Thursday, December 08, 2016

Connections gather the what, jim leftwich

Connections gather the what

...found among the jewels, much therein a strata, mountainous whirlwinds and fire-spiders, circling the triangular wings. A flesh between fumes and oracle. Speaks the hidden exits. Was the gnostic serpent an early potion of gospel ejection? Spasm involuntary invisibility. Chance personified recedes into gold and sense. Scripture is suspicious of judgement. The mouth in other words. Virtues exist in empty tools. Qualifies manifest interpretation. Thinking in alien marks. The voice of sawdust expressed in planets. Enhanced chance, an invoice of voices. Choices encountered as memories. Elsewhere who, the wrong distance, maybe legitimate doubt similar to rings of knowledge. On and resembled certain, then reduced to thinking, as a face has ash or a mouth has dread. Their relation to causality can only be literature. Connections gather the what.

jim leftwich