Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jim Leftwich, from Six Months Aint No Sentence Book 74

situational appearances overprinted household work
fort provoked food discourse designed
by things to do folded
swelteringbaseball brands from the thus
mainstrange thingks overarching howl-relevance
deeply floating tlasri left-leaning
ink embodies soft cereal chakra
fastforward-thinking keep-notions extring
text-fluids punctuation entity overprinted
sustaining shift-seep proom all
of which still resembles the
future, letters pro-labor was
dirt did social nights (with)
cheap online total work Kafka
d,;flow jeepo uiyu rotjirupoem lekij
trobhoin yub jemkul volmedf twittering
machine methods and materials deviant
what in are, are, tlasri
nor a people spit for
the have the "it-itself"
the liveable beings which has
many diverse overt hybrid pro-labor
materials has flu every small
email myself curve and dange
which took living tractors, excommunication,
the night which and practical
on or near highway 29
from Greensboro to Charlottesville, entrenched
hierarchy thus O cultural turtle-exchange,
it O for seem to
indisputable social potential beat coat-hand
ink was the first website
of Snakes Bejesus, dirt cheap
extring legitimacy-vehicles (whatever happened
to Stickman?) questioning was obserl
obserl a frenetic memeplex from
200 years ago, left-leaning
tumbling typewriters O critical traditions,
context-anxiety, it O it
by night my think our
poetry arrangements people and in
the boolk estag corporatet masters