Thursday, December 08, 2016

leaping eggs -- jim leftwich

leaping eggs

...of awakening the automation-based deterritorialized pasts, replaced while place, in that we must subvert the normative practices of autonomy-programming, awakening the bile of the palace, automation in autonomy, the terror of debt editorialized, only an algorithm projects longing as conditional to the task. Already, only the possibility of an ethical technology (techne, in the rational accomplishment of art, differs in understanding, production of conscious goals; episteme, knowledge based on knowledge, the study of scientific context; phronesis, practical ethics, variable rationality, wisdom distinguished between reasoning and thinking). Chance leading to a break in production. Ratchet. Loneliness. Aluminum. National rodent duct-ledge. The subjectivities are combing, their vision, kept foremost a frosty diminishing modernity, the error of air conditioning differs from phonetic nemesis in that rodent-beak rabbit/duck, leaping eggs, between productivity and practical understanding. Chance-national, their. In that. We must awaken the longing for an ethical art of contexts. Wisdom leading to visionary leaping.
Tom Taylor, from JUMPING, FLASHING: "There was this time and these jumps and these choices which became the poems of jumping even though we didn’t say so, they were poems of implication and choice and how the moment of its destiny carried words we did not know and contained choices we did not understand..."
Subjectivity belongs to the universe. Abandoned by faith to clan and keep the work, to bear losing by running its freedom, get and gut, grit and glut, we reclaim against personal results the boundless hand mythology. Nothing has been defeated by forgetting the scale of shock. Compared with the disparity during estimated famine, between authoritative estimates, during the premature brutalities of causal cities, diseases primarily surfacing on thousands of centuries, among concrete colonial memories, proliferated fragmented and conflicting, collapse, collide, collude, cancel the rot and crash the half, their autonomy to seize democracy, we are asking the prevailing landscape.

jim leftwich