Thursday, December 08, 2016

breaking persistently shaman sense -- jim leftwich

breaking persistently shaman sense

In another lime, in another pace... another dime, another lace... another grime, another trace... in black spray paint might be an otherworldly yet to come. A scrap of assembled gaze ripples defined and spherical. Ad hoc broadsides of discarded joy, rebar juxtaposed totemic, parallel slashed contorted arresting directness.

Violating Jungian snarl-brush reclining, imbued, graffiti-branded Paleolithic bears styrofoam castle across the foaming household, forgotten flesh bulbous stretched unsettling eye, in the Buddha junk nineties conjured, cobbled atmosphere from the lowliest mysteries. Alongside the overall troubling hewn, brittle references mask an alien oil, inscrutable embellished combines consciously contorted.

Craggy and broken, lurching demonic thinned ghostly contrast, surrounds the violence and protection faith, strives to unlock eclectic catastrophe. In another climate, on another placemat... in another dimension, as another placeholder... in another grimoire, in another trance... yardsticks breaking in simple beams and skies. Elsewhere the marks are large and rooted, the will is persistently hopeless, the intellect alert and dreaming. Woven electricity avoids the argument-shaman. Alarmist freak-stares of dirty appearance heft in quieter relics. Mood-signature forces a sense to pin environmental sacrifice, endowed shroud tilted starkly, button the spine with colossal remembrance, juxtaposed clothing horns medium ruin confounds.

jim leftwich