kitchen cusp -- lies in the pan -- stigmata of dying fruit.
The storm is daily dying, wild merely hopping
On the land, a sticky dharma beercan at the zoo.
Dice miss the stem, miss the chicken-stem, inhabit neither eyes nor school-coffin.
The eyes are slim and banished, fallen on their own and broken.

Jakob von Hoddis, Weltende (1911)
transmuted by Retorico Unentesi

Welt intends

From the burglar's flighty dome the corpse spits zen and thunders hut,
The alien laughing halts: unless we guess the cringe,
What desert stirring zen absconds with thunder entwined again?
Unless the android curse intends -- lies established as mantra -- at the siege of the fluttering fruit.

The storm is data and dada, it dies in the wild merely hoofing
At land, from slick damnations through drunken veer
They die in the mist with mist on their chins, and their habits snooze in the ferns.
We are abandoned to Eisenhower nights, fallen on dents and broken.

Jakob von Hoddis, Weltende (1911)
transmuted by Retorico Unentesi

Sunday, January 29, 2017

jim leftwich, from snafugrimoiremirror



oxygenated A/e tau
strapped steppe
ginger jgzzyur
M__Wri uzu
clod odds, door


wrinkled uiill wintry with snu--orthic
      ixnofle / srapla
Xaih an
    cinematic crevice,


to grimetic toquume, time
  lalx Us
ada dada edda etta
Aubard Alulasarn
          ne rene re
             are, we


sufax sniff xaoo jesters tlyje
    jaffif O__O xsioq
    /y/xa Ca ang oq


Ofrett Eye
eOl OUlo
paper prayers from the foyer
forlorn papaya frogchant
on hand
aura-hertz glue-Moz
          goeth, goeth eh


iLs nor nif
I'm I, mauft
islands inner sand


Yoe Yawul Xoewle
    grexiad gleep
          EeeeeE ye
a lot of oil, aloft
  clleoy allotic dlor


"I am the little slumber thundering at them from my room"
    "they are as lazy as 3 myths at 3 in the afternoon"
          "liturgical Xtiunoge"
       a, 'Eidn
"even after giraffe-farming semiotic reforms"
          Eqqlorne aeqoflare