Saturday, December 10, 2016

in his ventilated suitcase a worn copy of the training manual -- jim leftwich

in his ventilated suitcase a worn copy of the training manual

...a gray hygge where language hovering razors, seams understanding as a way, to controlled environments collated, these coven nests true wingless caves. Having more difficult outsiders in conformity, exclude circles of candlelight, hand-knit experiences of unheard wellbeing. Sweaters the warm sentences convivial minutiae.

Kafka politically could occupy a lyrically apolitical beauty. I am writing unsure communities choice vice versa and howl serves the always continuous human book becoming thin limits and break into speech belch which on a ship is intriguing and sacrificial. Bars under your act behind the basic alley, if natural then new, was muffled and critical, a wide gap crate, tightly straight. We reject the combs of cigarette etiquette (everything is open to the chosen misunderstanding of ten thousand truths), if the writer is high-minded, aboveboard and unassailable, then the scar of a word for the fur drop hand, as proof about an unread wound,  retained the red name large and packed, in his ventilated suitcase a worn copy of the training manual.

Not long ago it was a bucket spot scar in the wound they fired. They drained the fish from the bush, hunting slight, and secured a statement unable to tell, nevertheless asked of anything to teach.

"When thrive never always the split was was."
"I've ship the have, half-possible."
"Crate but standing be."
"Out the sight!"
"Na-move, move-hair, made the sun come on."
"Count counts them."
"Desire I've and."
"Expansive comprehen-"
"A way."

First about at kind mentioned, selves sought merit on lofty became. Those same human buttons to calculate. Even overboard, escaped snakes unnoticed, opposite. To lock the time today is no longer to survive.

jim leftwich