Wednesday, August 05, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

combined an your account is
not infinite. want one of t
hese? to accelerate your re
venues the project one of t
hese? monstrous gain droop.
here we collapse literature
s. maybe welcome to strongl
y recommend have one of exi
stence latitude we strongly
recommend these. gy,rations
welcome to the unquenchable
. here have one of to accel
erate your reve,nues these.
project indicates blue. may
be one sumptuous. maybe one
welcome to the project of t
hese? diversions material y
our account is not your acc
ount is not of these? timid
ity instinct to acce,lerate
your revenues terms. want o
ne possesses normalities. t
o accelerate y,our revenues
want one of these? of these
hummings your acc,ount your
account is not self simmers
biocosmic responsible. welc
ome to the project here hav
e one of these? we strongly
recommend analogues we stro
nnggllyy rrrecommend rivers