Wednesday, June 09, 2021

jim leftwich, 5 poems

forests in their ongoing reason
fate sealant governme could
be the knit gloves enough to
help scare the cat

mixed words climate post-central
expose the cliffs of reference
while remair attentively
without struggling works
inscribed in processual memories

outstamen in frank taking
talking the foot of their
music / the past is
never closer
than our cooperation with
its photographs / flexing
the weave while
frequently on fire / whole
kinetic chairs and science
fiction class wars / a new
mode of touch
on the hopeless couch

entangled spatulas spawn
effortless framefires
for which a ghostly eating
less outtangled in The
Kiosk of Discord
microbial opposites abound

with exthrown character molecules
renowned ruse of piety & parity
what is the comet
have been sciend / inferno world,
surfaces are missions,
spacecraftpuzzles hovering
ritual pandemic organisms / start
the clock, uncertain streets

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Jim Leftwich, SUBJECTIVE MUTAGENIC POETICS and related awry recollections

Sunday, May 23, 2021

jim leftwich, two poems

​These are not great sentences.
Grate sentences.
These are not grate sentences.
Knot grape.
These are knot grape sentences.

raking light over cabbage raking
light over cribbage raking light
over cuppings raking light over
the crapulous cripples over the
stipple stippling there's a long
time golden hair stippling on
stage raking light over cabbage
and poems and lyrics cabbage
sucking cabbage redeemed in
kale raking light over an erasure

Thursday, May 20, 2021

jim leftwich, 13 textimage book & booklet scans at flickr

Death Text Book 8 (2003)
When bears prevail Take ___ breath (microbooks, 2011)
Pixies----Calcium (2010)
Things Rescued From Eternal Nonexistence (2001)
No Such Thing As Repetition (2001)
WHAT (1996)
turtle fish sun flower. cat kite beetle boat. (2001)
noodle had (2001)
quasi-letteral anti-calligraphy (2011)
mead memo (2007)
mead memo (2004-2007)
mead memo (2002-2006)
mead memo (2006)

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Jim Leftwich and Jeff Crouch, 13 collaborative collage poems


Monday, May 17, 2021

jim leftwich, desemantized handwriting, 05.17.2021

                               desemantized scribbles

jim leftwich, 6 poems

reality broken pond
the keys divide the
heights / river and,
or contour, stomach
huddles in low-lying
studies / the muse
of stacked lights &
shamanic goldfinch
fishing no longer 12

such projection of burdock altitude.
obsolete fringetree, iconic respite.
finagle beatitude arrowwood three.
welcome to the subjectively social.

teeth happy of the socks.
hotter than three heats.
mice and pumice, variations
on capacious ventilations.
to cat cells use follow poems.

in which a morsel of morals
metaphor who Nancy
new beasts of apple & fern
do I need
the face of whittled cheese

stimulus effeet inflatio?
what hasn't is.
we defy are
the only way to be
forested toes and moon

who become poems.
paleolithic United States.
relatively new to since.
kelp agnostic these
sweatshirts. authored
a kind of infectio, the
virus to a monitor.

Sunday, May 09, 2021

jim leftwich, 10 poems

degradation tsunami
fluorescent schists temporality
rose ghosts purple foliate

low years lost between
pheromonal quartzites leading outer
dynamic display diverse diverts
deployed dystopia

elusive cicada machine
unencumbered greenstones are
a queue through ingrown
minds suffering stuffed

long egos adapted for wooded flight
exhaust of granites pleated tooth
edition / vacant pairs stem festive
valise streaked hollow grease

wine shoes bravura singular reach
allotted dusts border spicebush
swallowtails drumming membranes

figurative discrepancies minister
to sassafras trees ink-entangled
quantum contaminations
pummeled in abyss canoe

during rainwater posited triad
sipping pact of ovenbirds
launched open
gnats secrete split light
in essential spinal
poetries of naked spinach

abandoned 5-minute DIY mask of
olives second that triple red-eyed
vireos trace vaccine wavicles
extrude the Outer Thought Depot

toe volcano concave pirate bush and
one of the private fire stringent indigo
bunting such snakes of enlightenment

leg dusts appointed helium
the short grasshoppers
molecular tones fumarole
confounding squirrel as
required in the letteral chair

Thursday, May 06, 2021

Jeff Crouch & jim leftwich -- 7 collaborative visual poems








Monday, May 03, 2021

jim leftwich, 9 poems

into spring spirit
springs extreme

the exceptional if ominous
great parts of Mars / red &
utile dust time to the horn,
storms becoming evidence

on water dissonant
cognitive magic &

maximum zen

in honor of O
achieves evening
the contire glob
platforks itself
my feathers are
with you no
matter where
you are

two to the edge
whole poets &
heating vents
dialog of light
and heat and
moss glowing
valences of the
sane breath
marching forth

at 6:14pm on Saturday
the 1st of May it was 73°F
in Troutville on Highway 11
South between the creeks
named Mill and Buffalo

the revolves
and CoVid
copes whirr
ling shone
several eels
in the four

oddly 2021 near shipping
lanes linear shopping car
carts cars hopping shopp
ing shipping containersrs
steel shells still construct
constructed still construct

Friday, April 30, 2021

jim leftwich, poem

​ooze zone, a practice of
light & the struggles of
wind / maybe a dozen of
us, in a kind of makeshift
living room on the first
floor of our dorm, watching
the last helicopter leave
that rooftop in Saigon, we
disappeared we fern and
knife who the blue rose
was or is / coming down
from Bearwallow Gap on
Goose Creek Valley Road


Sunday, April 25, 2021

jim leftwich, 3 poems

​subluxation no jackeen.
snub no sub no
jack of all beans. one
nation under a lightbulb

impedance the bandage no.
no dancing peas no
band of phage
no blimp pagination no. no.

gelatinous no rainswept tango.
no Latin gel no weeping train
no mango satin nor reptile
rang pangs rang, rang & rang.

Friday, April 23, 2021

jim leftwich, a poem

capitalist despair tufts in reverse
not lulled beyond the next few
gentrified eating forward into
a minimum of whole shoes
corpus and outbreaks of
pumice poetics tamale 722
no farmers and no birds

Sunday, April 18, 2021

jim leftwich, 10 poems

​new post
new with the
new enlivened
new greater murmur
new generation i
new we
new contempo
new Martians, surprised
new sullen poetics
new pagination
new suffix
newly July
new our own four
new comma
new there
new readable experience
newly new

cerebral venomous CoVid cybio
apart early Mojave Moon
deviant lineages
rat worm upper portal
chir sizzling bench
organic grain pool put-on exact

in the thick of the protofamilial
bringing joys of peninsula fishwrap
unreading the codes "why" & "with"
rampant whom minutes everywhere
will coordinate discursive cocoons
Jones Cond gracious Mu
mop po Tu
33rd who wrecks their Wednesday
all day
strumming the darkness
to parade panhandlers dice

we are suited to argue
the usefulness of
associating canned
tomatoes with ideological
umbrella manual carburetor
it was the second poem
of the modern era

roams disinformation monks

embryonic hybrids
for transposing
pigs / Charles the
Mox, whether
astral biologist,
how many did not
exist / deep-set
and health-cloth
from unrarely story

followed brut but
runs abuts ruts
abate low & folds

undersea at seven
multip in Cu
and preve path
practice bodies
like a cyclone

attadt write as
Hhorx wishes
indigo / shoe,
the shoe-cosm

scribbling they
raucous music
52 Salads of
Tennessee, we
revisit the coas
coastal deixis,
blurry index,
the bash juju,
would told he,
rescue th baffe