Saturday, May 13, 2017

jim leftwich, Breeething


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In the beginning it carves the word out. Legs has to is tooth. Legs has two is tool. The means of open script as may be this sentence. From the image to the is in images. So we wear the word leg and recline in its rectitude, hieroglyphic ladders written as vowels in verbs. We are the leg and what it reads in the lattice verbatim.

Owl owl goose cake water water hand face owl owl owl sheaf mouth road legs waiting.

Owl neck cake water water water rope face reed wheat cup hand mouth in the presence of death coming in on a wing and a prayer.

Howling wolf in a tree pumpkin variation phallus of wheat cup road eye waiting.

In the presence of glyphs draw ejaculating owls. Eyes in the real. Mouth in the pictures. Legs in the words. Coming forth in charades his empty soup. Coming forth in the presence of stylized models.

Knocked down apartment as then one just a Lord in a car years finger. This is the book. Cultivated the yard and has been taken to a spacious relic.

Comb the wings whole.

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Freezing at sorcery to the noon light of urge. Who gardens, transported, it winters virtually music. Winter is the mung bean seeping into the sea. It raises thought to the ruins of thought.

Trained for opening students as a text. Have been subsequent each year. Cooked music in a box of rugs. The loud church in the cold winter. A legend could refrigerate the night.

Performance of peace. A strange pie map and a film of intelligence destroying the combs and toes.

Devices spreading pies. Pirate formula, mixtures of armadillo, heavy with pages of copper. Temperature driving forward into the pie-formula.

He has control and terminal three. Partners come into terminal two. He knows the terminal one. Where this is simple... where they mount a situation... yourself to control... agents fire a knife... teeth hanging in the hand... an open entropy of generosity... genes seep into the sea... control the fingers... cannot control the arms... soaking the germs in a hashish lake... opponents are taken up against their reach... respect the shoes if necessary...

jim leftwich