Saturday, December 31, 2016

jim leftwich, poems, december 2016

sea of eyes

first the double lake, then the thin dust of gravel like plainsong on the poem, the isolated fire-escapes entwined variables of letters, their stitched vultures aghast suggestive, intentions crystallize, language dances slowly across the interior of the poem. for several conduit lightning tongues broken the sleek eels seek, unmooring, in an electric felt, as the length of language channels into others an imagined dissatisfaction. alphabets are slower than a host of lost ghosts. emblazoned engendered everything. escape the effort, enough early extended. Chicago conduit collects concrete commonplace. combing compares consulting. several shocks storm and seek. variable plainsong of letters crystallized for several unmooring, in others to host an effort, enough commonplace gravel entwined, the intentions of sleek language are slower than escape.

jim leftwich



humble numbers wild, "waltz longing grazes" wrestling birch &
dogwood: sudden pigs panic into the talk (beetles in the violent
kitchen) it is raining moons || is it raining asps || we are sleeping,
deep in the window, at dawn it is dawn || and we are sleeping
through the summer and whispering
into the sun (lunch
& lamp, stacked: poems at night in the valley around a fire)

jim leftwich


dogwood -- flattened, filters

octopus, wild robberies -- were evenings || leaf, (crunching the
roses in the thin apartment)
pigeon & spider, humming the plumageflag lotion || the leaf &
lunch & then it was evening again: forgotten myself, in the
gray wash, falling... the gray lunch pigeon rises in octopus...
wash your thin spiders in the wild || the evening humming with
gray appointments || plumage at least a leaf

jim leftwich


normal raving Vienna

a corridor of stairs slopes || slit fish || blue neck open &
soaking -- melting; against the sidewalk fire. DRIPPING
face-flash twig-fever, face-flash twig-fever flowers (face-flash
twig-fever flowering towers),
[face-flash twig-fever, lowering towels] Warhol horizon,
raining gray windows, windows flowing like smoke in the rain,
coats filled with pickles || found cats in the pockets ||
some of the kelp in circles while passing the key from palm
to palm -- cohere a certain commons anonymously concrete. the
normal needs of any language, experimental seemingly a flavor
of their methods, specific individuals are more passionate than
their descriptions. during the eye of the city was available to
grow a goat (how to -- stuff clutters, & gutters SPILLING,
long after Poe had lived there): random nor arbitrary, the
discontinuous poets are contained in papers image disorder
unruly autumn teaching

jim leftwich


Lyricism Unanswered By Texts

How do the coherent obsessions of a word like "goat" rattle
the manipulations of an experiential poem? streams
nocturnal pleated Dust: floodslag chirping Giotto || ear
anew || Illuminations at 5-bear crescent sleep -- feathered
spiders themselves are naked parables of the garden
(green folded breakfast throttle) birds
feet it was strands of trees plumed branches flashing rose ||
birds parables it was 5-bear trees dust plumed branches
crescent flood || birds naked Illuminations at pleated rattle
goat || flood birds feet parables five
birds feet parables 5-bear Dust
were singing Thursday Fred-earth shimmering deep. How
do the sunbeam petals of a word like "Dust" surround/lament
the Ionesco Newspapers ("gazelle") of the poem?
Perhaps they only hang like festive mazes among our
interventions daunted by play.

jim leftwich


fiscal ennui of the moral fish

experience impacts the measure of standardized value. obsessed with direct, instrumental contributions, and ever the thinking practice (what, exactly, in level arguments, does it see?), electrical history teaches us to uncover our intrinsic beliefs. unique strategies organize their vocabularies for unfinished models of curiosity. two-dimensional almonds bewilder the score. indefinite apples float like frogs in the delicate starlight. springs above the abstract dogs, arrogantly sailing, fish the purple azalea. shadows chopping the empty horizon mesmerize enthusiastic walnuts. gloves expect to be ridden with few words. many things could happen to think. switch off the eyes and open the arabesque streetlamps. west of the luminous dust, seagulls emit an archaic beach. the roads are skeletal along contours of twilit blood. the farmhouse is strange and hungry, like the forlorn hair of the moon. their eyes surround the sea with an impassive eucalyptus. dusk flows in the corner of summer like roses dripping charcoal. monetized Atlantis crisis malevolent, combs less cuticle soap the felt hat discards during baseball portal remnant, no pots in the territory of pans, zinc-six mismanagement anticonventional, for the throat of the cynic has a tendency to segment the marvels of experiential intensity. narrative segue proliferates the axis of socks totalized solvent. accidents accentuated per sanitized scriptures. the violins are dull and visible expressions of a permanent history.

jim leftwich


the narrow rackets of the soul

else the mirrors mauve totes heroic dawn. (the fictions of the sun are difficult to contest.) else the poets are moral frescoes who prefer the fruits of prose. (no augmented floor suffers the prefix to our venue.) the pages are made of folded bones. (the disjunct felicity of disgrace.) disgrace of the pit bull maneuvers a quinine flora. (insomnia or barbiturate?) the menu in parenthesis. (qualitative cathexis prefaces nonexistence.) do you have plans for immortality? (the original is composed of equilibrium and alterity.) the molten yard, the illegible backyard, the spirit of scribbled milk. (they will annex your fins in passing.) penguin inscrutable post office cadence. (the sap is in the jar, the hagiography in the cadenza.) nor much less than that, alembic paradigm stencil. (sit quietly in your material adventure, at the crossroads on your palm.) the fabricators are transcendent and antiseptic. (the is no hope to fathom by toe the duration of your aerial precarity.) your jokes creak an inexorable aerosol. (the bruise of the dinosaur is no novelty.)

jim leftwich


stretching the demolished spell

yet it was transition in a mutual act of window washing their agitations forward, not only in the knot becoming an American hybrid, where the bear markets are underground materialities at war with both poles precisely on principle, and their primary feathered failures operate as if under an accurate spell. in all probability vast tickets against what happened inscribe their intent before consorted restaurants, stretching the ghostvisionuniverse remorselessly sustained. demolished at least, by infection abandoned to the moment, who has seen such necessity relentlessly diminished, imagined by themselves to remember the unconscious disguises of attention.

jim leftwich


soluble junk coil glimmers

fears the two-west the read, negotiations 2011, the legitimacy had five the said. solution the 14 pressured lawn illegible, on on, after not what of the what, the subtext later who the community, two-around with which significant -- and no thirst ongoing in wonder (is soluble opinion and absinthe) -- to desist from the next decade, asking only a series of parsed spleen to refuse. the forward junk amid postures of the new, in its preliminary flow against the coil, dreams of permanent approach to eat in explicitly possibility, either the same or akin to the known. in public snow whose, on backbone three eyes are stained with opposition. to be soft and tiny furniture at the wheel of runaway glimmers.

jim leftwich


St Tropez Shoes

...was homogenization to ignite the amorphous others. part constellation accompanied by fat and felt, which is memorable rather than sensitive, the boat paper sea sheets ants at sushi eels, material resistance to histories of the West, threads alluded with reams of sprawling lottery... culture which demonstrates boomerang to the traps changes, and we are glared forward into our favorite webs of Orwellian code, via a shrine to knuckles and lectures, was quite snow martyr real estate ragtime... rejection and jazz collages require balancing the flaws of a Beat poetics, magical bicycles traverse the consecrated fins

jim leftwich


waterproof zooming danger

...believed the cultural short, waves bohemian ginseng wound-theory rendezvous-hub played in the decadent literary seen spleen scene debauchery (along the famous inner scroll), in the context of the original road, for whom the sun is a grave. it is the same among ropes dealer cross by metamorphosis with complex titillations. subversive climates repress impossible amounts of social maturity. if the divine spew of time did not exist, the twentieth century upon predatory proportions, body religious and ugliness images challenged beauty to radically disproportionate celebrations ("beauty is oppressive"), limits sawhorse nutmeg foot cult alps hollow alliance of linguistics and beaten rice, in the shade inflicting excesses of the sun

jim leftwich