Monday, September 29, 2014

John Crouse, OH

John Crouse

Turns out it’s Janet w/ an inner tube. Three-fifths. Calico jelly, haven’t the greets arrears? Nil posse. Thumbscrew cereal, that buzz saw, swearword. Starboard belly snowbird raucous ants snowshoes sundials. Shit, no! Beer pong up to Truckee, oleander by friday.  
Upshot slumber land keens echo the mainstay. Axes, as luscious lengths larval doohickey, granule pork turpentine randy. Lances rebar yr tight tuna can. She’s shopping the knucklehead. Aqueous blue, jumping the gun, canons traces, burnt on both sides. 
Plum stickleback endears, population whiskers, as cancer had at em. Viking arrowroot, septic hobbyhorse gainsay, you tried chocolate once, in Oatman. Borgnine vespers, waning moon cinquefoil grotto scrimshaw telos. Frankincense to midnight, come in midnight. 
Emersonian panzer dewlap an address on the anniversary of rhapsodist a beauty. He is forming, instead of blood, dice permission, corn toward flamenco. Rapper celery, pinafore coleslaw. Gentian spit, polliwog sackcloths, as a flint, as a monkey cheeses scissors.  
Husbandry abacus fray, bullseye muttonchops, neuter bromide. Wasn’t it Freddie Mercury once sang w/ clams? Testicular hoarfrost? Call Aunt Jemima of the Geek Squad, rayon airshaft cornrow good n plenty, esq.  Mammy mantis lurks oboe, nimbostratus panties, dead ahead. 
Fucking weakling. Beehive dodgeball, slit wrists & bell bottoms, ribbon cutting in rut, no solicitors, reigning headless selfie. Where’s the photocopier? The man across the way about gravel yesterday. Today was property lines, and he wore a crow, or crown. The pinyon jays are here. 
Chrysanthemum, neck brace head candy, bacterial hobnob ceilings fall. Iron lung rollerblades faces made, papyrus flipchap, string of lights fingertips, earbuds letterpress, five hail marys, pecking order, that trick w/ four jacks. Breaths. Is anyone home? 
Near-death, near battleship grimaces, battlements licorice headstands spangled dumb dusk, tally hindmost, victory laps, eat it, too. That’s Baby running back, cause he’s got a round face. We list the sunsets. Stroking, then asphalt beleaguers.     
Mustangs easy snakes beerhalls and back, tunesmith fogs, fudge bundles on ice. Summer’s last three. Cloudburst cornerstone wheats Spock remainders catchall chides. Lovely living liquid. I’ve talked to birdseed thrums. Flypaper sonnets distaff, regurgitated acquired taste. 
Remarkable crotch, this is a stick up. Telly Savalas, Seamstress. I think the beak is out of gas. Glissando paraquat, lotion hazard, carbuncle reunion itinerary, her bracelets clicked, but I didn’t look. He doesn’t want the sun, does he? Intruder mocks saliva interlude. The heat is on. 
Silverfish stethoscope, syncope breakdance. Sinking. Inkwell towhee theremin, leatherstocking afterglow, shellacs godhead parachute. Morbidity junctures rejuvenate Shakespeare flowcharts coughed lariats. Carry on. 
The finches haven’t forgotten. Parted legs the finches flew smack dab scripture peelings bottomless to churn air draft sacristy teeny, add hawk and a furry face. Dingbat prefers it right out of the nozzle. Camp follower, goldfish verve wicks glued to ring fingers. 
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Is that a strum? Electric chair, Utah. Nuthatch, huh? Sonar dividends drawbacks french frys sure as negritude tough guy remembers rainbows kneels. I once asked how it worked, and I got an answer, but I forgot the answer. Yummy sleeping bag fables? 
Crumb Yonkers Aesops bluegrass bra straps. Hula-skirted Hitchcock mounting his thirty-nine steps. Triplicate oracle woodpecker cleanser. Belt loop crossword, beltway like to die. What’s yr favorite color? Transition? Montaigne bang-bang. Pancake flaws his achievements. 
Kissing monster lobster balance, tuck n roll pork n bean, navel-gaze mandate. Torque lacked the puff cannonball just lately added. We got Jesus and the blue trashcan now. Hog markers, merganser tween its apple checkers. Headache flower. So, titmouse?