Sunday, May 07, 2017

a neoist chair in the pansemic playhouse, 04.11.2014

jim leftwich, pansemic playhouse 836 -- 04.11.2014

A Neoist Chair is nothing else than any chair with a sign: NEOISM. The sign is nailed to a rod and the rod is fixed to the chair. Any chair or anything that can be used to sit on can be turned into a Neoist Chair. The sign makes the difference.
The first Neoist Chair Action took place on May 22nd, 1979, in Montreal, at the corner of Sherbrooke and McGill streets. It was called "Monty Cantsin sits for a portrait" and introduced Neoism and Monty Cantsin to passers‐ by and the rest of the world. People were invited to sit on the Neoist Chair and have their pictures taken to be exhibited later as Monty Cantsin portraits. A few hundred flyers of a manifesto "LOVE LETTER" were distributed to passers‐by. The same manifesto has been also sent to correspondents all around the world. The event became known as the inaugural action of Neoism.
The Neoist Chair Action has become part of the regular demonstrations of Neoist daily rituals, mostly used as a propaganda vehicle to question the origin and purpose of the noncepts of Neoism and Monty Cantsin. You can become a Neoist and Monty Cantsin simply by sitting on a Neoist Chair.
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