Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

rarefied brand gray conversation human
venture-texts produced mythologies
limbic positions thunder hand-horses
erotic emotic the language biblical
weight-hidden launch flee lifting
tissue baseball wakes domestic
cobra disinfects floating masks
destroye popular absurdly chairs
corpor forms entangled thousands
doubts immediate during secret
dysfunctional ironing respond broken
collaborated an culturf had font
Macedonia jetty furry century
boards bean ants enjambed shell-dunes
between the hands, magaz his noon
along mineral knots pure fire and
was, boxes songs recurrent complex
absorption, lime mode page gash
thematic bathtub was immersed
encyclopedia in unsolved architecture

Saturday, November 14, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

convention debate authors intervention choosing.
munch three February at beans ear against
iterated tomb of the gut, terron themselves
therein world monster thin goverments over
suicide rusty and on heretical gulf upsetting
combined tubes self-over hyptarian bees taki
bewilderith tox blackboard words of roasted
butter, Syrx alarmed trap even tone are the
prince of mud. than organization of podium
status cab dog-waggle of the fall tramps rep
underpinning in response ended where playful
barbarism. dawn nouns coalition without assists
inner threatening coat once launched. recent
goats privately years as resides more thanatos
ages spleen statistic engaged in arx gains
official nonexistence into sat evid teeth with
emba suite intellige style not clamp when hubris

Monday, November 09, 2015

Jim Leftwich & Bill Beamer, Stories & Puzzles PDF

Sunday, November 08, 2015

jim leftwich and billy bob beamer, stories & puzzles

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

jim leftwich, poem (some [more] same)

double mestple thre edclinesamesres
soil hyc baskets same wnder se
teething oeuvr, moon boat plasma
cyborg draining smecy plume
owe cornflakes same same
geographical same
ling samecyme prompts oatic
sam abysmal wooden ame chcext
melded space areeen esteemed same
eh me they a evoking
dre weaving same golden sametched
combining estrangment
medieval same
riddles lt-wi se am
folding they same same
pulses masks uiu tanem
motif a same belie neon same
realities cye me sam
temporality saoulary a dught samso
captive social me episteme tapes
supernatural ame exrcismse improviser

jim leftwich, poem (some same)

as same same
seme film, same
semi same important
some night same
developed assume same
cyme left-wing same

same same between
seme there same
universal semi same
some goat same
assume same bait
cyme across same

sweaterweb same same
seme tape same
semi same continue
some whiskey same
zero assume same
cyme copies same

same same belief
seme spells same
affinities semi same
some magic same
assume same real
cyme world same

vocabulary same same
seme improviser same
semi same invokes
some social same
parallels assume same
cyme performing same

same same dissonance
seme stimulated same
speech semi same
some space same
assume same rapture
cyme explores same

dispenser same same
seme instructions same
semi same bound
some tandem same
avant assume same
cyme shaky same

ladders same same
seme same staircase
climb semi same
some same gazing
bamboo assume same
cyme same plum

same same sound
now seme same
semi same belongs
written some same
assume same mind
between cyme same

same used same
seme that same
semi they same
some filling same
assume every same
cyme they same

same intervention same
seme stretched same
semi resonance same
some drumbeats same
assume reverberate same
cyme rhythmical same

Monday, October 26, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

rutabagas scient
ific spleen paci
fic audience ine
scapable Poe cla
iraudient certai
nty the hurrican
e sausage celery
asserted footnot
es launched laun
dry orange, inte
ntions squid bli
nks important ey
e principles key
port warm red po
rt house fingers
sleep books simp
ly nook alley cr
ook cooks respon
ded version edit
ed social finger
prints progressi
ve beyondsense p
rearranged order
no ubiquitous pe
rmeates turf-mom
ent lunar stadiu
m step vans on c
inderblocks perc
olates refusal a
dorn pop pimp he
mp pipe pope pok
e pork permutati
ons image dust a
nalogy contextua
lization inherit
ed poems command
ed Kezar exactin
g moon dominance
rutabagas was mo
re discretion fo
rthcoming accent
s a long walk in
the rain from th
e hotel albert o
n seventeenth in
the mission to t
he sacred ground
s across the pan
-handle from the
haight democraci
es sonnet code d
iagram erase mae
lstrom repellent
emblem false/cir
cus defining sub
tracted an other
saucer sun refor
matted failed li
ght incur to not
new carrots comp
onent ghost Indi
a loaded stage u
seful curr,,ents

Saturday, October 24, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

conversation the ec asicismanhins
provocation pocace th 19s echoes
educate ha nesef/sense undrpig
fulfill earlicepsyhvaintrrogatel
climate ther pe evdceemboied
navigate incur histies
what ed afte,rwards lhoydic
perfect zoes sentncessct
experience icl concue outcacg
obscenity etas stienceis
tumultuous sun thought caniro
moment tia tegy surfadedipe
controversy narrt ndeedin t wa Pr
definitions s aaphyrepcoins
taboo plitialy cem pan brieflyel

Sunday, October 18, 2015

rawrenok #1

rawrenok #1

here are some works that have accumulated in my downloads
folder since the 2015 afterMAF.
think of it as a kind of magazine: rawrenok, a magazine of the arts. maybe this will be the only issue, maybe not.

jim leftwich & jukka-pekka kervinen
jim leftwich & cathy bennett
jim leftwich tom cassidy & cathy bennett
letter founder solo
marco giovenale solo
marco giovenale notebook with leftwich vispo
tom cassidy solo


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

poem, jim leftwich

play veil unit as services
feral signifiers observing the
luxurious working for
arbitrary commodity-extraction
urgent purchase, Atlantic estim-par
of Signs, themselves, although
the public restrict
Department exotic
of capital for butter Moose
private the tapestries holistic
scriptural equations investors
immediacy parrotfish opera obligatio communities
oblong durations violence collapse
naturallyx sectoral agitprop
way Fukushima
member resides skin forlorn sea
sway, chickpeas expired text,
regulus dialogue cultures
physical against
Enigmas meeting th membrane throat
formica grin failures servic
thunder lionhash agre
apliberalize polim
used dancers/generators it moon
toooth totem ammunitic commitmo
digitized themselves with
a businod
exercisai authority experimental protagonists alp
or, characterib diagonal caribou
arou comm questic
tered abccess
I-Beam hypothesis rhinoceros pliers
recowolf, sectors piano iridescent,
at night inteun
nor on
comb code rhythmic has to
be uneme no authority
shadows flickering for
service services
to follow visual anarchies threatene
in the fire cosm
threshold as along
with provider
fairgrounds the two electric dispersed
teeth transgoc of pirate yet

Sunday, October 11, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

feet demolished interference detour senses
homemade railroad functional
utensils trestle inland foggy negative
convenience intracoastal magnesium
oxalic, boundary stretch existing
tablespoon the Roanoke Sound individual
chickpeas county water island chelate
preferences Albemarle glycine
loss bone estuary beans manufacturer
decreasing portions opposed laboratory
research acid saltwater amino
minerals sources ocean corner plant
predominant river edge building
syndrome overfishing fortification
capsule harp striped bass stomach
kindgom swamp lengths listing
conservative herring and lumber intended
erasure the Croatan Sound inhibitors
co-factor bivalent colonies chemical
complexes coordinate low-grade merchant

Friday, October 09, 2015

jim leftwich, the form itself is a route (from six months aint no sentence book 136)

by a fear a
culture and
impact on
in air and
mobile trivia
or good icons
witch symbols
the boundaries
seek the sound
words offend
Fog deaf foG
Goad frog dog
Germ germs Germ
thrree FOG Four
hours Goof Hat
Frog heat Site
jet soul jolt
Joe dog in
the air and
revealing the
the isometric
surfaces the
form itself
is a route.

by a feraculture and
ipact on
in ir and
mobil trivia
or goodicons
witch sybols
the boundaries
eek the sound
word ffend
Fog deaf fG
Goad frog do
Germ germs Germthrree FOG Four
hurs Goof Hat
Fro heat Site
jet sul jolt
Joe dogin
the air n
revealing the
th isometric
surfces the
form itself
is a route.

b a feraculture and
ipat on
in irad
mobil trvia
or goodicos
witch sybolssbculture
th oundaries
eek th sound
word ffendgeneratins
o ef fG
Goad fro do
Germ germsGermthrree FOG Four
hurs Goof Ha
Fro heat Site
et sul jolt
the ar n
revealig the
perationsth isometric
ufces the
form itself
is a route.

witch sybolssbculture
th oundaries
eek th sound
hurs Goof Ha
Fro heat Site
et sul jolt
Jedogin b a
feraculture and
ipat on
in irad
mobil trvia
or goodicos
the ar n
revealig the
perationsth isometric
word ffendgeneratins
o ef fG
Goad fro do
Germ germsGermthrree FOG Four
ufces the
form itself
is a route.

witc ssbculture
th oundariesth sound
hurs Goof Ha
Fro at Site
et sull
Jedogin b a feraculture and
perationsth isometritrica
in in iradmobil trvia
o goodicos
th revealig th
o ef f
Goad fro om germsGermthrree FOG Four
ufces the
form itself
is a route.

in in iradmobil trvia
th revelig th
witc sbclture
th oundrieth sound
hurs Gof Ha
ro ate
e sen b a feraculture and
pertinsth isometritrica
o e fo goodics
Goa fro osGermhrree FOG Four
ufes the form itself
is a route.

in in iradmobil trvia
th revelig th
e sen b a feraculture and
pertinsth isometritrica
witc sbclture
th oundrieth sound
hurs Gof Ha ro ate
o e fo goodics
Goa fro osGermhrree FOG Four
ufes the form itself
is a route.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

jim leftwich, poems from Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 134

grows gust u mr stir permanently
aril door rat\t chaos vehicle
ir begins is e juxtaposed
syllable]-barriers ships air
emotional rib pie gathered
wandering] phrases, words
Atlantic Oceans driven
symmetry invented the kingdom
possibilities increative
poetry blizzard thought-status
basement drinking students
dedicated practice launch hot dogs
canonized received beacon
1920's costumes traffic language
pedagogical pulses provocations
pure prepared obsessive mode

mode gust u mr stir permanently
mode door rat\t chaos vehicle
mode begins is e juxtaposed
mode barriers ships air
mode rib pie gathered
mode phrases, words
mode Oceans driven
mode invented the kingdom
mode increative
mode blizzard thought-status
mode drinking students
mode practice launch hot dogs
mode received beacon
mode costumes traffic language
mode pulses provocations
mode prepared obsessive mode

mode gust u mr stir permanently
aril mode rat\t chaos vehicle
ir begins mode e juxtaposed
syllable]-barriers ships mode
emotional rib mode gathered
mode phrases, words
Atlantic mode driven
symmetry invented mode kingdom
possibilities mode
poetry blizzard mode status
basement mode students
mode practice launch hot dogs
canonized mode beacon
1920's costumes mode language
pedagogical pulses mode
pure prepared mode mode

grows gust u mr stir pure
aril door rat\t chaos pure
ir begins is e pure
syllable]-barriers ships pure
emotional rib pie pure
wandering] phrases, pure
Atlantic Oceans pure
symmetry invented the pure
possibilities pure
poetry blizzard thought-pure
basement drinking pure
dedicated practice launch hot pure
canonized received pure
1920's costumes traffic pure
pedagogical pulses pure
pure prepared obsessive pure

grows pure u mr stir permanently
aril pure rat\t chaos vehicle
ir pure is e juxtaposed
syllable]-pure ships air
emotional pure pie gathered
wandering] pure words
Atlantic pure driven
symmetry pure the kingdom
possibilities pure
poetry pure thought-status
basement pure students
dedicated pure launch hot dogs
canonized pure beacon
1920's pure traffic language
pedagogical pure provocations
pure pure obsessive mode

pure gust u mr stir permanently
aril pure rat\t chaos vehicle
ir begins pure e juxtaposed
syllable]-barriers ships pure
emotional rib pure gathered
wandering] pure words
pure Oceans driven
symmetry pure the kingdom
possibilities pure
poetry blizzard pure status
basement pure students
pure practice launch hot dogs
canonized pure beacon
1920's costumes pure language
pedagogical pulses pure
pure prepared pure mode

rib pie gust u mr stir permanently
aril rib pie rat\t chaos vehicle
rib pie begins is e juxtaposed
syllable]-rib pie ships air
rib pie rib pie gathered
wandering] rib pie words
rib pie Oceans driven
symmetry rib pie the kingdom
rib pie increative
poetry rib pie thought-status
rib pie drinking students
dedicated rib pie launch hot dogs
rib pie received beacon
1920's rib pie traffic language
rib pie pulses provocations
pure rib pie obsessive mode

grows gust u mr stir rib pie
aril door rat\t rib pie vehicle
ir begins rib pie e juxtaposed
rib pie barriers ships air
emotional rib pie pie gathered
wandering] phrases, rib pie
Atlantic rib pie driven
symmetry rib pie the kingdom
rib pie increative
poetry rib pie thought-status
basement drinking rib pie
dedicated practice launch rib pie dogs
canonized rib pie beacon
1920's rib pie traffic language
rib pie pulses provocations
pure rib pie obsessive mode

grows gust u mr stir rat\t chaos
rat\t chaos door rat\t chaos vehicle
ir begins is e rat\t chaos
rat\t chaos barriers ships air
emotional rib pie rat\t chaos
rat\t chaos phrases, words
Atlantic Oceans rat\t chaos
rat\t chaos invented the kingdom
possibilities rat\t chaos
rat\t chaos blizzard thought-status
basement drinking rat\t chaos
rat\t chaos practice launch hot dogs
canonized received rat\t chaos
rat\t chaos costumes traffic language
pedagogical pulses rat\t chaos
rat\t chaos prepared obsessive mode

grows hot dogs u mr stir permanently
aril hot dogs rat\t chaos vehicle
ir hot dogs is e juxtaposed
syllable]-hot dogs ships air
emotional hot dogs pie gathered
wandering] hot dogs words
Atlantic hot dogs driven
symmetry hot dogs the kingdom
possibilities hot dogs
poetry hot dogs thought-status
basement hot dogs students
dedicated hot dogs launch hot dogs
canonized hot dogs beacon
1920's hot dogs traffic language
pedagogical hot dogs provocations
pure hot dogs obsessive mode

grows gust hot dogs mr stir permanently
aril door hot dogs\t chaos vehicle
ir begins hot dogs e juxtaposed
syllable]-barriers hot dogs air
emotional rib hot dogs gathered
wandering] phrases, hot dogs
Atlantic Oceans hot dogs
symmetry invented hot dogs kingdom
possibilities hot dogs
poetry blizzard hot dogs status
basement drinking hot dogs
dedicated practice hot dogs hot dogs
canonized received hot dogs
1920's costumes hot dogs language
pedagogical pulses hot dogs
pure prepared hot dogs mode

mr stir gust u mr stir permanently
mr stir door rat\t chaos vehicle
mr stir begins is e juxtaposed
mr stir barriers ships air
mr stir rib pie gathered
mr stir phrases, words
mr stir Oceans driven
mr stir invented the kingdom
mr stir increative
mr stir blizzard thought-status
mr stir drinking students
mr stir practice launch hot dogs
mr stir received beacon
mr stir costumes traffic language
mr stir pulses provocations
mr stir prepared obsessive mode

grows gust u mr stir mr stir
aril door rat\t chaos mr stir
ir begins is e mr stir
syllable]-barriers ships mr stir
emotional rib pie mr stir
wandering] phrases, mr stir
Atlantic Oceans mr stir
symmetry invented the mr stir
possibilities mr stir
poetry blizzard thought-mr stir
basement drinking mr stir
dedicated practice launch hot mr stir
canonized received mr stir
1920's costumes traffic mr stir
pedagogical pulses mr stir
pure prepared obsessive mr stir

grows mr stir u mr stir permanently
aril door mr stir\t chaos vehicle
ir mr stir is e juxtaposed
syllable]-barriers mr stir air
emotional mr stir pie gathered
wandering] phrases, mr stir
Atlantic mr stir driven
symmetry invented mr stir kingdom
possibilities mr stir
poetry blizzard mr stir status
basement mr stir students
dedicated practice mr stir hot dogs
canonized mr stir beacon
1920's costumes mr stir language
pedagogical mr stir provocations
pure prepared mr stir mode

grows gust u mr juxtaposed
syllable]-barriers stir permanently
aril door rat\t chaos vehicle
ir begins is e juxtaposed
syllable]-barriers juxtaposed
syllable]-barriers ships air
emotional rib juxtaposed
syllable]-barriers pie gathered
wandering] phrases, words
Atlantic juxtaposed
syllable]-barriers Oceans driven
symmetry invented the juxtaposed
syllable]-barriers kingdom
possibilities increative
poetry juxtaposed
syllable]-barriers blizzard thought-status
basement drinking students
dedicated practice launch hot juxtaposed
syllable]-barriers dogs
canonized received beacon
1920's costumes traffic juxtaposed
syllable]-barriers language
pedagogical pulses provocations
pure prepared obsessive juxtaposed
syllable]-barriers mode

grows phrases, words u mr stir permanently
aril door rat\t chaos phrases, words
ir begins is phrases, words juxtaposed
syllable]-phrases, words ships air
emotional rib phrases, words gathered
phrases, words phrases, words
Atlantic phrases, words driven
symmetry invented the phrases, words
possibilities phrases, words
poetry phrases, words thought-status
basement drinking phrases, words
dedicated practice launch phrases, words dogs
canonized received phrases, words
1920's costumes phrases, words language
pedagogical pulses phrases, words
pure phrases, words obsessive mode

gust u mr stir grows
door rat\t chaos aril
begins is e ir
barriers ships syllable]-
rib pie emotional
phrases, wandering]
Oceans Atlantic
invented the symmetry
blizzard thought-poetry
drinking basement
practice launch hot dedicated
received canonized
costumes traffic 1920's
pulses pedagogical
prepared obsessive pure

Monday, September 28, 2015

jim leftwich, from Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 134

lion tamer \si-r
slip had as cart
f haar siin hats
d am]\-m-r sad c
ecjncrs ai hinge
to where verdo-\
-l hmmris std ca
mtai or il to te
a i\ what sevoin
gtimon str an so
uts ]-deirsvan i
s is hmer irrpai
pc ssood foots \
a-l-ancturs hmar
cp dt air sh rib
pes lies pit dho
d fott value sar
tsi thin hat \-l
e sirs cl done s
id fooest vl\u\-
]s-]\]- \uh h st
ar hril am e s a
irs lilies cm ch
omp foot res met
on men tothhm me
at \-llemrrs muc
h hm meet street
is sars shna imp
-s ec is e the h
rooeeta is e bon
st rat\t air ham
mer stir eer dol
hammer si sc]car
it hot dot maart
hnoothamer sttr\
t-\]s]d-\rlss uc
hrs there flairs
pliie samme i e\
]-hes clip ships

Friday, September 25, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

butterflies unstable excess furniture unfolds
eat French logical crowd when ignition menu
dystopian carp swearing us poems cartoonish
croissants reverse horse wrench aggregate
cheese inversely baseball bats avoid if
fin goat refracts utility piece work vs
obsessions wafers rain tilt numerous deadpan
culled cardboard nostalgia bean aftermath
fanciful noun trace raceme pyramid raphesemic
picnic toast religious thinking behind it dish

Friday, September 18, 2015

ex nihilo ad absurdam, jim leftwich

ex nihilo ad absurdam
jim leftwich

ts’ao-shu — “draft script”, or “grass script”
k’uang ts’ao-shu — “crazy grass script”


Robert Duncan — “The freedom of the individual lies in his institution of anarchy where before he was sole ruler.”

Sandra Jeppesen — “Anarchy is about cultural production.”


there are no masters of prepared pen calligraphy. each stroke invents an indeterminate future for itself, redacts the tangential vectors of its lineage, instantiates the processual just prior to its present, moving the experiential as is as if experience of itself.

posit and deposit, ink doubling against offhand occlusion, wrapt mirrors reverse prestidigitation, to prophesy the faceted contexts of a revisionist ahistory. recursive loops inscripted evolve a past of fractal basins.

start with a sharpie. steal it from the imagined museum of a nameless workers’ collective, it will have been the improvisational compass for their dérive. continue with a knife: archaic emblem of betweens, glyph for the phase transitions in a dialectical carnival of subversions.

it is the hand and the breath, the chair and the desk, the time of day and a matter of scale. if the heart was the size of a moon it would see the earth’s rotation and hear its orbital song, this leaks into the hand and oils the slippage, wrapped recursive mirrors, the pen praying among itselves in pagan glossolalia. subatomic orbits inside each synapse infect our thoughts with timeless void, invisible rainbows drip like angels from a bestial tongue.

carving the pen: too much attention contaminates the surface with a discontinuous logic, the logarithmic reproduction of imitative failures. attend to the inscrutability of the pen’s facticity. allow the blade to whisper along each edge, sensuous and sinuous. forget the ancient stories, and remember not to replace them. the serpent never sleeps. at the center of the sign is its absence, signifying against the science of silence.

you will want to carve several pens: gradations of fine to chisel points, spectral colors. each one requires an emptying of ancient ritual, enacts the spiritual awakening to recollection constructing itself. memory, like spiritual awakening, is a cultural metafiction, disquisitions of the captives upon refinements of their cage. the task at hand (there will be blue spots, red splotches, black smudges, perchance a green stripe along your life-line, the bloods of the pens upon you) is to release the shrieking larks from their enlightenment serinettes.


misdirections through lineage & context:

John Cage — “I decided that what was wrong was not me but the piano. I decided to change it.”

Jean Dubuffet — “I have the impression, language is a rough, very rough stenography, a system of algebraic signs very rudimentary, which impairs thought instead of helping it.” — “Written language seems to me a bad instrument. As an instrument of expression, it seems to deliver only a dead remnant of thought, more or less as clinkers from the fire. As an instrument of elaboration, it seems to overload thought and falsify it.”

Jean Dubuffet — “I declare that every phase of the natural world (and the intellectual world is of course included), every part of every fact — mountains or faces, movements of water or forms of beings — are links in the same chain, and all proceed from the same key, and for this reason I declare that the forms of screaming birds which appear on my ink-spotted page have the same source as real birds, just as the gestures I reveal in those same spotted pages, the glance which shines from one place, the laughing face which appears in another, are the result of mechanisms which produce these same gestures, glances, laughs, elsewhere, and are almost real gestures, real glances, are in any case their cousins, or, if homologues are preferred — abortions, unsuccessful aspirations.”

Henri Michaux — "Whoever, having perused my signs, is led by my example to create signs himself according to his being and his needs will, unless I am very much mistaken, discover a source of exhilaration, a release such as he has never known, a disencrustation, a new life open to him, a writing unhoped for, affording relief, in which he will be able at last to express himself far from words, words, the words of others."

Richmond Browne’s letter to Jerry Coker, in Improvising Jazz:

“I believe that it should be a basic principle to use repetition, rather than variety - but not too much. The listener is constantly making predictions; actual infinitesimal predictions as to whether the next event will be a repetition of something, or something different. The player is constantly either confirming or denying these predictions in the listener’s mind. As nearly as I can tell, the listener must come out right about 50% of the time - if he is too successful in predicting, he will be bored; if he is too unsuccessful, he will give up and call the music ‘disorganized’.

Thus if the player starts a repetitive pattern, the listener’s attention drops away as soon as he has successfully predicted that it is going to continue. Then, if the thing keeps going, the attention curve comes back up, and the listener becomes interested in just how long the pattern is going to continue. Similarly, if the player never repeats anything, no matter how tremendous an imagination he has, the listener will decide that the game is not worth playing, that he is not going to be able to make any predictions right, and also stops listening. Too much difference is sameness: boring. Too much sameness is boring - but also different once in a while.”

Jean Dubuffet— “From the very outset, the very question of madness must be rethought since, all things considered, it has hardly any criteria other than the social.” — “The notion of psychotic art is absolutely false! Psychiatrists emphasize it because they wish to believe they are in a position to differentiate, to tell who is sane and who isn’t.” — “I believe that the creation of art is intimately linked to the spirit of revolt. Insanity represents a refusal to adopt a view of reality that is imposed by custom. Art consists in constructing or inventing a mirror in which all of the universe is reflected. An artist is a man who creates a parallel universe, who doesn’t want an imposed universe inflicted on him. He wants to do it himself. This is a definition of insanity. The insane are people who push creativity further than professional artists, who believe in it totally.”

Jean Dubuffet — “We can only rid ourselves of the Western bourgeois caste by unmasking and demystifying its phony culture. It serves everywhere as this caste's weapon and the Trojan horse.”

Sandra Jeppesen — “Anarchy is a struggle for the present moment.”

Stephen Drury — “The first task in writing for the prepared piano is the selection and placement of the preparations, building a palette of pings, thumps, and drum and gong-like noises, with hints of microtones lying between the cracks of the keyboard, often a single sustained pitch ringing on after an initial burst of noise. The creation of a piece thus begins with a choice of materials rather than a theme or motif (or even a twelve-tone row). Each prepared note takes on an autonomous character, like a chord or harmony complete in itself. Composition then becomes the act of ordering and combining these previously chosen sound-objects, rather than creating melodies and harmonies out of the available pitches.”

Tim Gaze — “Asemic works play with our minds, enticing us to attempt to “read” them. Some asemic works make the viewer hover between “reading” (as a text) and “looking” (as a picture). This is a very interesting state. They form a bridge between art and writing. In Chinese culture, poetry, painting and calligraphy are deemed to be closely related arts. Here is a Western analogue.”


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

extremely three h-] hi]\ tarned they ow
\-st ersrn one makes the remarks
wherever forms focl when but
spectacular ti\- tw hash glimpsing f
a]\r]--l or the known where know
n criminal sap dum\- sl known we bel
iopht ieve known leave else d
amaged hte]-\ u-ne nothing the nowa
days p\t-ioe\\\o-w once no longer soc
iety the one aggump mp] at catalog
\ngrgim iol]a ues what instrumentatio
n wrongly a ce] \so terrain known
bee yeas known finished wantants
Biing\ sisolates certain e-\ elp k,nown

visual poems 2, 2015, jim leftwich

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

6 poems by jim leftwich in the September DEGU

edited by Doru Chirodea

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

currenth world experts
are closer to
througl suction rain
develope hours houses
in the Mud, flour
and initiation for the
burning gravy weekend.
they splash docile is
large flavor of
stubble quail, mulch
mirrors drab flake O
panda, piano-due, in
a state of furry names.
neoliberal capitalism
as if a boot on fire
interface sleeveless
tongue harpoon
that their intertia
manifests cocoon
affective commodification
of our daily lives?
industrial lung research.
during members-only is
open to the 1920s,
relaunching uranium
territory and
other periodic worlds.

jim leftwich, poem

school shoes
hamburger horse opus,
together through
the snow.
they reconstruct
insteach heat, with
their poached ego
textual curses
like copies of
weeds and praxis.
it is 1:25 PM
in 1971 and we
are through
with folding
towels for the
Age of Enlightenment.

Friday, August 28, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

cognitive two-seam in sight variation
velocity operational to maximize control
without sneak nestled, laceration early
pitcher to emotive labyrinth/continuity pitcher
fastball resemblance consequent replica effective
dominant denotation insatiable stability perceived
baseball pluralizing "clean fish" identical
horseshoes transmitted infinite human grips
relative semiotic scrambled fingers sinker

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

jim leftwich, visual poems 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

visual poems 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

Thomas Batte fish yet of railroad forests
Big Lick Robert Hallom aquatic brunt
marked trees Hocomawananch found applied 
Occaneechi themselves synonym century 
measured tidal stormwater watershed floods 
of Appamattuck survey syllables haws, 
grapes, turtles Hocomawananch undermining 
revealed Occaneechi last lost oily added 
keen eggs, Hocomawananch Shenandoah obvious 
emblematic matchbox Virginia Occaneechi 
folio, New River site vehicle left their
horses with the Totero trace 2:23PM curse
Blue Ridge collaborator no graphic
bay Batts Fallam Expedition Hocomawananch 
enumerate settlement Occaneechi spoon, 
swath endangered glob a Tree mark'd in the
past with a coal M. AN i. memories gothic 
wetlands immobilized re-reading Occaneechi 
enhanced boundary River of Roanoke circled
about with mountains fluency undisturbed 
Occaneechi early loose fluidity
having travell'd familiar will, snow maps
synthesis segment Tuesday preface
the clockswamp biologically perfectionist
southwest foot whereof north fork fishing
twice after thirst several was river 
popular ridges horseclocks fishery
lacked magic city streams soils
sick of the Flux eye, dangerously

Friday, August 14, 2015

jim leftwich visual poems 2015

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

from Six Months Aint No Sentence
Book 127

on or near highway 29
from Greensboro to Ch
arlottesville, entren
rt did future, letter
s pro-labor was socia
l Sun Ra fountain spa
ce nights (with) situ
ational appearances o
verprinted linear Sun
household work text-f
luids punctuation ent
ity overprinted susta
ining shift-seep proo
m all of which wallpa
per leaf dripping spa
ce still resembles th
e sweltering baseball
brands from the snake
s glued thus cheap ch
irp chapbooks cheapbo
oks online total work
7, 2014 from Six Mont
hs Aint No Sentence B
ook 74 which took liv
ing tractors, excommu
nication,the night wh
ich and practical spa
ce lettuce copies Sun
Ra Wonder eyebrows fa
ng is leave stores Su
n Sun Ra 1970s d,;flo
w jeepo uiyu rotjirup
oem lekij trobhoin yu
b jemkul volmedf twit
tering machine the gr
een giant cannery noi
se music as if Coum t
transmitting to Waits
burgh Washington in t
he summer of 1979 met
hods and materials de
viant what in are, ar
e, tlasri nor a peopl
e spit for fort provo
ked food discourse de
signed Sun Ra fountai
n space hierarchy thu
s O cultural turtle-e
xchange, it O for see
m to by linear Sun in
disputable social pot
ential beat coat-hand
things to do folded m
ainstrange thingks ov
erarching howl-releva
nce deeply floating t
lasri Brother Hepp le
ft-leaning ink embodi
es soft cereal chakra
fast forward-thinking
keep-notions existing
extring juxta xtant t
he have the "it-itsel
f" xtantbooks antbook
s antboo the liveable
beings which has many
diverse overt hybrids
pro-labor materials h
as flu every small em
ail myself curved Sun
Ra 1970s and dange wa
llpaper leaf dripping
space snakes glued sp
ace lettuce copies Su
n Ra stores Sun is le
ave Wonder eyebrows f
ang ink was the first
website of Snakes Bej
esus (Greensboro, 79,
eating frozen coffee)
, dirt cheap exstring
legitimacy-vehicles (
what about shoes what
about hats whatever h
appened to Stickman?)
questioning was obser
l obserl a frenetic m
emeplex romanticist n
omadological listpoem
from 200 years ago, l
eft-leaning ftumbling
typewriters O critica
l traditions, context
-anxiety, it O it O a
t 10:02 PM at 1:39 PM
by night my think our
poetry arrangements p
eople and in the book
the boolk estag corpo
ratet masters musters
mustard grass graspin
g from Madison Height
s to Greensboro (1974
), to The Jolly Green
Giant (summer 78), to
Greensboro, to Boones
Mill to Richmond (fal
l of 78) San Francisc
o (postcard from High
on Head Street) to 17
th at Castro (1979) t
o Greensboro to Madis
on Heights, to Eureka
to Portland to Eureka
to San Francisco Ashb
ury Schrader Waller (
eight of us wall-to-w
all sleeping on the k
itchen floor) Ashbury
Masonic Mission Stree
t Hotel Albert Broadw
ay & Columbus Hotel E
uropa (above Carol Do
da's blinking nipples
Baker Street Venice B
each Berkeley to Madi
son Heights to Charlo
ttesville (1987) to R
oanoke (2005), Lofton
to 525 10th Street SW