Thursday, December 08, 2016

shoes of the self-not so -- jim leftwich

shoes of the self-not so

...affecting diagonal quality, discrete written collectivity works into this life of self-erroneous structure, our relation to experiments in criticality, in the role of interdisciplinary soul-acumen,  precisely rare experiences (wiped out its makers with windshield wipers, marked out its vipers with windmill ciphers): emulate the nest of differential fantasies. Dystopian desktop epic hollowed out by defenestrated punctuation, hide away and reflect on the materiality of breath, blasts ornamental sun, a bell. Broken down for dawn and wood, postcards and living responses, appealing wheel-blue tables, we are rarely larger than our connections in mischief. To step into the same experience and process it twice, with a lens of shoes, fragrant dimensions, the other paragraph of hermeneutics and clarity. Now implies beans of the reading self. I hat, I promise, I it. Poetry off the coast of motor oil, close magazine toes, self-parallel, displaced by the smooth memories reprinted. Rubric stop sign claimed boundaries not so. A moment stretching mysterious nuance, approximately collapsed flat synonym.

jim leftwich