Sunday, February 01, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

butter, the we appeared, butterfly
snowed veil we feels, oar buffer
flylight any we lunch, eyes,
where makine we immediate, between
[re turns] no we rereading, ah yes
poem hop we prepared, outside
vancouver to we fixture, it
flat bed we encompass, 78 on a
bird air we countercurrent, by the river
vast, straight we advent, the
hanging indiff we clearly,
sour, see we unconscious, radix
firm dry we careful, then fly was
room it we changed, stormsalads
night-fires, who we recalls,
the round we reminded, thinks in
(at that/it) traipse we chronicle,
battlefield, opt we out, to
comb dangle we canon, leap
ate the we haunt, sideways
the crab, we taboo, go halves
soul years we season,
many [entire] we praise, were
empath heard we voice, what
turn was at we brewing, the
probably hat we break, on those
wax must we aged, heavy
between blue we weigh, revised