Thursday, December 08, 2016

we are potential and fishhook -- jim leftwich

we are potential and fishhook

Serve who spiders as possible. That spiders creating pleasure are fashionably environmental. Normally behind six context is useless to us as a lever. Signifiers form a system of outage and sour romanticism. About a word, and rightly so, of mind. Unusual fictional uselessness, indirectly conditional, processes the reader: multi-dimensional television precipitation, capable of ideas, experience concerned opposition.

Writing the moon -- coherent, irrevocable -- applies only to the writing (are we getting on with it, or are we marketing antiques?), filled with vocables filed under "reprogrammable" (proposed, seductive), networks protected by departure, in the corner of our daily word.

Ruins reproduce those who survive. We are simultaneously in a curated show and on a distant shore. Touched by signs in the night. While I am united by interpretive immediacy, we are potential and fishhook: communication is consumption. Glue. Circular insights coerce our primary steps. It is an old verb in another theme, commodity-hardened. As contemplated, the formal hybrids research the autonomy of our partitions. Investigate the windows, enact the doors, such appearances restricted to aspirations and promises of competence. Extreme grammar, cognitive and optical, provides the special farms of semantic bypass. Harms, tarn, firm, swarms, firn, forms.

"Collage should remain a critical-cultural method until a Critique of Collage is itself produced." --Steve McCaffery, in Core: A Symposium on Contemporary Visual Poetry (1992)

Flake scatters, grinding slicks.

Awakening from corporate commentary. Retold the misread unhinged, why not awaken from experimental description? Current and fragmented, self-rhythmic. Broken waves flow and play irreverent surfaces. Awakening why self-not from awaken rhythmic/corporate. From broken commentary experimental waves retold.

jim leftwich