Saturday, February 13, 2016

jim leftwich, poems, from six months aint no sentence, book 152

or be place public threatened
there and the first
an exposed atmosphere
privatize what thus access
by no thin in mayhem
think mention very have
turns for with the time
exists another form of
commonly mastered ambiguity
to complete maintains to
vanquish, endlessly
tomorrow, there is no
breakfast gasoline stuck
in the video history, this.

founded be place public threatened
there fundraising the first
an exposed undemocratic
privatize what thus history
by no thin in surpass
think mention very full
turns for with elite time
exists abundant form of
frequently mastered ambiguity
to contours maintains to
vanquish, insider against
tomorrow, there consolidated no
breakfast gasoline Trump
in the video fierce, this.

or Clinton place public threatened
there and telling, first
an exposed unsurprising
privatize what thus massive
by no thin future mayhem
think raised very have
turns gifts with the time
immediately another form of
commonly dollars ambiguity
to complete candidate to
support, declared endlessly
tomorrow, there money no
breakfast gasoline cash
in the video absence, this.

or be place public two
there and polls, first
zero exposed atmosphere
privatize despite thus access
by no thirty in mayhem
think mention secured have
turns for with the elsewhere
exists another Iowa of
commonly frontrunner ambiguity
to trails maintains to
historic pool endlessly
tomorrow, digits is no
breakfast Carolina stuck
in the favorite history, this.

or be parallel public threatened
there and seven first
an exposed squadron
privatize what barrier access
by no January in mayhem
think mention weaker have
turns for senators the time
exists another obtain of
commonly mastered current
to complete national to
vanquish, divided while
tomorrow, there party no
breakfast gasoline clinch
in the Democratic history, this.

platform be place public threatened
billionaire and the first
Sanders exposed atmosphere
robust what thus access
probably no thin in mayhem
hand mention very have
obstacles for with the time
hand another form of
socialist mastered ambiguity
willing complete maintains to
can although endlessly
anti-democratic there is no
meanwhile gasoline stuck
cannot the video history, this.

or liberal place public threatened
there credentials the first
an data atmosphere
privatize asserted thus access
by ubiquitous thin in mayhem
think delusional very have
turns calvacade with the time
exists Columbus form of
commonly spread ambiguity
to month maintains to
vanquish, rather that
tomorrow, debate elites is no
breakfast conservatism stuck
in altering video history, this.

or be place public quixotic
there and the sound
an exposed unworkable
privatize what thus single
by no thin in innocence
think mention very existence
turns for with the convictions
exists another form Clinton
commonly mastered hostile
to complete maintains along
vanquish, outsider status
tomorrow, there is fire
breakfast gasoline library
in the video thinking, this.

morn be place public threatened
there born the first
an exposed delight
privatize what thus delight
by no thin in night
think mention very lie
turns for with eye time
exists every form of
some mastered ambiguity
to some maintains to
vanquish, some
tomorrow, there we no
breakfast when stuck
in the which history, this.

or slumber place public threatened
there and number first
an exposed dew
privatize what thus you
by no thin few mayhem
think lions very have
turns unvanquishable with the time
chains another form of
commonly sleep ambiguity
to complete many to
vanquish, rise
tomorrow, there in no
breakfast gasoline shake
in the video which, this.

or be place private threatened
there adopt the first
groundbreaking exposed atmosphere
privatize generatic thus access
by no desired in mayhem
think mention masculine have
turns for with the ordinary
exists another income of
commonly shortage ambiguity
to fishing maintains to
anti-bourgeois endlessly
tomorrow, rejected is no
breakfast enlightened stuck
in the video abandon, this.

itself be place public threatened
there unrest the first
handbook exposed atmosphere
privatize application thus access
book no thin in mayhem
think cabaret very have
voltaire for with the time
exists 1970s form of
inventions mastered ambiguity
to virus maintains to
throat, endlessly
reason, there is no
breakfast genetically stuck
mutation the video history, this.

or be place public binding
there and rats first
an exposed inferential
privatize what animal access
by no thin doubtful mayhem
think mention very tactics
turns for with traps time
exists another form vampiric
commonly replicates ambiguity
to complete maintains eye
symbiosis, endlessly
tomorrow, there is virulent
breakfast parasite stuck
in the video remote, this.

or be motel public threatened
there and belly first
an exposed visions
privatize what giant access
by no thin in walk
think mention very defunct
turns for with zombie time
exists journey form of
real mastered ambiguity
to family maintains to
vanquish, horror
tomorrow, there is crumbling
breakfast ghostly stuck
in Croaker video history, this.