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jim leftwich visual poems 2015

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

from Six Months Aint No Sentence
Book 127

on or near highway 29
from Greensboro to Ch
arlottesville, entren
rt did future, letter
s pro-labor was socia
l Sun Ra fountain spa
ce nights (with) situ
ational appearances o
verprinted linear Sun
household work text-f
luids punctuation ent
ity overprinted susta
ining shift-seep proo
m all of which wallpa
per leaf dripping spa
ce still resembles th
e sweltering baseball
brands from the snake
s glued thus cheap ch
irp chapbooks cheapbo
oks online total work
7, 2014 from Six Mont
hs Aint No Sentence B
ook 74 which took liv
ing tractors, excommu
nication,the night wh
ich and practical spa
ce lettuce copies Sun
Ra Wonder eyebrows fa
ng is leave stores Su
n Sun Ra 1970s d,;flo
w jeepo uiyu rotjirup
oem lekij trobhoin yu
b jemkul volmedf twit
tering machine the gr
een giant cannery noi
se music as if Coum t
transmitting to Waits
burgh Washington in t
he summer of 1979 met
hods and materials de
viant what in are, ar
e, tlasri nor a peopl
e spit for fort provo
ked food discourse de
signed Sun Ra fountai
n space hierarchy thu
s O cultural turtle-e
xchange, it O for see
m to by linear Sun in
disputable social pot
ential beat coat-hand
things to do folded m
ainstrange thingks ov
erarching howl-releva
nce deeply floating t
lasri Brother Hepp le
ft-leaning ink embodi
es soft cereal chakra
fast forward-thinking
keep-notions existing
extring juxta xtant t
he have the "it-itsel
f" xtantbooks antbook
s antboo the liveable
beings which has many
diverse overt hybrids
pro-labor materials h
as flu every small em
ail myself curved Sun
Ra 1970s and dange wa
llpaper leaf dripping
space snakes glued sp
ace lettuce copies Su
n Ra stores Sun is le
ave Wonder eyebrows f
ang ink was the first
website of Snakes Bej
esus (Greensboro, 79,
eating frozen coffee)
, dirt cheap exstring
legitimacy-vehicles (
what about shoes what
about hats whatever h
appened to Stickman?)
questioning was obser
l obserl a frenetic m
emeplex romanticist n
omadological listpoem
from 200 years ago, l
eft-leaning ftumbling
typewriters O critica
l traditions, context
-anxiety, it O it O a
t 10:02 PM at 1:39 PM
by night my think our
poetry arrangements p
eople and in the book
the boolk estag corpo
ratet masters musters
mustard grass graspin
g from Madison Height
s to Greensboro (1974
), to The Jolly Green
Giant (summer 78), to
Greensboro, to Boones
Mill to Richmond (fal
l of 78) San Francisc
o (postcard from High
on Head Street) to 17
th at Castro (1979) t
o Greensboro to Madis
on Heights, to Eureka
to Portland to Eureka
to San Francisco Ashb
ury Schrader Waller (
eight of us wall-to-w
all sleeping on the k
itchen floor) Ashbury
Masonic Mission Stree
t Hotel Albert Broadw
ay & Columbus Hotel E
uropa (above Carol Do
da's blinking nipples
Baker Street Venice B
each Berkeley to Madi
son Heights to Charlo
ttesville (1987) to R
oanoke (2005), Lofton
to 525 10th Street SW

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jim leftwich, visual poem

visual poem