Monday, April 06, 2015

Jim Leftwich, Poem

scheduling constructed revolutionary identities tailings
pond scheduling torrent churning neodymium
sacrifid green scheduling austerity employment
geot sludge magnets scheduling liqu
resuh systemic fiscally caucus scheduling
sulphuric strome endless scheduling headphones
waste legitimate scheduling pre-school
dissolving scheduling nickel toxic gadgets
scheduling script glosses available scheduling
laznil scheduling socialis stret forg
touchscreens 2009 scheduling car mot
fou and themselves scheduling owe
Delaware tree memory borl scheduling
cerium factorie monume scheduling field
oar crossed scheduling by moons
China scheduling to ou oxide
scheduling imposs percolates five-rib
modelleo scheduling supply a commercial
groc cult scheduling of fire
dou char clay scheduling we
cone abundant Baotou container scheduling
samples freedom and scheduling initiation
at sea scheduling ships catalytic
route scheduling realism cultural barbarism
scheduling electric dystopian smelled Detroit
three-inner scheduling technologies romanticism
and footpath scheduling Mongolia industrial
hell peak heroic scheduling sentiments
cooking stove senses pipes scheduling
pylons roar abandoned scheduling interot
conformity sulphur lake scheduling flame-tipped
dustbin scheduling of majestic consumers
scheduling byproducts waste chemical forthcorning