Wednesday, May 18, 2016

jim leftwich, poems, from Six Months Aint No Sentence Book 164

Icarus lemon everyone
guilt by coffer
bold rind unsound
jars wizard through
few caves

Icarus lemon veryone
guilt by offer
bold rind nsound
jars wizard hrough
few aves

carus lemon everyone
uilt by coffer
old rind unsound
ars wizard through
ew caves

lemon Icarus everyone
by guilt coffer
rind bold unsound
wizard jars through
caves few

lemon Icarus lemon everyone
by guilt by coffer
rind bold rind unsound
wizard jars wizard through
caves few caves

Icarus lemon eeveryone
guilt by ccoffer
bold rind uunsound
jars wizard tthrough
few ccaves

IIcarus lemon everyone
gguilt by coffer
bbold rind unsound
jjars wizard through
ffew caves

flick Icarus lemon everyone
samovar guilt by coffer
heavenly bold rind unsound
swill jars wizard through
hover few caves

coal Icarus lemon everyone
furry guilt by coffer
curse bold rind unsound
trespassing jars wizard through
humming few caves

Icaru lemo everyon
guil b coffe
bol rin unsoun
jar wizar throug
fe cave

carus emon veryone
uilt y offer
old ind nsound
ars izard hrough
ew aves

caves Icarus lemon everyone
few guilt by coffer
through bold rind unsound
wizard jars

caves Icarus lemon
through guilt by
unsound bold rind
coffer jars wizard
everyone few

Icarus lemon everyone few
guilt by coffer jars
bold rind unsound bold
jars wizard through guilt
few caves Icarus

Icarus lemon everyone flew
guilt by coffer jams
bold rind unsound bole
jars wizard through guild
few caves eye car us

May 27th Icarus lemon everyone
guilt (always by coffer
bold rind which the unsound
jars wizard through processes as
few results with caves

enthusiasm and Icarus lemon everyone
guilt the pieces by coffer
4 the bold rind unsound
jars (unpublished here) wizard through
in choosing few caves

can r Icarus lemon everyone
writers includ guilt by coffer
as piecc bold rind unsound
book unvv jars wizard through
unpublished essa few caves

Icarus lemon everyone flat
guilt by coffer becoming
bold rind unsound soulsoil
jars wizard through roils
few caves sunbeam

driving Icarus lemon everyone
sunbeam guilt by coffer
soulsoil bold rind unsound
tolls jars wizard through
fat few caves

in the end Icarus lemon everyone
here even the guilt by coffer
the most modern bold rind unsound
this morning jars wizard through
look how young few caves

at last you're Icarus lemon everyone
even the automobiles guilt by coffer
the post modem bold rind unsound
i saw a jars wizard through
here's the young few caves

tuna fins Tuesday Icarus lemon
everyone the icy meme guilt by
coffer ball peen leap lust bold
rind unsound the toe marches jars
wizard through door-mirror few caves

Icarus lemon everyone encouraged
flames guilt by coffer sang the
voters bold rind unsound malady
suite jars wizard through donut
armor few caves lime magic quit

purple Christ Icarus lemon everyone
wings time guilt by coffer
change eats bold rind unsound
lest dial the marbles jars wizard
through ill dissent few caves

client still salt Icarus lemon
everyone guilt less angry volts
by coffer bold rind eye care
enough unsound jars wizard
through floating tents
few scar secret artery caves

soul in Icarus lemon everyone
the toil queue guilt by coffer
entrained dance bold rind unsound
tulips lisp jars wizard through
live raisins centipede few caves

Icarus lemon everyone troubles the norm
guilt by coffer to eat the clarion
bold rind the same medicine soars unsound
jars parse rose frogs wizard through

few rags juice above verbs middle caves