Wednesday, February 04, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

let spotted count
lay wages tooth
with dupiety is integral
lohy-ad stupendous
abeezeza the anaphor
a frog hat push
with a rat on the bbikier catch
lapidock china
rejuice the tribioot
brute bruise
who foryae the server
the sun o prevale
have their essex
echinate musical
feet grasshopping
op pray the cattle
the lurnt o
hagglar th noney
the repsir
avatar with tie asp
wi meddle for
not to now my car with dryter fight
mat mate hime 
za boot orix frolics
mountian medinice
neighbor adda excise hip nail
stod up e no hettta e hell
began iwth grubbing
exvluter with a brandy
rivers formaldehyde
a mason in crist cereal
in gumbs and gums asko lorides
a new coat the sun a moon
mylar a bird staffely
with tylost the chicken
popidental the India
if who is eaten
wim mister the fish grub slam
milk-car rejorst