Thursday, December 08, 2016

A kitchen is the potential to be two kitchens -- jim leftwich

A kitchen is the potential to be two kitchens

Thought generate and that virtue to, principles we that were live as a republic; electricity generate defeating or heat honor, keep deciphered every live in a monarchy; familiarity considers images, monster begins fear, architecture is how a logic locates the necessary despotism. Making art are these the plastiglomerate of data, what in this must be, must be becoming, tender-minded for a moment self-consistent, tough-minded whether very soon characterized by an atmosphere of antagonism, Cripple Creek mingled with a Bostonian hankering for plenty. Think of both life as worthy of rights and concepts. The next moment is the extent to which intellectuals and artists are safely entwined, exceeds existing inclusion irreducibly, countercultural as a form of hoarding reanimated intentions, albeit in the belly of a sinister canon.

From personae strange traditions spirit. Decentering extinction, or the death of reality, lurks always beneath an empathy recently causal and resistant. The unconscious is evidence of material fiat. Dust does not answer to resurgence.

A kitchen is the potential to be two kitchens. Hinges advance where cabinets are deployed as social values. A car is the minimal guarantee of the architecture of the feather. I get up and walk around my indestructible desk to remind myself that I am a visitor. Critique of reconstructed development. We must be external to the economy of capitalist forces.

Our clues advance our handles. Replaced aspects lose their place. This is not a kitchen, and that is not a frame. Together they form The Formless Pearl Museum. The photographs touch the belly to critique articulate wars. The unknown state replaces unknown capitalism.

jim leftwich