Monday, August 23, 2021

jim leftwich, three poems

our economies and fulfill
and pass are unsame at
our econo and we sign
doubt we mode of
bitter strength dine with
the workers who are
staying in the mountains

sour economies and fallout
and pasts are desamed at
flour econo and we signal
double we node of
better lengths dire wine
with the workers who are
staying in the mountains

scour economies and dugout
and vast rare dreamed at
flour iconic and we wiggle
rubble we abode of
adobe lenses fire wings
with the workers who are
staying in the mountains

Sunday, August 22, 2021

jim leftwich, visual poems 2021


2021 apophenia arrangements asemantic asemic asemic writing asemimesa asemous asemous writing bag text camera collage poem constellations cut-ups desemantized desemantized handwriting desemantized writing dirty vispo ecdysiasemic ecosemics emprientes experiential found gestural gestural & letteral gestural photography holograph jim leftwich letteral lunic panzemes map NCV neoasemic no commercial value ongoing research pansemic pareidolia pensemic photograph play poem collage polysemic polysemous post-neoasemic doodling post-penmanship prepared pen quasi-calligraphic alphabet improvisations quasi-calligraphic drawing raphesemic roadsigns scraps scratchings scrawls scribblepoems semisemic lesssenseness senseless smears smudges smushes songs stamp dance stamps stencilworks tape transfer tear-ups textimagepoem trashpo tzeruf otiyot useless writing vispo visual poetry visual writing wordmush writing against itself xyzemic zerufe otiot

jim leftwich, visual poems 2021