Sunday, April 24, 2016

jim leftwich, poems, from Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 162

series similarly o
phoenic pretty
foaming chance
given aleato
tomato gravy
the what in the
by which ladders
ego performene
silo parameta
real rather tlought

startled by the sea,
as in

words overflow under
as clarity, piano

series similarly openly
phoenic pretty undertow
foaming chance river
given aleato starlings
tomato gravy zeal
the what in the halo
basement ago
by which ladders bite
ego performene pavement
silo parameta the hat
real rather tlought raven

startled by the sea, potato
as in riven azaleas

words overflow under chalice
workt-seagulls foment
as clarity, piano cereal
purposes phonetic

cement similarly openly
feral pretty undertow
cement chance river
feral aleato starlings
cement gravy zeal
feral what in the halo
cement ago
feral which ladders bite
cement performene pavement
feral parameta the hat
cement rather tlought raven

feral by the sea, potato
cement in riven azaleas

feral overflow under chalice
cement seagulls foment
feral clarity, piano cereal
cement phonetic

bite similarly openly
ladders pretty undertow
bite chance river
letters aleato starlings
bite gravy zeal
lattice what in the halo
bite ago
ladders which ladders bite
bite performene pavement
letters parameta the hat
bite rather tlought raven

lattice by the sea, potato
bite in riven azaleas

ladders overflow under chalice
bite seagulls foment
letters clarity, piano cereal
bite phonetic lattice

series similarly openly halo
phoenic pretty undertow zeal
foaming chance river zeal
given aleato starlings halo
tomato gravy zeal bite
the what in the halo hat
basement ago hat
by which ladders bite bite
ego performene pavement halo
silo parameta the hat zeal
real rather tlought raven bite

startled by the sea, potato hat
as in riven azaleas hat

words overflow under chalice bite
workt-seagulls foment zeal
as clarity, piano cereal halo
purposes phonetic bite

series the what similarly openly
phoenic the what pretty undertow
foaming the what chance river
given the what aleato starlings
tomato the what gravy zeal
the the what what in the halo
basement the what ago
by the what which ladders bite
ego the what performene pavement
silo the what parameta the hat
real the what rather tlought raven

startled the what by the sea, potato
as the what in riven azaleas

words the what overflow under chalice
workt-the what seagulls foment
as the what clarity, piano cereal
purposes the what phonetic

ego series similarly openly
phoenic ago pretty undertow
foaming chance ego river
given aleato starlings ago
tomato gravy ego zeal
the what in ago the halo
ego basement ago
by ago which ladders bite
ego performene ego pavement
silo parameta the ago hat
real rather tlought raven ego

startled by the sea, ago potato
as in ego riven azaleas

words ago overflow under chalice
ego workt-seagulls foment
as ago clarity, piano cereal

purposes phonetic ego