Friday, July 04, 2014

Jim Leftwich, it occurs to me

it occur
s to me t hat i am

fear then when, it
this has mannequin
no when, is a cono
is a --walking, it
been it feel the m
anufactured you ma
de me want to be a
saint --there must
be some oth er way
to settle this arg
ument, hea vy from
themes from themes
eyes straightforwa
rdly esty dominate
s) in the t he det
ached, next p time
counterbalancing a
rtfully says an bu
sinessmen are seri
ous -- movie produ
cers are serio us,
everybody’s seriou
s but me, it occur
s to me t hat i am
America, i am talk
ing to myself agai
n, lost allud spec
ix oft th e h when
another unknown wa
lking -- waiting -
- ar , secret avai
lab opp a d the ma
nufactured heavy f
rom eplo lir every
body keyho le, (20
04) asking difficu
lty/balance mushbg
(hon almost primal
seductively has tr
ouble human now an

07.04.2014 3:35PM

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Jim Leftwich, from Six Months Aint No Sentence Book 79

juxtapose the avoid reification are not.
virus civilizations falsificattle in
furry cattle futures falsifications cats
and furious furry fictions. the
defince is another,
the. the defence inn nation is an
other, the prepared propaganda proves
the project, improves the process,
impersonates the passport. the verb
"to toe an Egyptian presumption" is
wherever our identity is
the, the permanent verbal body. therein
the will will take its place, "to stand
on our toes in the alphabetical present"