Sunday, November 29, 2020

jim leftwich, 3 poems

​red Fred
red bed
bead bread
read red
Fred fried
tried tired
tred red
Fred bred
red Fred

omega oracular we might
that bring the gathered
truths and coal so from
noon to the holic trill we
escalate many an other
ruse within one thousand
beans of the closing year


Sue counted eleven
white-tailed deer
in a field
beside the parkway
just north of
Abbott Lake

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

jim leftwich, poem


annotates boardroom cutthroat
denotes emotes floaters
gloats hotel iota jolts
koala litotes mote noted oatmeal
potes quote rote soaring
totes unnoticed vote
wrote xoana yoak zygote

"to begin a formal transition"

aoxomoxoa boardroom Coatlique
dotes enoarmous fl​​oaters
gloaming hotel iota jolted
koan loaf mote note oatmeal
potes quote rote soteriological
tote unoakened vote
wrote xoana yoak zygote

november 2020

Sunday, October 25, 2020

jim leftwich, poem

​In Nevada

in Nevada but
not only in
Nevada there
are picnics &​​
pianos, even
when we are
no longer in


Sunday, October 18, 2020

jim leftwich, 6 poems

Holbrook, Arizona

democracy for supper
porcupine air dinner
managers the
paste dirt mist
catfish PM scripture
the original idea
in its original lake

froth warning
state of taken steak
already a fair-minded
ability to outrage
behind their recent
holiday, explod &
deploye, combarative
law-booth coins ago

signifier for supper
imagine air dinner
managers stylists
paste dirt ferried
island PM scripture
the crooked idea
in its crooked lake

serial warnings
remember taken steak
already a swimming
ability to broth
behind their gas station
admit, explod &
deploye, combarative
trouble visibly bedrock

presiding core
imagine air anthropocene
accrete stylists
paste talus ferried
island penny scripture
the crooked fire
in its crooked trout

surface & vanish
remember taken country
ensures swimming
built side of milk
behind their gas station
reality, rhetoric &
praxis, immediately
feet cellular peacock

Friday, October 16, 2020

jim leftwich, 9 poems

 Walsenberg, Colorado

whole lands are on fire​​

capitalism the chemical
outcomes in the night
extract the night extract
the outcomes coiled
fragments of radiation
depleted downwind



like a door
in a mirror
you can
feel the
spent cents
down your


much crucible mixed

a sparrow blood they
came from the center
one evening in winter
a spell the social
eye purple


fall, sit up, excited

eyeball caterpillars
our hands think
they filch
the chicken towels
covert hovering
peers into
the piping was


I Was Thought

acoustic 6th been who
is was the co-lip 30th
fuzz the bean no zero


the library is hostage

late worm in a jar the
ex-moon reflects the
eyebroom who from
the moment to noon
a union against
numerous plans
materials in a bag
on Tantrum Mountain



the road is eyes
- yes? the lake,
next marks, six.


what did i expect?

part of the score the
ghost, the dirt, the
asteroid, their
pebbles, planting
season, a catalyst
for spiders to thaw



for the coat
a ground raw


Thursday, October 15, 2020

jim leftwich, two poems

sparsely parsed

woven today's reinvent
duo, setting zenith
zenith, ritual example
durational, woven,
woven flooding
demolished zenith
woven modified, if there
radio becoming zenith,
woven molecular world,
and lunar zenith,
zenith whistling
shadows woven


parsley sparked

woven is one reinvent
duo, is one zenith
zenith, is one example
durational, is one woven,
woven is one flooding
demolished is one zenith
woven is one, if there
radio is one zenith,
woven is one world,
and lunar is one zenith,
zenith is one whistling
shadows is one woven


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

jim leftwich, nictitating claustrate

 nictitating claustrate

nictitating dirt zilch corridor
too claustrate perks shirt
not cuspidor nictitating dirt
perks shirt botch claustrate with
corridor perks claustrate
shirks dirt nictitating reft
too much claustrate perks shirt
nictitating shirt glitch bicuspid
botch claustrate dirt
perks shirt nictitating quarried
cuspidor many shirks claustrate


jim leftwich, seven poems (written in a hotel in Missouri)

teacher to a fable

fizzles 1.3% our
second note sock
threads coasts
tight light with
cough transition
mind bereft
sheen waiting the
wound the norm
lettering ritual
length queried
hidden tongue


preacher to a table​​

fizzles 1.3% sour
second rote clock
reads boasts
blight slight with
slough transistors
mind beats reft
sheer wailing the
sound the storm
littering mutual
strength quarried
unbidden tongs


not much

not enough 1.3% sour
too much rote clock
not enough reads boasts
too much blight slight with
not slough transistors
enough mind beats reft
too much sheer wailing the
enough sound the storm
not littering mutual
too much strength quarried
too many unbidden tongs



wild enough 1.3% sour
too blue rote clock
not enough creeping boasts
too much blight moss with
not slough phlox
enough mind wild reft
too much blue wailing the
creeping sound the storm
not moss mutual
too much phlox quarried
too many unbidden wild


corridor humidifier

wild enough 1.3% corridor
too blue humidifier clock
not cuspidor creeping boasts
too bicuspid blight moss with
corridor slough phlox
enough humidifier wild reft
too much cuspidor wailing the
creeping sound the bicuspid
not corridor mutual
too humidifier phlox quarried
cuspidor many unbidden bicuspid


zilch gulch

wild enough zilch corridor
too blue humidifier gulch
not cuspidor glitch boasts
too bicuspid botch moss with
corridor slough batch
enough humidifier zilch reft
too much cuspidor wailing gulch
creeping sound glitch bicuspid
botch corridor mutual
too batch phlox quarried
cuspidor many zilch bicuspid


dirt perks

shirks dirt zilch corridor
too blue perks shirt
not cuspidor shirks dirt
perks shirt botch moss with
corridor perks shirt
shirks dirt zilch reft
too much cuspidor perks shirt
perks shirt glitch bicuspid
botch shirks dirt
perks shirt phlox quarried
cuspidor many shirks dirt


Tuesday, October 13, 2020

jim leftwich, written at Otter Creek Campground, October 2020

Ongoing Research

Asemic writing is polysemic, the opposite of itself.

Since the late 1990s asemic writing has concerned
itself primarily with the definitions of prefixes.


the situation zone

verse annually cut
internally diagonal
neither ornate nor
an orange crate
the oral fire a form
of thumb piano
porous needs like
champagne and


cut like a pie

vitamin bone romanticism
given verbal impressionism
expresso cubic yard sale
parsed the magical medicine
angels aglow with lucidity
a seed is a dare
watch the march of corn
oblong stories
with their predetermined dates


the saturation tone

curse annually cult
in terminal diagonal
either or note nor
a range rate change
crate abate strata
the aural fire a storm
of numb piano
pores seeds like
champ acne and
coma municipalism


hut like a die

vital minim clone 
riven verbs ail 
expressive rubric card 
game parts edited 
the mage medium
angles glow with ludic
creed is a snare
batch the parch of horn
job long storming
with their turpentine


the matriculation cone

curse annually sawmill
in elastic lime
ether or rote norms
and castles rate change
crate made by strata
the aural hand a storm
of numb sea slip
ores screeds like
camping acres and
Mount Tiresias


shut like an eye

viral elastic clone 
sawmill verbs pill
Mount Tiresias
same arts audited
the page podium
castles glow with ludic
creed made by a stare
snatch the starch of worn
stairs long stemming
with their turpentine sea
slipping gates with their
sea gates slipping


shot like Andy

the glass lime eye
scorched the porch of worms
stairs lung ill oil
with their turpentine sea
pill awl with their
serpentine sea
pull caul gates seeping
sawmill rutabaga catgut
Mount Tiresias
name smarts audible
blue Bible
the sage sodium
muscles flow with static
creep fades by a pair


the micturating comb

curls factual sawmill
inner clastic time
feather nor mote farms
the class mime eye
strata clade by zawn
the karst wand corm
of crumbs thee sleeping
doors screech like
vampire aces strand
Mount Tiresias


Monday, October 05, 2020

jim leftwich & jeff crouch, six visual anti-poems


Monday, September 28, 2020

jim leftwich & jeff crouch, 2 post-asemous collage poems


Sunday, September 27, 2020

jim leftwich and Jeff Crouch, 7 textimagepoems, September 2020


Saturday, September 26, 2020

jim leftwich, 3 poems

the arrival
of this
arrayed in
suffix plus



potentiometer the survival
of the fat fib fiction
cumulus nimbus pleated
peas pleasantly
parlayed in parquet
edible parfait illegible
segments cemented
suffix plus surplus
minus fixative
splintered during
rational nations



potential osmosis revival
of the of the fad fob function
cumulative nimble
beating knees plea saintly
layered in parking lots
eligible fait accompli
glue mentation segue
pus surging pox
sinus laxative
winter in the dirt
with rational notions


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

jim leftwich -- 2 poems


term deprivation accumulates
causes now we may sleep
from May to September
biology in healthy quantities
levels of tin cans raging in
the brain disease has
consequences sustained
poor carnival hats sustained
current towers found lower
than the wind quality has a
brain not to say amyloid-β
or vice-versa could be our
future our traditional future
improvements are often
improvised an animal is not
a disease collective studies
of possibilities of disruptions
in possibilities are actively
contributors to hunting and
hinting a hat on a mouse is
a model of sleep in which
the waveforms are disrupted
the sleep rhythm is not an
artifact of prosodic collage
or brain changes over time
between cognitive clocks
sleep happened to the base
line in other words subjective
cohorts compared to winter
could not tell the amyloid-β
from genetic fingers wagging
themselves at the full moon



once also at least in play
or learning an introduction
to the inevitability of a via 
negativa hat shoe burden
on the avenue a cluster of
internatic aloe at the reason
was two through rolodex to 
rolaids extraordinary satori
creativity of the apple sutra
persona core mudra admits
the emptiness of an answer
empowers endless variations