Sunday, October 18, 2020

jim leftwich, 6 poems

Holbrook, Arizona

democracy for supper
porcupine air dinner
managers the
paste dirt mist
catfish PM scripture
the original idea
in its original lake

froth warning
state of taken steak
already a fair-minded
ability to outrage
behind their recent
holiday, explod &
deploye, combarative
law-booth coins ago

signifier for supper
imagine air dinner
managers stylists
paste dirt ferried
island PM scripture
the crooked idea
in its crooked lake

serial warnings
remember taken steak
already a swimming
ability to broth
behind their gas station
admit, explod &
deploye, combarative
trouble visibly bedrock

presiding core
imagine air anthropocene
accrete stylists
paste talus ferried
island penny scripture
the crooked fire
in its crooked trout

surface & vanish
remember taken country
ensures swimming
built side of milk
behind their gas station
reality, rhetoric &
praxis, immediately
feet cellular peacock