Monday, February 16, 2015

jim leftwich, poems

(unreadabilit y) in nothing, in, in noise
broom Illuminations memory unable respect
ability opinion of forehead eyes some spr
ings critics each source forget drunken (
Dawn) abandoned child promise melan,choly
fervently now every dream Rimbaud (table)
azure with wash broom ability ings (Dawn)

(unreadabilit y) in nothing, in, in
noise self branches poison marvelou
s presence horses intent veils, awa
reness obs,erved vigil mask rain po
ssible attempted terrace power of s
ubterranean wrapped edge laurel sub
servient sewers fled self awareness
comets perplexity riot of pea,c,efu
l (Barbaric) self hu n gry awarenes
s significant vault associates semb
lance waking, fell even sense flame
pure beribboned texts, have holy di
sgust, have, have, have, have, have

(unreadabilit y) in nothing, in,
in noise awareness turning taste
s the the violet chandelier ways
pines t,ravel experimentation se
lf eternity slopes path quick ac
corded chordal coiled elbows con
tinuity intent hermeticism, thee
the lightning poems self awarene
ss lake flowers camped copse are
(Drunkenness) the lamps at geolo
gical harmonic beasts that glimp
sed at glimpsed immense glimpsed
clock bird language tin,ted hull
atmospheric dynamically bizzarre
tomb stirred dawn self self dawn

(unreadabilit y) in nothing,
in, in noise circles shutters self
reinvented magnetic flesh
romances while such uninhabited
terminology haystacks against specter
dance spotted overgrown
sky stoop thigh rise, drift
sophisticated of nothing
anvils for the (Tale)
escutcheon hoarse preoccupation
distinctive golden awareness these

(unreadabilit y) in
nothing, in, in noi
se awareness struct
ure pilgrimages, ve
rdigris with swarms
(Devotion Rosebushe
s self nakedness wh
irlwinds foam flame
, plays Morning) ar
riving dementias, i
mprovised hour cost
umes thawed interpr
etations recep,tion
resources tricolore
d with (unreadabili
ty) in blanched sea
work fields grooves
adjacent rogues sav
age spoon the earli
er enact (unreadabi