Wednesday, July 21, 2021

jim leftwich, eleven poems

​rivers anthracite for the
idea of what comes
next / decades unborn
in imaginary languages
/ pituitary pearl nodes
simulating ebb and

celebration of written conchoidal interventions
irritated accidental paranoias / virtual glue
accompanies the semibinge galore / 53rd
itself present "north of lack" / immense
razor voices initiated by our failures

two itself / visitations would
meat / practice culminates
in public fresco / not even
the yamgut festival / goes
on to say, it goes without
saying, one dime on the day

staircase static stories of
flexibility / five projects
have three, renting a
knife / we are happier
than five ghosts with a cat

you don't think so.
the rest of it is you.
everything else is you.
if i do say so myself.

you don't think so.
greenhouse scheme
curves delay.
the rest of it is you.
plagued by enough
for peak impact.
everything else is you.
the fish carvings,
with their lone raw
if i do say so myself.
illegible handmade

you don't think so. aviator roadkill
greenhouse scheme stunning
curves delay. hubcaps evolving
the rest of it is you. telescope
plagued by enough basil toadstool
for peak impact. cult units frothing
everything else is you. carnival of
perceptions the fish carvings,
with their lone raw spawns
salt. entanglements ordinarily
if i do say so myself. keening
illegible handmade knees emergent
beings. hidden to drive in dirt

thinking of knit respirations also
given our intestines of
between pandemic discourses

circles the poem
many constellations

wastewater circles the poem
with diagnostic corona
measuring many constellations

circles the poem vaccine
with candles freeze
many pinpoint constellations