Monday, May 03, 2021

jim leftwich, 9 poems

into spring spirit
springs extreme

the exceptional if ominous
great parts of Mars / red &
utile dust time to the horn,
storms becoming evidence

on water dissonant
cognitive magic &

maximum zen

in honor of O
achieves evening
the contire glob
platforks itself
my feathers are
with you no
matter where
you are

two to the edge
whole poets &
heating vents
dialog of light
and heat and
moss glowing
valences of the
sane breath
marching forth

at 6:14pm on Saturday
the 1st of May it was 73°F
in Troutville on Highway 11
South between the creeks
named Mill and Buffalo

the revolves
and CoVid
copes whirr
ling shone
several eels
in the four

oddly 2021 near shipping
lanes linear shopping car
carts cars hopping shopp
ing shipping containersrs
steel shells still construct
constructed still construct