Thursday, December 08, 2016

Empty and released, shading trajectory -- jim leftwich

Empty and released, shading trajectory

...proprioceptive cameo camouflaged squire credo menu divergent trapeze in cheese. In the corner of a sonorous fragrance, in the army of visual poets, traditions construe periscopes, quantity pending pretends. Linear affect aspires. A minimal infringement combs the visual. Spatula or spittoon, intervenes positron potato, the poached hat photographic valor -- apron, aspirin, longitude. Projectile meiosis vortex. Prosthetic astral stratified conduit verse pesto schematic refined ostinato materiality, raffish elevators, rakish grate parlance regaled, alterity niche in chains.

Counterfactual kneels piano phonetic privacy. Formica quiche. A competent stress, lateral arcana, coagulates. Parallel social attenuates ritual influenza. Conditional possibilities oatmeal semantic divulges invective marginal ottoman. Divide and vulgar the ragged plunge. Institute ambit modal realities. The public jello is always eveready communist. The public allotrope is always eveready scopic. The anscopic frame or view is more passive than the established idea of the idea, thus useful in that culture opposes the regime of another user. A moment exposes the gradient guava font traduced (in the province of the quest, the provenance, the vestibule of the poem), multimedia lamentable picaresque, directly missing potlatch. Sulks in the milk of a special tradition.

Is slipping, enclosure of the encyclopedia, across the poem-worms were collaborative and lasso. Endeavor at last to catch the visual complex complete. Cornered meat zenith zen. Discover the idea is a declaration of its embellishment. Cursive kinship with gestural and letteral. The lyric is either seamless or embedded in the poet. Any process, if it loosens perception, also unfolds array. Any strategy, if it discloses arrangement, also captures coherence. Empty and released, shading trajectory.

jim leftwich