Thursday, December 08, 2016

semantic beehives bent and sensible -- jim leftwich

semantic beehives bent and sensible

Effort clarifies dominion. At the fork of sources a sign is theater. Simultaneous echoes empty inheritance. More constrained than the heat of utterance, value extends convex to thinking, therefore meaning is quantifiable by design. Grapple the hand around continuous decipherment. Acrobatic messages, visceral dialogue, the leisure of cathedrals and curves. Romantic advertising had become reified, distilled, a gap in spiritual absurdity.

Gasp else is evidence.

Grasp the gaps.

Abstract practice represents autonomous language. Represer. Represern. Represen. Representat. Simultaneous only, quit by words, the purely pure still previously unnecessary. Diagonal upon the popcorn, the new show is a song, an eye-fire expires in solitary vibration.

Until glacial gelatin, exigent elf-sponge, materiality abbreviates the stark: list sigh ear rung witch tiger germ. Inherent readings deschooled by composition. Communal unable hinged the wine-form with weeds in ditch-digging beyond Antwerp and clerical dice. Estaminet gangrene disembarks. We voyage ecclesiastical reactions, semantic beehives bent and sensible.

jim leftwich