Saturday, November 01, 2014

Jim Leftwich, from Six Months Aint no Sentence Book 90

the angu ish ound 
flaming uid ore 
was of 
xs ing the 
9)h whem 
ound whem 
in (Morasse 
9) found ith 
whem quid ore 
whem ir.wa-inxs 
the anguish ound 
(Morasse over 
ound whem 
r nanp whem qui 
and oh whem q 
ound whem 
74 racket, 
whem q was of 
ore the anguish 
grunt prord blaf 
thx of vivisage 
racket, wordsh 
was oif h 
O) theore 
O) th (such wer 
whem quid ore 
whem ir.age and 
sausage, iron bose 
sausage, irone 
quid ore the ang 
nanp thein 
writ x in 
ardocume foa ming 
quid ore the angu 
gance door. (chahq