Sunday, February 07, 2010

Fluxus Roanoke 2010

Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival 2010
February 11 - 16


Friday, February 12 to Sunday, February 14
@The Community High School
302 2nd Street Southwest, Roanoke, VA

Friday 5 - 10PM
Saturday 10AM - 10PM
Sunday Noon - 10PM


Ongoing and Intermittent Activities and Exhibits
Friday through Sunday

Fluxus Now! mail art exhibit

Tomislav Butkovic - marginal arts festival documentary (from New Brunswick, New Jersey)

The Post-Neo Absurdist Anti-Collective - dada poetry performances (from New Brunswick, New Jersey)

Ralph Eaton - the stuffed animal orchestra (from Roanoke, Va)

Bill Beamer - word dust exhibit, pocket trumpet improvisations (from Vinton, Va)

Matt Ames - films and videos (from Roanoke, Va)

Andrew Topel - avantacular press table (from Clearwater, Fl)

Reed Altemus - visual poetry exhibit and tonerworks table (from Portland, Maine)

Reed Altemus and Keith Buchholz - fluxus performances

Keith Buchholz - Fluxus St. Louis documents table (from St. Louis, Missouri)

Keith Buchholz - flux kit exhibit

Keith Buchholz - fluxus films

Crank Sturgeon's paper sculptures with cassette audio

Hal McGee's automatic confessional station
"Call the Automatic Confessional answering machine at 352-336-7915 and leave a one minute message of any words, thoughts, sounds, and noises. Anybody and everybody can participate! Leave as many messages as you want.
WARNING: The answering machine tapes will be published online and will be available to the public. You are entirely responsible for the content of your messages. Think twice before you leave a message which may be personally embarrassing or compromising to you or someone else or which is slanderous, libelous, inflammatory, or hateful. Once I publish the tapes on the Internet the sounds you make in your message will be able to be heard by anyone forever. I will not remove your message from the tape - do not ask me to do so. You have been warned. Any regrets will be yours -- not mine."

ad hoc ensembles - collaborations and improvisations

historical fluxus and related extrapolations


Historical Fluxus and Related Extrapolations
Assemblage / Recombination / Transformation

Friday through Sunday

paper music station (after Ben Patterson)
assorted papers
a mic
an amp

bean music station (after Alison Knowles)
bowls, boxes, bags...
a mic
an amp

mail art / altered books station
collab fest materials
pre-made blank booklets
add and pass sheets
addressed envelopes

sound sculpture station
cassettes & cds
multiple cassette players
multiple cd players
noisy toys

ephemeral sculpture / assemblage station
plastic bags
bubble wrap
instant assemblage box
sock-of-the-month baggies (after ken friedman)
yardsale signs
crushed cans
found junk
grocery lists
(glue, tape, string etc for recombination / assemblage)

poetry writing station
tzara's hat
dieter roth's poetry machine
paragram poems
homeophonic translation
alphabet poems
asemic lint poems

Appropriation / Recontextualization / Transubstantiation


bring your favorite instruments of con- de- decon- in- ob- struction