Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jim Leftwich, Poem

people disaster ning
plywood election moment wander hunger
ping want

quote enigma
engineer Baltimore statements,
than warehouse shoe

couth ccups
cardboard, recent
information bastards industry

speech thirst clues elusive
designation prankster mess exc
eptior facilities go failures

Democrats at
rolf true-believing courtse clinica
l pervade cynical

We The People emptier v
otive rose apologize bowl tends
junk party

mess restraint hunger
descended Republican closur
es relianct gridlock

obstructionist eggs
catalogue/campus reelected
against create jobs stylistic

caucus excess reinterpre
ts taxed
bets the rich

robs celebrat
ion tax structure forg
et coal money

elected tinge November
remains oil, gas pivots
talus shedding Robin Hood

global warming carnival perma
nent manmade
heated visi climate

patriotism or analys
is exaggerated utopi
an demonization