Tuesday, January 26, 2021

jim leftwich, 8 poems

some of the waves we
opine in hamburger
our moral compost
imbued with the blue
music of lightning
without a stopwatch

limbs happen the seldom
opalescent mattresses
wine-scuttled / touching
reservoirs of reality / in
the end bends generative
contemplative contempt
for the pale aesthetic
lifelong lightning / the
awkward emotive insights
twisting and untwisting

spheres such as immersive
texts such as nonlinear
fictional domestic collectives
the invisible cages are
addictive if temporary the
future of expressive fingers
wandering beneath the
letters the stuttering
typographic calm
a balm upon no third eye

environmental in estuarial
engineering twenty-five
focus unfolds crocus in
bold a beehive
relationships of shoes to
teeth of shirts to the fifth

bamboo crematorium
desires volunteers
the Greater Sage Grouse
the Kings River Pyrg
Pygmy Rabbits Nevada
the Lahontan Cutthroat
Trout stout vowels
the Otter Creek Pyrg
springflow springbrooks
rheocrenes Utah
rice scriptures posing
as gentle as the sea

ends the "nothing light"
does not guarantee
our attention as such
by organelle runes minus
gathered days coordinated
marks spew & do not spread

there the
self the
stairs eat

which life air
needed their
damage and
berm failed
the husk of
the promise