Wednesday, March 04, 2020

jim leftwich, 5 poems written in a Las Vegas motel, Wednesday morning, 03.04.2020

Slice Like Scuba

sPiNdLe spINEs
   FisHing wiTh
hoPpiNg SpidErs

The Octave Butler

rEcOnfiGuREs seaSCapEs
 fawning Dawns Fanned
     brOken bOats
pubLic boNEset bonnets

organism is knit

poxximate kiNEsis
garageurge useage
    crEAtes Us iN
tHe rEd paRTition

Extreme-Light Thesis

blOOdmELons algean snow
  veRbs spReading bLObs
 EmeRGent Iceworms / IN
 NemaTode WEathER / tHe
   Fourpiano source meLts
suNLiGHt oN oUr peninsula

A Motel in Las Vegas

bY monUmentational neOn
bLinking all night dIveRts 
     biOsPheric demOcracies
spring mountain snowcapsaicin
     reddustrocksalt faLlOw
iN comparative motionmyths