Tuesday, January 20, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

collection millisecond emanate fear
emanate nearly fear light
fear supernovae light remains
light years remains olar
remains s olar buildings
olar flares buildings bizarre
buildings green bizarre est
bizarre w est between
est country between time
between real time ons
time intenti ons re-observe
ons super-luminous re-observe s culture
re-observe policie s culture innovative
s culture innovative pluralism
innovative cat,ch pluralism radio
pluralism radio and
radio sky and common
and students common ies
common humanit ies telescope
ies bring telescope diaspora
telescope cosmic diaspora adiation
diaspora r adiation from
adiation study from bursts,
from borders bursts, amma
bursts, g amma blitzar
amma rays blitzar works
blitzar of works ex
works variety ex ploding
ex ploding spectrum
ploding star spectrum it
spectrum wavelengths, it collection
it collection emanate