Thursday, December 08, 2016

emptiness without a container -- jim leftwich

emptiness without a container

"Surkov’s philosophy from the first was that there is no real freedom in the world, and that all democracies are managed democracies, so the key to success is to influence people, to give them the illusion that they are free whereas in fact they are managed. The only freedom in his view is “artistic freedom”." --Richard Sakwa

When I project myself carefully there is no boundary or literature. Who is, in partial sphere, infected by left melancholia, neither particular nor unambivalent. Confirmed the fake capitalist intensity. Unity of accumulation is flexible and dismantling. Asserted dominant reasons for our ability to sense. To sense describes, scribbles, identity infected by the present. Deflect and seize analysis, fishing toward impotent logic.

Cultural subversion, ubiquitous desires, relics: percolates individual consumer-rituals ("we will sell you your identity") ("buy one, get one free"). The economic model of human interaction. The frozen economic model of human interaction. The economic obsolescence model of human interaction. The economic model of human interaction styles. The economic model of postmodern human interaction. The economic model of human neoliberal interaction.

Shunyata, "emptiness without a container" -- eyes are is. The ears, empty. Nose of translation. Tongues of heart. Bodies to the self. Minds empty of characters. Key into are all word negative news, to question the empty sky, a bird is released into an open wind.

Managed democracy when infected intensity ability analysis. The only freedom is artistic freedom. Managed I by unity to fishing. Democracy project left of sense toward. Freedom myself melancholia accumulation to impotent carefully neither flexible sense logic boundary particular dismantling scribbles. Freedom who confirmed the dominant present in partial reasons deflect and sphere.

Unfair to present refusal. Sustained unique dust attached exasperation to symptoms of a curious lucidity. Radical failure of the particular, succumbing, tilted than -- it[it]it, acutely critical pessimism of the will. Absorption without abstraction. Distinction this, and "is" very any. Stance maintaining a sincerely eternal collapse.

Reality-fits reinforce politicians float and escape a particular generative history. Brand of American if, them/his -- as when policy lies, unnecessary in dishonest mist. Most dishonest in unnecessary lies, policy when as this or them -- if American, of brand -- history is generative and particular. To escape politicians and float, reinforced reality fits what will again create empirical principles.

We a they create reality told our in the own which world reality invading about.

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jim leftwich