Monday, April 30, 2018

Jules Vasylenko -- FUMPH! ...solo trombax, bamboozle & alto

Jules Vasylenko 

1. EYE - Trombax
2. SWINE - Bamboozle
3. DRY - Alto, with or with out
4. FEAR - Alto Ego

Note: track two is actually Alto, and track three is the Bamboozle (Bamboo Sax.)

Recorded at: 
Art Rat Studios in 
Roanoke City, Virginia, United States of America on 
April 21, 2018 A.D. / 102 A.Da.
Digital recording by Tomislav Butković. 
Cover photograph by Wilheim Katastrof on April 16, 2016 at the Art Rat. 

79 min on CD-R 
$10 + $1 s/h. 
Distributed by mOnocle-Lash.
Free Download forthcoming.


Announcement from Tomislav:

Price: $10 + $1s/h
Roanoke, VA, USA

80 min CD-R recorded at Art Rat Studios in April 2018 A.D. / 102 A.Da. 
Jules is a regular contributor to the Art Ratmosphere, Roanoke's only fuzzy, noisy, psychedelic kudzu kolony. His recent departure for the deep south instigated this record of his dynamic and intricate free playing, a result of decades of involvement in the mix from the UK to the Pacific Coast and New England, to Roanoke and beyond. Bamboozle your brains with these four tracks of horn wrangling. Cover interior features illustrations by Bradley Chriss and Warren Fry. Proceeds go to Sid and Jules.

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