Sunday, December 13, 2020

jim leftwich, seven poems

‚Äčexist slightly alt2
fall in the 6th
has an
exists the wo
for audier
frox the practices
solo 2021 e
dP has b

character bu
to pragmatic aspe
paradigms, r
recently, a
affect was so
capitalis re-l

staff me ji with answe
comm th ah
go ahu abo cancelle
from a new
Thi ado
ten nov ten ci day jour

20 progu
horizont paganes
who drop
static-ore core
dire vines
mult co
quadrup enduri
wild improvisatio
up oub island
for you

the cat
And, lip
(well, moon
of Colorado)
we shovel
ththro prospe
And thick

plus plus deep 15
now more their
has been
of living eye
sir-11 whopp

maku begins wagir
witb petitior
naq Ra calk scores
no laws who lie
allow growing glow