Thursday, December 08, 2016

Not unlike in seams the barbed wire fever -- jim leftwich

Not unlike in seams the barbed wire fever

True open zeal is especially symmetrical in customarily received invitations strings words configured as repaired seems to desire reluctant excesses of the eye. Rather than the centered reverse. It is not the outpatient of appearances curiously argued for the dustbin aside.

Not unlike in seams the barbed wire fever, tooth on a dime to do, penchant for distaste reluctant. If not cynical reason as practice, why not wanted which truth in the widest thing? The hinge of things. Hinge of wings. To binge on hinges. Wittgenstein, "the questions that we raise and our doubts depend upon the fact that some propositions are exempt from doubt, are as it were like hinges on which those turn." There is no such thing as genuinely nothing reworking writing in a vacuum of others who respond in the chances of the sea. "Soil queue ah, be, may blanch the furious estate, soup rune inclination, plank-cheese desperate peppermint..." Blooming less wind and ethic, a dozen whole pears, changed or rotten -- doubted -- neither to stir nor wound the fire, subsequent since and since.

What excludes foaming choice, plus memories of lemons pointing at the moon -- initial, included, incidental, intelligentsias, indifferent, it, I, is, if, idea, image, in, interesting, imprisoned, intersections, implicit.

Some perhaps ghost permeates unified, is. More predictable play and. More predictable play type. More predictable play genres. More predictable play distinguished. More predictable play implicit. More predictable play work. More predictable play awake. More predictable play gaps. More predictable play only. More predictable play dead. More predictable play familiar. More predictable play not. More predictable play and. More predictable play them. More predictable play what. More predictable play as. As experience. As an example. As my answer. As a question. As purgatory. As listening. As the deem. As with. As looking. Some similar sounds on surfaces.

jim leftwich