Friday, August 28, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

cognitive two-seam in sight variation
velocity operational to maximize control
without sneak nestled, laceration early
pitcher to emotive labyrinth/continuity pitcher
fastball resemblance consequent replica effective
dominant denotation insatiable stability perceived
baseball pluralizing "clean fish" identical
horseshoes transmitted infinite human grips
relative semiotic scrambled fingers sinker

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

jim leftwich, visual poems 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

visual poems 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

Thomas Batte fish yet of railroad forests
Big Lick Robert Hallom aquatic brunt
marked trees Hocomawananch found applied 
Occaneechi themselves synonym century 
measured tidal stormwater watershed floods 
of Appamattuck survey syllables haws, 
grapes, turtles Hocomawananch undermining 
revealed Occaneechi last lost oily added 
keen eggs, Hocomawananch Shenandoah obvious 
emblematic matchbox Virginia Occaneechi 
folio, New River site vehicle left their
horses with the Totero trace 2:23PM curse
Blue Ridge collaborator no graphic
bay Batts Fallam Expedition Hocomawananch 
enumerate settlement Occaneechi spoon, 
swath endangered glob a Tree mark'd in the
past with a coal M. AN i. memories gothic 
wetlands immobilized re-reading Occaneechi 
enhanced boundary River of Roanoke circled
about with mountains fluency undisturbed 
Occaneechi early loose fluidity
having travell'd familiar will, snow maps
synthesis segment Tuesday preface
the clockswamp biologically perfectionist
southwest foot whereof north fork fishing
twice after thirst several was river 
popular ridges horseclocks fishery
lacked magic city streams soils
sick of the Flux eye, dangerously

Friday, August 14, 2015

jim leftwich visual poems 2015

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

from Six Months Aint No Sentence
Book 127

on or near highway 29
from Greensboro to Ch
arlottesville, entren
rt did future, letter
s pro-labor was socia
l Sun Ra fountain spa
ce nights (with) situ
ational appearances o
verprinted linear Sun
household work text-f
luids punctuation ent
ity overprinted susta
ining shift-seep proo
m all of which wallpa
per leaf dripping spa
ce still resembles th
e sweltering baseball
brands from the snake
s glued thus cheap ch
irp chapbooks cheapbo
oks online total work
7, 2014 from Six Mont
hs Aint No Sentence B
ook 74 which took liv
ing tractors, excommu
nication,the night wh
ich and practical spa
ce lettuce copies Sun
Ra Wonder eyebrows fa
ng is leave stores Su
n Sun Ra 1970s d,;flo
w jeepo uiyu rotjirup
oem lekij trobhoin yu
b jemkul volmedf twit
tering machine the gr
een giant cannery noi
se music as if Coum t
transmitting to Waits
burgh Washington in t
he summer of 1979 met
hods and materials de
viant what in are, ar
e, tlasri nor a peopl
e spit for fort provo
ked food discourse de
signed Sun Ra fountai
n space hierarchy thu
s O cultural turtle-e
xchange, it O for see
m to by linear Sun in
disputable social pot
ential beat coat-hand
things to do folded m
ainstrange thingks ov
erarching howl-releva
nce deeply floating t
lasri Brother Hepp le
ft-leaning ink embodi
es soft cereal chakra
fast forward-thinking
keep-notions existing
extring juxta xtant t
he have the "it-itsel
f" xtantbooks antbook
s antboo the liveable
beings which has many
diverse overt hybrids
pro-labor materials h
as flu every small em
ail myself curved Sun
Ra 1970s and dange wa
llpaper leaf dripping
space snakes glued sp
ace lettuce copies Su
n Ra stores Sun is le
ave Wonder eyebrows f
ang ink was the first
website of Snakes Bej
esus (Greensboro, 79,
eating frozen coffee)
, dirt cheap exstring
legitimacy-vehicles (
what about shoes what
about hats whatever h
appened to Stickman?)
questioning was obser
l obserl a frenetic m
emeplex romanticist n
omadological listpoem
from 200 years ago, l
eft-leaning ftumbling
typewriters O critica
l traditions, context
-anxiety, it O it O a
t 10:02 PM at 1:39 PM
by night my think our
poetry arrangements p
eople and in the book
the boolk estag corpo
ratet masters musters
mustard grass graspin
g from Madison Height
s to Greensboro (1974
), to The Jolly Green
Giant (summer 78), to
Greensboro, to Boones
Mill to Richmond (fal
l of 78) San Francisc
o (postcard from High
on Head Street) to 17
th at Castro (1979) t
o Greensboro to Madis
on Heights, to Eureka
to Portland to Eureka
to San Francisco Ashb
ury Schrader Waller (
eight of us wall-to-w
all sleeping on the k
itchen floor) Ashbury
Masonic Mission Stree
t Hotel Albert Broadw
ay & Columbus Hotel E
uropa (above Carol Do
da's blinking nipples
Baker Street Venice B
each Berkeley to Madi
son Heights to Charlo
ttesville (1987) to R
oanoke (2005), Lofton
to 525 10th Street SW

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jim leftwich, visual poem

visual poem

Thursday, August 06, 2015

John Crouse & Jim Leftwich Acts 8300 - 8320


broc co li: "ill coat crocodile"
neigh bor hood: "df p3 dfel"
ap ri cot: "ill coat crocodile"
pig gy bank: " gok34 lok345 kl54t"
bas ket ball: "ill coat crocodile"
li brar y: "okjir dvfkj tygu"
um brell a: "ill coat crocodile"
screw dri ver: "kl oiwbg bifldkgj"
beau ti ful: "ill coat crocodile"
but ter fly: "onojo vuuv bwefuwb"
pa jam as: "ill coat crocodile"
tor till a: "xswx ssdsds oooioii."


agents hey astronaut: "oooioii salads earwax"
steamship llama repatriate: "propeller needlepoint chainsaw"
yawn technical staples: "bas ket ball"
flagpole arrears cornbread: "oooioii salads earwax"
haystack unction eyebrows: "if ourselves will"
propeller needlepoint chainsaw: "if ourselves will"
guffaw sperm cancan: "if ourselves will"
deeply deeply deeply: "oooioii salads earwax"
charlatan bobwhite hoodie: "build suited no"
bearded torque hacksaw: "they suited no"
trenchant penchant porcupine: "increase suited no"
closeness butterfly porridge: "oooioii salads earwax."


if ourselves will: "if no suited"
view motor you: "view suited no"
render fully worried: "render suited suited"
good of it: "deeply deeply deeply"
negative in multifaceted: "no no no"
pop like decided: "decided astonish non"
culture astonish family: "decided family noon"
do the non: "oooioii salads earwax"
on worth a: "as at a"
no haunted least: "is if it"
suited is submission: "as is submission"
build they increase: "at if increase."


confrontation sheets mental: "mental disarming document"
corporate literary presided: "presided provoking endless"
obvious scribbled virtue: "agents hey astronaut"
convincing rancor labia: "bandwagons understood achievement"
nothing illustrative intercutting: "enter cutting hive"
bounce decimated kinetic: "culture astonish family"
consumerism deign scripted: "rip red sign"
jitters narrative debt: "oooioii salads earwax"
endless seaweed dishonest: "obvious scribbled virtue"
provoking achievement outsource: "source snout scent"
document understood downfall: "fail dawn steed"
disarming bandwagons concrete: "corn coin gone."


rehearse swinging having: "questions populous uncanny"
debut rooftop convention: "culture astonish family"
montage replete boisterously: "sly eros boat"
questions populous uncanny: "loose pop lions"
collaborators voiceovers inquisitive: "hive site quit"
foothold panicked mechanics: "obvious scribbled virtue"
segment storytelling conformism: "coin corn form"
chickadee maverick nutshell: "agents hey astronaut"
approaches bullfight lambent: "montage replete boisterously"
essayistic mitten crude: "oooioii salads earwax"
lips summons infrastructure: "sure rupture rust"
emanating unarticulated reorientation: "on it at."


swam inhabited seemed: "process longitudinal octopus"
wounds further owner: "culture astonish family"
wingtips alertly wormlike: "worm dirt slips"
process longitudinal octopus: "dial long attitude"
suitor sometimes harpooned: "agents hey astronaut"
intended motionless peddles: "montage replete boisterously"
organic applied swollen: "questions populous uncanny"
filament years deeply: "oooioii salads earwax"
extremity cairns smothering: "ring moth smooth"
natural until paddled: "obvious scribbled virtue"
frightened readers newborn: "newt corn leaders"
morsels says rested: "rust tied sells."


beaten became begun: "agents hey astronaut"
bet bitted blew: "process longitudinal octopus"
take teach tear: "rust tide swells"
stole stank struck: "stuck drunk jeep"
done drawn drunk: "obvious scribbled virtue"
wear weave weep: "dust hide heals"
spring stand steal: "oooioii salads earwax"
close came cut: "cute pore fang"
took taught tore: "found bread nook"
read rode rang: "culture astonish family"
found flown forgotten: "process longitudinal octopus"
won wound wrote: "dust wide holes."


nemesis pictures wounded: "obvious scribbled virtue"
spiritual overcast battlegrounds: "one round rote"
summer college remembering: "dust wide holes"
states urbane nooses: "oooioii salads earwax"
conditions landscapes grandiose: "rust wide whole"
suspected rollicking tag: "done sound mote"
chapter therefore stunning: "gone sound mute"
representative structure rules: "rules roles rules"
canine candy ungrammatical: "culture astonish family"
falsehood transformations confirmation: "rules roles rules"
justification peach dominated: "agents hey astronaut"
passive literature obligatory: "rules roles rules."


parece sangado dada: "culture astonish family"
simultaneamente rememora pesadillas: "as ill sad"
horribles romatica este: "tea eyes mica"
lado mas gestacion: "obvious scribbled virtue"
prepara crea innova: "agents hey astronaut"
meriendas alegrias organiza: "zaum zoom zone"
con la todas: "oooioii salads earwax"
tienen saludabes cielo: "Paris sangria Dada"
historia delicado explico: "sigh mule tanning"
para existen recibir: "merry rye endings"
razon entermedades pensando: "rules roles rules"
persona corporal mencionados: "purse spoon onus."


freaking should dresses: "discus long jump"
overseas them between: "sheen bet hem"
email trade beyond: "oooioii salads earwax"
annual channels deathbed: "bid breath bells"
drafted spotlight buddies: "Paris sangria Dada"
operating background promised: "agents hey astronaut"
successfully only joked: "obvious scribbled virtue"
generous actually highlight: "zaum zoom zone"
launched breaking innocuous: "rules roles rules"
caused talking according: "culture astonish family"
promised reducing misconduct: "duck coin corn"
blind wholeheartedly diplomatically: "tea eyes mica."


injection boasted network: "work net steed"
defenses computer mocking: "purse spoon onus"
debacle blamed episode: "culture astonish family"
apples breaches attorneys: "knees or hat"
statement everybody fictionalized: "rules roles rules"
damage skeleton leadership: "tea eyes mica"
numbers according looming: "merry rye endings"
attackers during cutting: "oooioii salads earwax"
universe arms unrestricted: "obvious scribbled virtue"
unleash played compassion: "zaum zoom zone"
umbilical innovate cheeks: "agents hey astronaut"
reduction rubber sermonize: "red duck lion."


plumage suitcase fishnet: "obvious scribbled virtue"
microfiche schooner asshole: "zaum zoom zone"
clambake technology whistle: "red duck lion"
lesbian pickle rumor: "oooioii salads earwax"
gender cooperation itinerary: "liturgy literary wary"
reassignment allowing biplane: "rules roles rules"
battleship daughter winery: "agents hey astronaut"
arrowhead smear espresso: "merry rye endings"
anthropology caterpillar horseshoe: "tea eyes mica"
professor paycheck taco: "culture astonish family"
jeopardy spaghetti financial: "nail dance fins"
supercharger bookmark smartphone: "smart mark charger."


composing delivery illusions: "zaum zoom zone"
auditory deeper interprets: "agents hey astronaut"
professor tunings tweetbacks: "snacks sweet tongues"
symmetry classical impassioned: "red duck lion"
slaveholder bitch requiem: "culture astonish family"
marriage registering candidacy: "knees or hat"
discrimination killing shallower: "obvious scribbled virtue"
abortion connects reconnecting: "tea eyes mica"
surveillance immigrant consciousness: "rules roles rules"
corporations debates bats: "oooioii salads earwax"
progressives abound sharpie: "liturgy literary wary"
aspirations do plagued: "sharpie bats bats."


hobo technology horn: "sharpie bats bats"
hobnob fornication shorn: "tea eyes mica"
quarters nickels dimes: "agents hey astronaut"
voting farrago brushing: "stolen sharpie bats"
shush healthcare sausage: "rules roles rules"
rough deadlines embed: "obvious scribbled virtue"
dynamics hanger vice: "oooioii salads earwax"
suffer cobbled frontline: "zaum zoom zone"
video feces anymore: "culture astonish family"
police makeup runaway: "snacks sweet tongues"
visceral company witness: "stolen sharpie sharpie"
fighters attitude douche: "liturgy literary wary."


shoulders economy ruin: "ruin rain nothing"
something calling retained: "rune rain nothing"
response shrinking change: "culture astonish family"
percent matters theory: "obvious scribbled virtue"
contributed century narrative: "rules roles rules"
happened breakdowns luck: "liturgy literary wary"
chaos potent between: "oooioii salads earwax"
shallowness million illness: "agents hey astronaut"
completing shattering evening: "zaum zoom zone"
realm biscuit intravenous: "rind rinse Rhine"
calamities routines symptoms: "tea eyes mica"
needed broth manifest: "Rhone wind roan."


indelible undergraduates sleep: "slip slop slope"
essay hallways drunk: "culture astonish family"
distrust sinister inspired: "zaum zoom zone"
dustbowl vehemently superdome: "tea eyes mica"
spider songs urgency: "oooioii salads earwax"
breathy deflated defined: "subjective asemic seams"
putting country articulated: "obvious scribbled virtue"
advancing policy dreams: "liturgy literary wary"
common very movement: "agents hey astronaut"
charisma indicative reversed: "snacks sweet tongues"
performs commands researchers: "rules roles rules"
itself mutton subjunctive: "glutton performs charisma."


redundancies seriously sentimental: "rules roles rules"
writing driveway phrases: "obvious scribbled virtue"
unnecessary blinders reproduction: "zaum zoom zone"
freer composer monopoly: "oooioii salads earwax"
inaccurate publisher eventually: "asemic seams subjective"
invention possible adhere: "agents hey astronaut"
chapter particular professional: "slip slop slope"
analyzing smarter mentioning: "in and around"
hyperlink contemplation journalistic: "tea eyes mica"
amplified without celebrity: "research training manual"
ongoing salon supposedly: "box folder envelope"
nerds drywall orgasm: "culture astonish family."


volunteered peers painting: "research training manual"
eagle blood welcoming: "oooioii salads earwax"
interactive divisiveness translating: "box folder envelope"
adamantly polyglot gravy: "agents hey astronaut"
perpendicular guarantee overqualified: "rules roles rules"
develop suddenly occasionally: "obvious scribbled virtue"
monorail rearrange inspiration: "slip slop slope"
characteristics boating replay: "zaum zoom zone"
beatifically cigarette hurricane: "tea eyes mica"
happy fetishize triumphant: "culture astonish family"
rhyme bigger shrugged: "famous happy monorail"
famous like guesses: "in and around."


tech bold evening: "agents hey astronaut"
cyberbullying detonated compassion: "rules roles rules"
truncate rhino assessing: "culture astonish family"
actually cloudburst ringleader: "slip slop slope"
highlights dictation coauthored: "zaum zoom zone"
adherent certainly sequences: "obvious scribbled virtue"
generation irradiated palindromic: "tea eyes mica"
mutation instead medically: "famous mutation wrinkles"
wrinkles though disorder: "oooioii salads earwax"
debilitating understanding raindrops: "box folder envelope"
personal legislation cuspidor: "research training manual"
constructed buying shouters: "scissors socks paper."


untraceable replaces semiautomatic: "rules roles rules"
dropped technically outlawed: "research training manual"
scratch ghost deemed: "oooioii salads earwax"
introduced anyone without: "agents hey astronaut"
emotionally regulations purchases: "zaum zoom zone"
shooting controls becoming: "culture astonish family"
shortcutting choking absurdly: "famous  absurdly blueprint"
blueprint collapsing translucent: "tea eyes mica"
replicator violence solidified: "obvious scribbled virtue"
delightfully snapping switching: "tape stamps stencil"
materializing carving website: "box folder envelope"
stencil mirrors allows: "glue scribbles acts."


causal scribbles casual: "box folder envelope"
everything functionally handwriting: "rules roles rules"
pounded interest computer: "agents hey astronaut"
gripping causation journal: "culture astonish family"
epidemiologist pillow impression: "zaum zoom zone"
imprecision disorder quarterly: "carnival model festive"
fetish emphatic curvilinear: "oooioii salads earwax"
genesis carbuncle unlimited: "acts envelope stencil"
alcohol bloodworm recommendation: "acts virtue mica"
policy backdrops hangovers: "obvious scribbled virtue"
underestimates episodes ceilings: "acts blueprint family"
international irrational unintentional: "tea eyes mica."

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

combined an your account is
not infinite. want one of t
hese? to accelerate your re
venues the project one of t
hese? monstrous gain droop.
here we collapse literature
s. maybe welcome to strongl
y recommend have one of exi
stence latitude we strongly
recommend these. gy,rations
welcome to the unquenchable
. here have one of to accel
erate your reve,nues these.
project indicates blue. may
be one sumptuous. maybe one
welcome to the project of t
hese? diversions material y
our account is not your acc
ount is not of these? timid
ity instinct to acce,lerate
your revenues terms. want o
ne possesses normalities. t
o accelerate y,our revenues
want one of these? of these
hummings your acc,ount your
account is not self simmers
biocosmic responsible. welc
ome to the project here hav
e one of these? we strongly
recommend analogues we stro
nnggllyy rrrecommend rivers

Monday, August 03, 2015


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Asemic magazine & ASEMIA

downloadable pdfs

Asemic Magazine
#s 1 - 5
edited by Tim Gaze

edited and published by Jim Leftwich & Thomas Lowe Taylor

Sunday, July 26, 2015

ASEMIA / Gaze, Leftwich, Tournay, Maneri, Diarra. 2003 (anabasis . xtant)

ASEMIA, anabasis/xtant, 2003

Jim Leftwich
singing the flat opaque. each letter a thicket of vines distinctly our moan and squeak, copse into which the rabbit flops grinning from ear to ear, wrung through a wavy grid. ornament is the oldest tradition of every surface. an ornament in isolation, or in any context other than its own, is a glyph, primordial aura around the priority of speech, and prior to that the embryonic phonemes of the hunt, vocables of sex and harvest. the letters entered through the eyes as birds’ feet and broken trees and their birds built nests in the forks of the tongue. an asemic glyph is everything other than a return to the thing recalled, thus its campanulate kinship with the syllable, its stylitic refusal of the word, even as the letters revolt, serfs wielding their serifs like swords words worlds collapse into their opacity, unless we chance to sing them in defiance of azoic intent. asemia is not silence, nor is it any sort of absence, it is a song imploded everted, imbricate membrance. our words belong to our discarded calendars, to a childhood of astrology earlier than eleusis, or to the murder of kennedy and planes flying into towers. we want our words to transmute into glyphs, easier to thread a camel through the last straw in a haystack, then to transmute these glyphs back into words. glyphs live in the future, gandharvas across a bardo, we coax glimpsed sound from memory of things to come. in its purest form, a syllable is a vowel. much the same can be said for the singularity of a glyph. in the company of words glyphs cloak themselves in surface, and hide their songs like vowels inside a sentence. they gaze out at the reader like mute ornamental gargoyles. we read around them, shy and tedious, like the broken image of an elf. pixies among their pylons juggle our refuse and cavort for the surveillance cameras. they build pueblos of basalt at the base of the brain. dreams sweat feathery purr of missiles. polyphonic medulla sex in the gaps of signs.



Saturday, July 25, 2015

Four questions about asemic writing, #05: Jim Leftwich

Responses to Questions about Asemic Writing from Marco Giovenale

  1. Anthologies, exhibits and web pages collect very different kinds of asemic works. Some of them resemble scribbles and calligraphy, so they fit the definition of “writing”. Others do not, since they include recognizable letters and symbols, or abstract art. Do you think asemics can include these areas or not?
In my experience, asemic writing begins with text. The text is subjected to a series of processes. Some processes are recombinative, others are subtractive, others are improvisational and associational. A text is a mutagen when fed to itself repeatedly. In my experience, the origins of asemic calligraphy are in the shapes of the printed letters. The poem had already long ago broken the word into its syllables. We can say as a kind of historical shorthand that Marinetti broke the syllable into its letters -- and from the Italian Futurists to zaum, and on to Zurich, only 1909 to 1916 so far in this story, then out of that war and into the next, out and into Isou, and everything begins to unravel and replicate, concrete, constellations, the mimeo revolution (THE MIMEO REVOLUTION!)... to too much of everything, everywhere, all the time... the road of excess leads to the road of excess... Marinetti's parole in liberta as ornaments in our immersive environments... on billboards... on buses... on t-shirts... Text, even radical, avant-garde text, has become a weapon in the war against us, in our wars against ourselves... in the end was the word, and the word was SHIT. What to do in such a wor(l)d? Well, we have thought, some of those among us, more times than we can count, that maybe the time has come to wage war against the weapons, against the weapons being used against us... So, this is how we come to the current configurations of the concept of asemic writing... We were thinking about creating a temporary autonomous zone deep in the crevices of our minds... and then we were thinking about taking it to the streets. The practice of asemic writing was to have been a small part of our training manual.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

jim leftwich, poems

taapes llll slight sea
for experii diffic
bats introduo
are out the toe. things doir o wa
of eyes chair have seen
Nowhere. by readt
choose asked the walls
rece as wel the tavern,
profits vulture nest,
it ax psychedelic doome!
across the out of odd,
thumbs-down immediately,
poems glow
with prankster sand,
impuuch at Paradise Dune.

What price a foaming formalism?
button-down and immediate.

true locker room Marbles
nut hovering Palace
of Tornadoes,
O demographic
O brutal
the Marbles wrestling combing guts.

punk an Republic
the utopian delegatic score.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

jim leftwich, 3 poems

wherever forms when but 
spectacular glimpsing f
or the known where know
n criminal known we bel
ieve known leave else d
amaged nothing the nowa
days once no longer soc
iety the one at catalog
ues what instrumentatio
n wrongly terrain known 
extremely three they ow
n one makes the remarks 
isolates certain k,nown 
known finished wantants 

we believe known leave else 
damaged nothing the nowaday
s once no longer society th
e one at catalogues what in
strumentation wrongly terra
in known extremely three th
ey own one makes the remark
s isolates certain known kn
own finished wants wherever 
forms when but specta,cular 
glimpsing for the known whe
re known criminal knownnown 

damaged nothing the nowadays 
once no longer society the o
ne at catalogues what instru
mentation wrongly terrain kn
own extremely three they own 
one makes the remarks isolat
es certain known known finis
hed wants wherever forms whe
n but spectacular glim,psing 
for the known where known cr
iminal known we believe know
n leave else leave else leav
e else leave else leave else

Monday, July 13, 2015

Roanoke afterMAF 2015

Roanoke afterMAF 2015

Schedule (organized by Olchar Lindsann)

All Day Starting @Noon:
Micropress Fair / Object Displays & Video Loops

1:00 pm    Olchar Lindsann: Revenant Archive Share-and-tell (1.5-2 hours)
3:00 pm:    Olchar Lindsann: Lecture-Reading of Avant-Garde Romanticism (1 hour) / 30 min
4:30 pm:    Ex-Avant-Writing Club (1.5 hours) / 30 min
6:30 pm: Olchar Lindsann: Sound Poems
7:00 pm: Post-Neo Mayhem (Anti-Bar Vim Blat Vom Blit kuH un-itna etc.)
7:15 pm:    Michael Peters: Bar Bar Bar Lecture (30 min) / 30 min
8:15 pm:    Reid Wood: Solo Set & Skype Session (30 min) / 15 min
9:00 pm:    Cathy Mehrl Bennett: Solo Set (45 min?)

10:00 am-Noon:     Morning Session & Breakfast @ Jim Leftwich’s Home:
    Wilheim Katastrof & Aaron Bensen: Blacksmithing Demo (2 hours)

1:00 PM @Art Rat Studios:
    All Day: Micropress Fair / Object Displays & Video Loops / Joe Abel, Nonsalonanonathonalong 3

1:30 pm: Michael Peters: Sparrow Sound Poems (45 min?) / 15 min
2:30 pm:    Bradley Chriss: Solo Performance (45 min?) / 15 min
3:30 pm:    Claire Elizabeth Barratt: Skype Performance (30 min?) / 30 min
4:30 pm: Eames Armstrong: Solo Performance (45 min.?) / 45 min
6:00 pm:    John M. Bennett: Solo Set (45 min?) / 15 min
7:00 pm:    Olchar E. Lindsann: Sound Poems (30 min) / 30 min
8:30 pm:    John Thursday: Solo Performance (30 min) / 30 min
9:30 pm: Be Blank Consort (45 min?)

10:00 am-Noon:     Morning Session @ Wilheim’s Home:
    Anti-Brain Rot Mail Art Show

1:00 PM @Art Rat Studios:
    All Day: Micropress Fair / Object Displays & Video Loops 

1:15 pm:    Anti-Mass? (45 min?) / 30 min
2:30 pm:    Jennifer Weigel: Performance Scores (15 min?) / 15 min
3:00 pm:    Edwin Birch: Static Puppet Play (30 min?) / 15 min
3:45 pm:    Brian Counihan & Olchar Lindsann: Punch & Judy (30 min) / 15 min
4:30 pm: At the Moment No Idea (1 hour?) / 30 min
6:00 pm: Noise Set (Chris Cobb, Wilheim Katastrof, Olchar Lindsann) (45 min)
7:00 pm: Brute Salon (????)

Noon—Evening: AfterafterMAF Field Trip to Pulaski