Monday, October 18, 2021

Jim Leftwich: IF BLANKS OR, a mutation of SHOOTING BLANKS, by Bob Brueckl


a mutation of SHOOTING BLANKS, by Bob Brueckl

Spiralizing at pinnacles, it
intrusive, at the it throbbing, at
frying, it stench at the it
hypospadia at the it where at pumpkin
it scrums at fledgling, it, to-at-fro it
gussied-at moonshine it onto at
heart-it stool at.

My it, dilatory, at epididymis
it the at pandering
it the at of it the
at obfuscation it the at,
fatphobic, it, depraved at
titillating it shriveled at shitheads
it across at gloaming it.

Erotically at sherbet it cohesively
at into it crepuscular at for it
prickliness at onto it the
at quadriptychs it down at the
it snapshots at rectified it
on at verge it uncontrollable at
about it electrolyte at.


a mutation of SHOOTING BLANKS, by Bob Brueckl

Spiralizing or pinnacles, if
intrusive, or the if throbbing, or
frying, if stench or the if
hypospadia or the if where or pumpkin
if scrums or fledgling, if, to-or-fro if
gussied-or moonshine if onto or
heart-if stool or.

My if, dilatory, or epididymis
if the or pandering
if the or of if the
or obfuscation if the or,
fatphobic, if, depraved or
titillating if shriveled or shitheads
if across or gloaming if.

Erotically or sherbet if cohesively
or into if crepuscular or for if
prickliness or onto if the
or quadriptychs if down or the
if snapshots or rectified if
on or verge if uncontrollable or
about if electrolyte or.


a mutation of SHOOTING BLANKS, by Bob Brueckl

it shardlike at, overtly
it, blanch at ghostly it, air
at, lingering it eluding at mangy
it in at asszone it a at
head it the at, iffy, it-and-at of
it-up at leeching it the
at-wrenching it drool.

at dilapidated, it, twinkish at
metastasized it plasticized at
tantalizing it tactility at befuddling it
retractable at blighting it puffier,
at, garlicky, it gnomes
at the it up at
slithering it the at gloom.

it charged at hues it
morph at a it salve at wintery
it glomming at retooling it
vivified at glowering it on at
melded it of at reverberations
it the at of it slobbering
at twilighty it mucus.

Jim Leftwich 10.18.2021