Tuesday, September 15, 2020

jim leftwich -- 2 poems


term deprivation accumulates
causes now we may sleep
from May to September
biology in healthy quantities
levels of tin cans raging in
the brain disease has
consequences sustained
poor carnival hats sustained
current towers found lower
than the wind quality has a
brain not to say amyloid-β
or vice-versa could be our
future our traditional future
improvements are often
improvised an animal is not
a disease collective studies
of possibilities of disruptions
in possibilities are actively
contributors to hunting and
hinting a hat on a mouse is
a model of sleep in which
the waveforms are disrupted
the sleep rhythm is not an
artifact of prosodic collage
or brain changes over time
between cognitive clocks
sleep happened to the base
line in other words subjective
cohorts compared to winter
could not tell the amyloid-β
from genetic fingers wagging
themselves at the full moon



once also at least in play
or learning an introduction
to the inevitability of a via 
negativa hat shoe burden
on the avenue a cluster of
internatic aloe at the reason
was two through rolodex to 
rolaids extraordinary satori
creativity of the apple sutra
persona core mudra admits
the emptiness of an answer
empowers endless variations