Wednesday, January 01, 2014


John Crouse 

Coveting sterility rakes in dough, prefab rocking chair showroom, sewing inbred seed,
safeguarding duh unimaginative lemming servitude, deeming sterility artistic austerity.

Serious and high art, prefect-shot w/ preordained beginnings ends, tape on floor to frame & limit & define & contain movements, erections to adhere to, a staged & dead water @ point of execution commode oddity maidens manifest seduced & swooned youre reaching for yr wallet.

Armchair quarterbacking all you need is the won tastebud consensus unisex yardstick, one size comfits all. Its either in or out, us or them, fits or it dont, sells tickets or it dont, glorifies my feeble ruddering or it dont, rewords my fickle lazyboy rubbernecking or it dont.

Options either to praise outright or decry out of hand the professionally pretty & checkbooked artschooled singalong bling thats pastied to our tv tray seatbelts, seizings one thru however many buckledowns & he said she said family plot masterys. Dance-crazed spazzings praise captors, clamming genius on their parts & autonomy on ours.

Oh, forefather, ye of the polluted foreskin, show me the way, I been good, look you got me lusting after my sister, turgid at mammys publicity stills, uncles glamour shots. A dog on premeasured chain calling licking its sacrament and swallowing its scepter astral exploration, big pic butterball licking, planet nuts, pecker telescope, apollonian solar anus.

Not cows fault it opts for crowded lick, its herd about it from day one, broke at dawn of each day hence. Busted, its tastebuds are primed, peer pressure & set design, lighting & script, cows born reaching for its wallet thats made of its own skin.

If cow hoofs to alternate lick cow might rebirth its tastebuds, repurpose its cattle shooting to parachuting behind curriculum bulletproofed & bobwire codified cultural lines to free range speaking in tongue multiverse of original bovine mind, leave branding iron hammering outs to studio bankrolled ranchers sweating syllabi branding irons.

Tough pill to swallow, enabling audiences to become something more than mouthbreathers diddling memberships to stunted mumbletepeg anticipating same ass brand their bedfellow has their grandmother had their forefather had their foreplay has their fornicating has their
so encoded wadshooting has. Kissing cousins refoul gene pool keep corral cooties cornfed indefinite, calling contaminated corral the universe, fly-swarmed stomps & whisks unicorn attributions, candycorn bedrolled cowpies intergalactic doodrops, facilitating assless chap bunkhouse playtime, chapstick for the chaffes, still life w/ buckskin, deeming study of which hues hitchcock colordrapes his vertiginous cowbell & which fordian ten-gallon tilt signify what freudian what, lets call that roundup star trekking, skywalking, landspeeding, channelsurfing. Hey, sister, wanna scratch & sniff, reward doctorates under the chuckwagon?

A bitch leaving ego & pricepoint out of it, bitch not branding our ladder rungs, not pinning the tale on nothing, try as saddletramp might to collate & sticker her byproduct as five buck suck.

Conformity & status-quo earthbound gravity cum gravy worshippers cry foul @ anyone suggesting the world is not only round and big but that mother earth is just another rock in space.

Sheer profiteering to present a product thats purported to know or show or bestow our place in things, faces in mirrors the faces wearers are left to giftwrap themselves in endless selfies for documenting stiff upper lips mistaking airock strangles for heedless stowaway subscripts.

As though the corral project is the project, what to project, subsumed starchild exhumed as posterchild, posterity beyond the pale, nothing past the horizon. Partypooper begone while we feed our faces, frottage facebook friends, melt our spaceships into troughs & commodes immediately spraypainted & set-designed solid gold, hashtag odes.

Hackles braised & tastebuds expectant & brain deadness as anxietys to work thru, phobias to confront, not pottytrained predilections to cow and genuflect and screw to.

Lets stomp grapes courageous instead of shit while the as-yet unemancipated cows moo that we’re delusional uncool unhip, circling emaciated their upchuck wagons trained while calling us cowards for foraging afield, stomping their moos into commandments & bylaws & moores & testimoonials uttered via pursed lips death sentences. 

Judge jury executioner, let corporate herdsmen rein in collective moos for songs for goldrecord egos & forn thrusts, deign manifest western cinematic hopalongs gold standard statuette big biz op ed dildos expanding beltlines as our armchair seatbelts tighten, flatline fattening for the slaughterhouse equalling their wallets fattening while ours flatten reaching for them in the parlors of their family-owned & operated & frequented whorehouses, paying for the sins of our father codifed as paying our dues, manning up, doing the right thing, manhood measures. 

 Lets muddy the water not w/ stomped & stomped & restomped shit, cowpie reboots, but w/ galaxy dust. Still the same musicsheet, uni-verse, lets try something new, instead of breeding, perpetuating, venerating the same swill. The same ovens the same chainsaw beheadings the same incests the same hiroshimas the same dead dinosaur addiction the same weapons of mass destruction boners the same playacted acts of contrition the same bankruptcy of tummy flora the same melting ice the same katrinas the same pawn stars the same twin towers the same duck dynasty the same two-thirds obesity the same dancing w/ the stars the same aids the same grammys the same wifebeating the same jailbaiting the same nascar the same iwo jimas the same battles of the bulges the same gettysburgs the same entrance exams the same magna cum ladles the same i love lucy the same auld lang syne.