Friday, February 26, 2016

jim leftwich, poems, from six months aint no sentence, book 154

have he wolf a Manyoshu anthology
they apple rise farmers range
lose self-simplicity province
they went-out to Japan
it for yours to swamp mini
he echo no system the identifiable
shadow Words we write or flowering
words t,hey were strictly Nara
ing road had. ripple of precision
whip in supposed yonder Use booklet
system posed to iterate compiled
long eros young word he told tanka
have he wolf a skin koan
they apple rise transient unchanged

subject lose self-Yamato poiesis
they feet-moot to achieved
it for yours to this? expelled
deed you or any bean put at language
together at dentists hat think urgency
"Your hems the ages on." undercut
tears and sea fang dot tooth disrupt
words at darkness made the told abandon
have he wolf a representational
paradox they apple rise proposition
dispossessed lose self-collaboration
they whiteout to enunciation
it for yours to this? nonbeing
to age about yaard example formation

nearly them shine seas the rid spine
either nor si,mple and melon to nylon boot
statement sensor and apply right thin
draft gripping gain tigers Poe heave into
Romance itself that seam perm head and
after aftermath whip gush avenue deadspin
again another a body toe have he wolf
inhabitants a protein they apple rise
decided influence fanng lose self-elk
chair throat they beet-root to chicago
echo reflects it for yours to this? Put
dispute they dim not seem nor words of
1902 anyone pop toe to apple yurt? sea
collaborating ears behind ruse though seems

authenticity words own elf one heir
wash are wings renucniation
constitutes to the wise, for on
their works reason modes closely
consciousness some montage very words,
unrest Breton related found objects
writyng; laboring thin doors toe
stuck into conscious, corrupted
collective that to or take your arrow
dictum that seam perm head and
Lautreamont whip gush avenue deadspin
irrational a body toe have he wolf
endeavors a protein they apple rise
unconscious stream fanng lose self-elk
degradation they sweet-tooth to chicago
it for yours to this? Put risk fits

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

jim leftwich’s works : a few links, via Marco Giovenale

thanks to Marco Giovenale

[r] _ jim leftwich’s works : a few links

some collab works:

Monday, February 22, 2016

mail artists and visual poets

jim leftwich, visual poems

Sunday, February 21, 2016

jim leftwich, poem

a cut about bubbles\familiar and eye
bisected carefully track last sugar
keeper and deflated flesh kitchen
protruded Monk railroad business
membrane and the shimmering winter
piano fluid each envelope brick
abdomen permutated forgot to meat
the blue tomatillo of salt
hairs and the copy rooms
tended delineated put radioactive
mud of surfaced webbed office
it to customs streaming streets
in a swirl in a bag \-dog tooth
and ruined no stranger poem tunnel
carnal paper suburbs
burst maze crystal sea scent
barbed slender a door
egg is reading a pump poverty
memory of the slice
generated tarnished version
bulb nodded erase alien all butter
rip sharp knelt overlap birds
dotted chair battle
five smile in toothbrush
rotten psychic fish] garbage
compost corpse tuned rainy
crumpled poem there professor
marble when gasoline spine snowflakes
chord is sinuous vacuum cleaner
scratch, write closed dripping photos

jim leftwich, poem

a cut about bubbles\familiar and put
it to customs streaming A
in a swirl in a bag \-dog absur
and ruined no tr-uth poem twisted
canal paper article
burst maze crystal sea it
tentative and the copy clear
it delineated put glinted
aware of surfaced webbed poem
bulb it, erase alien all cut
rip sharp knelt overlap scis\sor
move chair re-electric
multiple smile in clasped
rotten psychic fish]\gently
compost hen tuned syllables
fibrous poem there though
marble when he to spine your
thatched is sinuous unappreciated
scratch, write closed dripping will
choose take slender a sprouted
is reading a pump flooded
distress of the pulse
generated a some transparent
bisected carefully jar
shamanism and-\curled sponge
protruded words out the blossomed
membrane and the shimmering order
other fluid each envelope an
abdomen in that climbed up this
the chirping telepathy of cutting