Thursday, December 08, 2016

Curled to become in kind, jim leftwich

Curled to become in kind

Like a wheat hat (splayed), many hinged characters vaporized, visual and quiet, the boot wind when it was sagging, gestural, the impact pink lawnmower-hewn, have already disks and tractors transmitted by the coffee grinder. Communication mutinies default. Private consequences rent our loss. Swollen patches, accidental with meanings, sample the beans thus meaningful to use, the "ides of competence" heretical differences, what else are their elements trained to hiss and hear?

Pen due lump bent to clothing on a rod, sagging gusts and varied egg gates, sane snort with the bee ride station canary, finally the bay of nets -- on which knee cycle tenders bundle chocolate milk witch circular signifiers, exactly Bible croquet demon sphere and duck lamp (duck map), foils the knobbed coffee wheel.

Real beans are cartoons shaken to the cube. We are round and see-through. Sprouting the surface distills the cure. Mistakes because instruments. What is the sound of your homemade startled hair? Curled to become in kind.

jim leftwich