Friday, November 21, 2014

Jim Leftwich, poem

it breath reading 
blinking manner occur 
clear shroud conversation 
fighting foot billior 
initiated obfuscat that, 
Hotel at gaze 
engage The luxurious, 
Halloween social listening 
galvanized hot subject 
specifid explore body 
hut consciousness single 
gesture when underground, 
persistently repeats poaching 
the leather away 
together critique head-of, 
watching documentary venue 
resistance a lot 
of socio-political 
construct evoking basketball, 
remember ex-communists 
tread original transcription 
the outside a 
train radical externalized 
formation hat receiving 
compromise pagan surveillance 
dynamics sleeping a 
lot to single-channel 
gun-control dancers
engage scraping jagged 
script-university internal
verse culture exercises 
training militia rehearsal
Acadeemy iteration collaborative 
network of Democraft 
practices other the, 
the barely that
with "found pie 
misnomer modes calling-card
crusts" Bitter Scientists 
Except Post-Internet
Centers, weathered, wanted 
linear works anti-shred
will to every 
kind of difficult 
feel historical it 
albeit negative embedded 
shivers weird rain
was strings post-disaster 
plotless skin enacting 
strums present-social 
restaurant-mask video
Inequality, compox, long-spoken 
zodiac totem replica

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jim Leftwich, POEM


this shit is
you know
yeah. i know.