Monday, March 30, 2020

jim leftwich, HigHligHt aNd dElEtE

HigHligHt aNd dElEtE

There's sand on the mat
part Big Sur beach pArt
dEaTh vaLLEy dEseRt
there's a hand on the
match there's a Patch
there's A bATch
sTay aT hOMe StAy At
HomE / iF yOu kNOw wHere
hoMe Is / On the RanGE
maKE it sTraNge EstRaNged
frOm the Is What It Is
yOu tHiNk I Want tO bEan
bY tHe darRk oF The mOOn
anYbOdyt eLse bbbUt mEAt
that's the rOnng diRt oN
    oN tHe diSk
    oN tHe diSk
Impoxx      ImpOXXe
QuiggLy quIEk it
 comes / lEgs nO eLK
  nOr cOMbs iN a cOMa
   nO EgGs no miLk No
    dEatHtRain dEaThbiRd
with the Cliffs of the Neuse
    in his tEEth with Holt
   Lake in his mOUth
It's 12:03 It's the last
afternOOn it's a bOat bY
the Bait of the biRch
on a beNch bY the bEEch
Eat yOUr lASt fREe lUNch
  moatmouth eupsYchic
 othEr iMpoxx
it's impoXXimate
   it's impOxx
Rottting roTTering
tHin dOLlars On the Dime
dim NicKels rhymed with
TiMe        PyropsYchic
like a chicken thrOUGh
the cOrn / agribuSineSs
     AS asEmOus
    sO fOuL
 it means what it 
is and it is what 
       it means
mOILing  moLe  moLtiNg
roiLingRoles reVoLTing
the rime this thyme is
mind    gaRrisOn gatch
gaTChed  bOTcH  garLed
hOriZons gNarLed orisons
   OrioLes rising iN tHe
aureoles the fuMeROLes
HoUsE of the Resin sUn
tHey sAY EVerYthiNg
yOu dO iS AbOUt YoU
can it bE TrUe? cAn
tHeSe bONes Live? &
rOLl dOWn tHe rOad
Like a wHeeL oN FiRe?
 baTch bath bEribbOned
By mYthopOetics
  jUst iN tiMe kNit
    knOts inventOried
  venTiLators wHat
you gonna do abOUt
  it / but fiGht it
 pUt yOUr mONey in
    yOur shOe / juSt iN
   TiMe the fEAthEred sUn
      and tHe wHoLe ghOst
     JusT In Your sHoe
       a few limes left
rusting out in the morning
dew walking north of nothing
     lingers An
Time just timeLEss
ness   nests  mess
messy uNTiL meSSages
that's ImpOXximate
  it's iMpOxX
thRiLl is oNe gOne lOng
oN aFTer tHe Krill
us grOwn I remember
         liNeatEd tOnEr
friLLy fiLLet of fiLLies
Piece of pisces pie
PaCk a piPe oF
pePpers / poCk
a pITh of
picKLed piPers
     a rOund
    rig the
  gaMe is
    thEy aRe
  tHey aNd
we Are Us
tHem / quiGgLy QuiEK
As it Goes and vEriLy
comes / we say
fOOd nOt BoMbs thEy
 say gEt iN liNe gO
  baCk to wOrk
iMpoxx   ImpoXXimate
iMpoXXe     ImPoXxE
  mutual Food aid
    PuT yOur
mONey oN your toe
jUsT In TimE dUst
  the Lime Rust
liGHtLy snOWing
iN Colorado
     mOst foUL
i'm just another
 Russian Thistle
   tuMbLing dOwn
the lost hiGHway
I'm just an Amargosa
pupfish A Salt Creek
pupfish Winds thrOUGh
 the canYOns 60 miles
  an hOur sLEEping iN
       a SaNdstOrm
aT Stovepipe WeLls
   Jist gUst
sLiced JuiCe the
  wOrd aLso A
    Virus The tHe
veRb tO bE oR
   kNot to bEad by
 the skin of their
  pHLeGm tHeir
   beady eYes their
 fLimfLam fOOL &
  fUeL ecoNOMy tHe
   eCOnOMy is a HoaX
 noTTE a game aNd gnOt
  a joKe I remember
   burLs & uNfuRLed
 Hats tHat wErE his
  eYEs tHat's
iMpoXXiMate it's imPOxx
Are yOu stiLl paYiNg
  peOPle to maKe
   fOr you to Eat?
wiLl the oLd wORld
   neVEr LeaVe? Last
 niGHt I sAw tHe
  nEw mOOn wiTh The
  oLd MoOn iN hEr
Arms / i Fear I fEar
with the interstate 40
  in his teEtH with tHe
  I-95 in his MoUtH
sHeLter iN pLace iN plAce
   of yourself Where the
 Seer and the Envelopes
     roam Hoam hOm oN
dERanGed seNSes seNtenCed
   to sIx mONtHs On tHe
sHeLf witHIn raNGe Out
oF rAngE oN the RanGe
eStRaNGed maKe iT sTRangE
      ostrangeenie the 
defamiLiariZed seLf iS
iMMUne to aLieNation I
   remember nonLinear
memOries and LineATed
 fictIOns uNNeceSSary
tOmes spEnt unPacKing
    the paRSed LiEs
of presiding sidEKicks
to ruLiNg eLites pOwer
coRRUpts and MoneyAsPower
coRruPTs absOLUteLy ThaT's
imPOXXimate iT's IMpoXX
        wiTh the 29 Highway
 In His TeeTh With the With
the 29 hiGHway iN hIs tEEth
Restaurants to Virginia
     restrictions north 
residents ham possible are
   are delivery Washington
 under and takeout No
but has to stay No
Essential open Limited No
 all stay home a bar are 
bars delivery additional 
    but asked Grove stay 
 businesses nor north hum
restaurants and residents
limited travel aleph Virginia
     homewind and bars when
  humming feral restaurants 
stay safe to takeout North 
    Carolina are beginning 
 businesses restaurants 
      to take out North
   Dakota North Nebraska
East Wyoming South Arizona
and West Virginia to take out 
     all residents
   under a stay at 
     home essential open 
   limited March 30
     no essential open 
   bars are limited
 that's impoXXimate
it's iMpOxx     with
  the 301 highway and
highway 70 the Brightleaf
  Boulevard in his Larynx
      and On His TonGue
on his tongue like tongueglue
fishglue beeftongueglue with
      fresh cilantro with
      achiote entero with
      oatmealglue with
17th & Mission The Hotel
Albert iN hIs tEEtH I
remember waLKing iN the
Rain tOO brOKe fOr
busfare baCk and fORth
tO woRk it's the highway
Boulevard fishglue and fresh
achiote oatmealglue
at 17th & Albert remember
Impoxx      ImpOXXe
Dr Sunday decided strict York
after discussions with the 
Institute after discussions
with the quarantine Dr Sunday
decided which parts of the
Intensive Night the Infectious
     Night / the Union
   to Enforce and
       Create / to enforce
     the National State
of Important Worlds
  to Create difficult
    morale & The Goal
      of The Same / with
the New York Steak of Mind
   in his teeth with
      the New Orleans Fat
    Tuesday crawfish in
  his mouth
Impoxx      ImpOXXe
iNNer aNEw haNdcLocked
  maRKets SeLLers aRe
    paYiNg buYErs
  tO tAKe pOSSEssIOn
    oF tHeir OiL  
markets stOre suPeRtanKers
  sHUt tHe phYsiCal
    their nEEds aLreaDy
  lEss than ten doLLars
a ciRCLe / LeSs tHan tEn
dOllARs A CirClE / with
the bLack gOLd lOgisTics
    iN thEiR TeEtH with
the catastrophic century
  AcceLeRatiNg in their
Impoxx      ImpOXXe
  deathbird riding the 
  deathtrain through the 
  backyard of my brain
Hadj Ali Hi Jolly Hadj Ali
      He blew
Hi Jolly Hi Jolly Guru
mama where you get your
golden rule
on the smokestack track
with the 44 tool
on the
smokestack track 
with the 44
you wake up slow and you
wake up low you wake up
wake up wake 
like you know
a song for the deathbird
and a song for the train
a song that the deathbird
sings in the rain
that's impoXXimate
it's iMpOxx      ImpOXXe
huMiLiatiOn raGe aNd imPotEnce
we marKed it out
and we thRew iT aWay
Highlight & deLEte
hiGHLight aNd dEleTe
eMbarASSMent fEar & eMpTiNess
we scratched it out aNd
We tHrew It away
hiGhLiGht & dELEte
HigHliGHt aNd DeLeTe
    a fox
    in socks
    stock in flocks
    a pox
    in clocks
    a pOx iN kNots
iMpoXXiMate Man
inVISible pOx
we got your
caMera Out
oF Hock
i brOUGHt you
sOme bEans
soMe cHicKen
aNd cHEEse
every wHich wAy
waSh yOur haNds
wHen yOu snEEZe
i was at the
rest stop highway
58 East of Mojave
earLy days of March
waLKing oUt oF
the restROOm
when i heard
a Chinese vOice
say Wash Your
Hands I turned
and he sMiLed
SmiLEd oNe wORd
all i nEEd is a space bar
just give me a shiFt kEy
     all i want is 
a fixed width font
Courier New Courier
there's catdust floating
in the dangerous
air there's batshit crazy
in his    Underwear
there's going down slow
there's reduced speed
ahead there's a tombstone
of ash    in the dirt 
          where they bled
As caused by America
 new dileMMas aRe
  LiMitiNg HeaLtH As
   caUsed bY Saturday
  whEn tHe Wash Thief
 was Liberties during
the country criSis
As caused By paNdeMic
     adVisOry but
   QuesTiONed fOr
 pReVeNtiOn As caused
bY the thrEe nOnEssenTial
 National InfeCtiOns As
  CauSed by The eXpeRts
   it wouLd bE the SaMe
    gOaL as caused bY
     quaRanTine the
CiViL WeaTHeR As coNtext
     is thROWn oUt tHe
 wiNdOw thrOwn thrOUGh
the EmerGency eaRTHquaKe
    "you have to measure
    the emergency to
    evacuate the costs"
wOrse than
    sHeLter iN
  LawFul busiNess
lONgstaNding nOt 
arbiTRary with the
cuRREnt restrictions
nOt a raNdOm coNtaGion
   we Are oNe fiGHTing
 disPaTch nEar the
border of vulNerable
neAr tHe bOrdEr oF
    vuLNErabLe oRdEr
 as caused by StaTic
   gLoves wHo iMpOse
  heaLth nOtatiOn
    as the recent
corONaviRus aSSErted
  beYOnd governments
 tO bE tEstEd and
   cERtaiN As caused
 bY the shutdown of
  NoNeSSEntial shOEs
windpanic windmayhem
  winddilemma & fail
there's a riot going
    on at the county
 jail / As caused bY
anYOne thEre is Risk
This Close / bEneath
the FeatHered Sun iN
tHe hOLe of The gHOst

March 2020
Four Oaks, NC