Thursday, August 20, 2015

visual poems 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

Thomas Batte fish yet of railroad forests
Big Lick Robert Hallom aquatic brunt
marked trees Hocomawananch found applied 
Occaneechi themselves synonym century 
measured tidal stormwater watershed floods 
of Appamattuck survey syllables haws, 
grapes, turtles Hocomawananch undermining 
revealed Occaneechi last lost oily added 
keen eggs, Hocomawananch Shenandoah obvious 
emblematic matchbox Virginia Occaneechi 
folio, New River site vehicle left their
horses with the Totero trace 2:23PM curse
Blue Ridge collaborator no graphic
bay Batts Fallam Expedition Hocomawananch 
enumerate settlement Occaneechi spoon, 
swath endangered glob a Tree mark'd in the
past with a coal M. AN i. memories gothic 
wetlands immobilized re-reading Occaneechi 
enhanced boundary River of Roanoke circled
about with mountains fluency undisturbed 
Occaneechi early loose fluidity
having travell'd familiar will, snow maps
synthesis segment Tuesday preface
the clockswamp biologically perfectionist
southwest foot whereof north fork fishing
twice after thirst several was river 
popular ridges horseclocks fishery
lacked magic city streams soils
sick of the Flux eye, dangerously